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Get a Website and IDX Broker

If you don't have your WordPress website yet, talk to my brothers Jeff and Paul at Ballen Brands. They build real estate websites powered by IDX Broker. While you save the sign up fee with my link, your support is then provided by Ballen Brands (My Brothers) vs. IDX Broker.
IDX Websites

Market Reports

Showcase your real estate experience and iprove the client experience by offering monthly stats of the real estate market at a local level.

Simple and Effective Search

Finding the ideal home has its challenges, navigating the search function shouldn’t be one of them. The Omnibar search integrates seamlessly and is proven in heatmaps to earn most clicks on the page.


Leverage automation processes, AI-driven features, engaging maps and stunning details templates – all designed with your clients in mind.

Fully Customizable

Transform your site from ordinary to outstanding and set yourself apart. With powerful built-in tools, brokers and designers can easily take advantage of the most customizable solution on the market.


Agent Plan
$ 50
00 Month
  • A complete IDX solution with basic to advanced searches, market reports, mortgage calcultaor and more.


Agent Plan
$ 80
00 Month
  • Everything in the Lite Plan plus the Polygon Search Tool, social logins, and map search widgets.

Frequently asked questions

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. It’s the broker recoprocity that allows all brokers to share the MLS data feeds on their websites.

After submitting your signed forms to IDX Broker, you’ll be provided with a dashboard. WordPress users can add IDX using the WordPress Plugin or use the widget builder.

If you sign up using the link on this page, Ballen Brands will be your support. Ballen Brands is an IDX developer that works specifically with real estate agent websites. 702-917-0755.

While you don’t need to have an IDX feed, most buyers will be looking to browse properties.

Jeff and Paul Helvin, Lori Ballen’s brothers, build real estate agent websites integrated with IDX Broker. You can call them for quotes at 702-917-0755.

Jeff and Paul at Ballen Brands are your support if you sign up using the Ballen link.

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Get IDX Broker

Save the $99 set up fee when you enroll using this link. My brothers Jeff and Paul Helvin at Ballen Brands will provide your IDX support rather than IDX Broker directly.
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