WP Forms with Paypal Integration for the Win!

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WordPress has become a favorite platform for bloggers everywhere. And now, you can accept PayPal payments through your WordPress Website easily, using wp forms. Sell coaching services, consultations, writing services, or any other product or service and collect payments easily. /

WPForms Features

Here is a list of WPForms features including collecting payments with Paypal.

Not all of these features are available in the basic plan. You’ll need to upgrade to the plan that has the features you need.


With wp forms, collecting payments is easy. Both Paypal and Stripe are Addons that can help you collect Payments. You’ll need the Pro License or above to integrate payments with Paypal and Stripe.

  • Click the Addons link and choose the PayPal Addon. Click Install.
  • If you are upgrading your license from a previous license, you may need to refresh it.
  • Create a new form and include an item.
  • Connect the Form to PayPal selecting it within Payments and enable Paypal Standard.
  • Set up optional conditional logic
  • Once the form is saved and published, a user can fill out the form and will be taken to PayPal to make their payment.
  • You will receive a notification once the form entry is submitted.
With WP Forms, collecting payments is easy. Both Paypal and Stripe are Addons that can help you collect Payments

Drag and Drop Builder

Drag and drop builders are popular today and help you create a form easily. You don’t have to know a stitch of code!

Form Templates

Templates are designed around a specific goal and make it easy to plug and play.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive

You’ll love the mobile-friendly look and flow of wp forms on smartphones and tablets because it’s responsive.

Smart Condition Logic

Smart Conditional logic allows you to create high performance forms in minutes. You decide if you want to show or hide fields, and sections collecting only the most relevant information. Send specific notifications based on user selections,

Instant Notifications

Apply the speed to lead system after being notified instantly when there is a new form entry.

Entry Management

Your dashboard will allow you to view all of your leads in one place

Marketing and Subscriptions

WPForms works with many email marketing platforms so you can easily add new subscription form entries to your email list.

Easy to Embed

Embedding WPForms onto your website, posts and pages is simple.

Spam Protection

WPForms offers smart captcha and honeypot to help prevent spam entries.

Multi Page Forms

Improve the user experience by splitting your longer forms into multiple Pages

File Uploads

Users can upload pictures, files, and other media with their form.

Geolocation Data

Learn more about the visitors location

Zapier Integration

WPForms works with Zapier to create automation workflows

Post Submission Addon

Allow your visitors to submit guest blogs through WPForms

Surveys and Polls

Interactive Content is important to improve the user experience. Create surveys and polls on your blog posts, and analyze the data with interactive reports.

Signature Add On

Users can easily sign forms with their touchscreen or mouse

Form Pages Add On

Boost conversions with single page landing pages optimized for lead capture.

Form Abandonment

The ability to collect data from partial forms allows you to funnel in more leads from your forms.

Offline Forms Addon

If the user loses access to the internet, their form will be saved and submitted when the internet is accessed.

Form Locker Addon

Using permissions and access control rules, you can lock your WordPress forms.

Conversational Forms Addon

Increase your overall form completion rate with interactive form layouts.

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