Oxygen Page Builder Review

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In our review of WordPress Page Builders, we looked at crowd favorites like Gutenberg and Elementor. Now don’t get us wrong; those are excellent choices, especially for beginners who are still new to WordPress. 

However, many WordPress users would prefer something much more powerful and sophisticated, like developers and coders. 

These kinds of users are looking for a page builder that isn’t tailored to new users. They want something they can tweak as much as possible to build their perfect site.

Oxygen is an advanced WordPress page builder that allows developers to code their customizations into their websites.

Overall, this is a powerful page builder that’s not for amateurs.

Oxygen Pros

So, why might you want to go with Oxygen as your page builder of choice? Above all, Oxygen gives you a high degree of flexibility that you won’t find with many page builders. Remember: this is not a solution that wasn’t made with newbies in mind. In the right hands, it can be a potent tool.

So, who does have the right hands to tame a stallion like Oxygen? WordPress developers with coding knowledge and experience, that’s who. 

Let’s suppose code cleanliness is at the top of your list of priorities, and you’d love nothing more than to exploit features like advanced CSS customizations. 

In that case, then you’re the kind of user that Oxygen will serve very well. 

Oxygen Cons

Some of the drawbacks of Oxygen are probably apparent to you by now. Oxygen is not the kind of tool you want to use if you’re new to building WordPress pages. 

For a newbie, the learning curve that comes with using Oxygen is just way too steep. If that sounds like you, then you’d be much better off avoiding Oxygen and going with something like Gutenberg or Elementor.

Even if you do have the coding and web development knowledge, Oxygen is also not suited for building very simple sites. 

To put it simply, using Oxygen to build a simple blog is just overkill.