What is Socialbakers?

Socialbaker’s goal is to analyze the impact of your social media campaigns on your profit goals. You can monitor and benchmark your performance, schedule content, and find your top and worst performing posts.
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Table of Contents

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Socialbaker’s goal is to analyze the impact of your social media campaigns on your profit goals. You can monitor and benchmark your performance, schedule content, and find your top and worst performing posts.

About SocialBakers

Artificial intelligence technology within the tool interprets data to give you suggestions for creating more engaging and targeted content.

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If you are looking for a way to power your social media marketing campaign, then SocialBakers might be the answer. 

SocialBakers is a marketing platform that provides marketing professionals with actionable AI insights regarding their marketing campaigns, budget, audience, and more. 

The goal of SocialBakers is to provide you with as much market intelligence as possible, allowing you to compare the effectiveness of your campaign with others in the industry.

SocialBakers provides recommendations that you can use to expedite your path, making it easier for you to generate a strong marketing campaign. 

They provide recommendations based on data, help you customize your content, come up with a reliable publishing schedule, and develop strategies that can help you personalize your content to meet your target audience’s needs. 

Therefore, SocialBakers is a reliable solution that will help you track your performance on numerous social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. It provides you with all of the information you need in one single, convenient interface.

What Are the Benefits?

There are a few benefits of SocialBakers that you should note. 

Some of the main benefits include:

Track Influencers

To help you make decisions, you need to understand your followers. The AI system from SocialBakers will sort and define your customers based on their demographics, their locations, their behaviors, their interests, and their personalities. 

AI technology from SocialBakers will provide you with the recommendations you need to help you find the right influencers for your company, which will help you get the most out of your social media marketing campaign.

Personalize Content

You want to get the most out of your social media marketing campaign, which means that you have to personalize your content.

Using SocialBakers, you can take the information on your customers’ personas and use it to generate personalized content.

Furthermore, you can access recommendations that will help you find the best publishing times for the right audience groups, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of the content you publish. 

You can schedule posts with images, videos, and more to streamline your content generation.

Compare Your Campaigns

You want to know how each of your campaigns is going. 

You can access information on your campaigns from anywhere at any time. 

You can use mobile approvals, review your notes, check on your scheduled content, resolve any errors, and leave notes on your campaign. 

You can even compare your posts, ads, videos, and more against others in the industry.

Monitor Your Reputation

Your customers are going to develop an identity when it comes to your brand. You want to make sure your reputation is positive. 

You can listen to your brand’s social media conversations, providing you with valuable insights regarding the opinions of customers surrounding your company. 

SocialBakers allows you to monitor your performance across different social media networks. That way, you can see how your social media marketing campaign is going.

What Are the Features?

There are a few features of SocialBakers that you should note. These include:

  • SocialBakers allows you to track trends throughout the social media world, allowing you to see what people are saying about your brand
  • SocialBakers will monitor your social media accounts for updates on all of the traffic across your profiles
  • Actionable information is provided to you regarding the reputation of your brand across all social media platforms
  • SocialBakers will analyze trends related to your posts, allowing you to see how your campaign is doing
  • You can schedule posts in advance, providing you with a higher degree of control over your marketing campaign
  • You can track your marketing campaigns’ performance and compare the campaign to the production of other campaigns in the industry
  • You can filter keywords to find the ones that are most relevant to your business
  • SocialBakers will provide you with an impact score, which can provide a helpful overview of how useful your social media posts are
  • The SocialBakers dashboard provides you with a valuable overview of all of the information relevant to your social media marketing campaign. It provides you with actionable intelligence that you can use to make changes
  • SocialBakers will allow you to target your customers based on time of day, location, and more
  • Using SocialBakers, you can track your lead conversion stats, ensuring that you are getting the most out of every post

These are just a few of the essential features of SocialBakers. When you take advantage of these features, you get the most out of the software program.

Program Options

SocialBakers provides you with a free trial, allowing you to see if you like the software before you purchase it.

After the free trial, SocialBakers will provide you with three separate program levels, allowing you to tailor SocialBakers to meet your needs.

The plans include:

  • Professional Plan: The professional plan offers five user seats, up to 20 social media profiles, and six months of initial history
  • Business Plan: The business plan offers 20 user seats, more than 20 social media profiles, and 12 months of initial history
  • Enterprise Plan: The enterprise plan gives you a customized number of user seats, with a customized number of social media profiles, and complete social media history of each profile you request, tailoring the number of profiles to meet your needs

If you are looking for a powerful social media marketing platform, then SocialBakers might be the answer. Consider the benefits and features above and see if the platform meets your needs!

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