10 Ways to Engage an Audience on Instagram

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If you are a blogger or business owner, it is crucial to have an engaged community. Your followers make your Internet life possible, and they become your biggest supporters, clients, friends. 

Today, I will share nine critical points for getting people excited about what you have available on social media sites like Instagram!

Invite The Audience

Invite them. Whether it is followers or potential customers, make sure you invite people to your social media sites and offer incentives for following you (i.e., give away a free product). The more people know about what you’re doing online, the better!

Share Relevant Content

The last thing you want when marketing a product or service is irrelevant content — it won’t work well for building an audience if they’re left scratching their heads wondering what’s going on.  You might want to incorporate one of the top scheduling apps for Instagram to create your content calendar.

Ask Questions

Pay attention to answers. Make sure any posts have relevant information about whatever products/services you offer.

Create Interactive Posts

Make your posts are interactive. Ask questions that get readers thinking about how they can use the products available in their own lives; this will likely lead some of them to purchase items from your site.  Include an epic call to action.

For example, if I post something like “How do YOU want to spend your weekend?” then I would ask my audience how they plan to spend theirs so that we may easily collaborate ideas over Instagram stories later on when possible.

Share At Peak Times

Share content at peak times. Remember: not everyone is on social media all the time. Make sure you are posting content at peak times so that the audience members will be getting their daily dose of what YOU have! You’ll get more audience engagement if you post when they are on Instagram.

Know Your Audience

Know how they use social media and what their interests are. Tailor content to suit them better. Figure out where your followers are located, how old they are, how many of them there are, etc. 

You can do this by looking at the demographics on Instagram or doing research using Google search tools such as “Audience Insights” for Facebook ads.

Use Hashtags

Use hashtags that pertain to who you’re trying to reach; if I am a company that sells vegan products, I would want to include #vegan in my posts, so more people searching through those tags see me! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes when posting – learn from it and keep going strong!

Use a variety of Filters and Posts.

Don’t just do one type of post over and over again. Mix it up! Images, videos, memes—whatever you can think of to keep the audience engaged. The more they come back for more, then the better! Here are some examples of posts types for Instagram.

Type: Image

– Caption for the photo with a link to your site

– A question or statement that gets people thinking about how they can use what you’re offering in their own lives (i.e., “How do YOU want to spend your weekend?”)

– Giveaway announcement post, where followers have to follow and like the photos on Instagram to enter into the giveaway contest

Type: Video Post

Ask a question or share how you did something using whatever product is available. Be sure it’s short and sweet! 

This question will help keep viewers watching until the end of the video because there isn’t much time commitment. Share how easy it is by including screenshots as well as text.

Type: Meme Post – share something from the internet that you think will resonate with your followers. 

Share how it relates to what you offer and keep them engaged by asking a question at the end of these posts! Be sure to tag any accounts mentioned in the meme so they can see how many people have liked their content, too!

– Caption for photo or video as appropriate

– Your thoughts on how this post makes you feel either positive/negative

– Giveaway announcement post where followers need to follow and like photos to enter into the giveaway contest

Type: Polls Post

Ask simple yes-no questions (i.e., “Do YOU enjoy coffee?”), then use those answers in other polls. This strategy is a good way to get your followers engaged and eager for the next survey.

Type: Personal Post

use this as an opportunity to share how you’re doing, what’s going on in your life (i.e., “I’m so excited because I just got my first paycheck!”)

Engage with Others

Engage with others by liking their photos, commenting on their posts, and following them back if they follow you first. This activity will help build up your following by giving back, but it can also lead to new friendships.

Collaborating with Others

Find ways for you and others in the Instagram community to collaborate! 

You could do this through contests or giveaways where followers have a chance at winning something if they follow both of you on social media. Give shout-outs from time to time about how much you enjoy seeing their content.


So what do you think? Do you think you can increase the number of likes or followers by following these steps? The more people you have engaged with your posts, the easier it will be to make money on Instagram!