7 Practical Tips for a Perfect Landing Page

To increase your website's conversion rate, here are seven practical tips for a perfect landing page.
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Landing pages are like book covers; they need to entice people to read. Otherwise, your online traffic will simply head somewhere else to purchase.


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Landing pages are like book covers; they need to entice people to read. Otherwise, your online traffic will simply head somewhere else to purchase.

Landing Pages Best Practices

Most bloggers know that seo is essential to drive online traffic.

Attracting consumers to your website from search engines is only half the battle though. You’ll also need to impress online visitors enough to stay and engage with your business.

Are you still struggling to convert leads into subscribers and paying customers? Your landing page design is likely lacking then.

The landing page is the first page people see when clicking on your ads or typing in your URL.

To increase your website’s conversion rate, here are seven practical tips for a perfect landing page.

1. Write a Persuasive Headline

Every landing page needs a good headline in big, bold text. Headlines should tell online visitors in clear, concise terms what you offer.

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For example, an online tutoring business might choose the headline “Studying for Final Exams Just Got Easier.”

A fitness company may pick a headline like “Burn Stubborn Belly Fat Fast.”

Aiming for brief headlines under 10 words is smart. Get right to the point of your business mission.

Don’t leave online visitors guessing about what you’re all about. Headlines must be compelling and informative about your company’s services. You want to grab your visitors’ attention immediately and lure them toward your products.

2. Add High-Quality Images

According to Forbes, 65 percent of people are visual learners. Online users want to visually see what your business offers.

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landing pages must include clear, eye-catching images. Pictures with plenty of pixels are important to avoid blurriness. You can take these pictures yourself or download stock photos.

Don’t infringe copyright by simply copying images from Google.

The photos should be related to your business services and headline. Perhaps upload an image of a smiling person using your product.

Pictures with people often perform better because visitors will feel more connected. landing page videos are also helpful to show your business in action.

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3. Create Supportive Subtext

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The landing page headline draws online visitors in, but supportive subtext keeps them. People work hard for their money. They need to know exactly what they’re buying into. Use your landing page to describe what your product or service is.

Outline the features that make your product or service unique. Tell and show visitors why they should choose you over competitors. Avoid exaggerating or making false claims. Remember to use bullet points and numbered lists that are easy to scan.

Make the content user-focused too. Provide concrete examples of how your business will benefit them. Don’t use generic and uninspiring terms, such as “We design software.” Try something like “Get user-friendly accounting software to simplify your tax filing.”

4. Publish Social Proof

Let’s face it: Many businesses lie. Consumers are rightfully skeptical and cautious. Therefore, your landing page needs to build trust. Social proof is one powerful method to develop confidence in your company. It relies on the fact that people often copy what others are doing.

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Knowing that many people have successfully used your product or service will ease their fear.

Social proof can assuage their worries about being ripped off and scammed.

How do you showcase social proof? Publish testimonials, reviews, and ratings from past customers.

If given permission, include customers’ pictures for a face-to-face connection. Share honest data about your client base. Real statistics, such as “1 million active members and counting,” are enticing.

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5. Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee

landing page conversion rates will lag if your online visitors are unsure. Don’t let the “what ifs” derail your sales. Instill confidence in your customers by writing a guarantee statement.

Satisfaction guarantees take away the uncertainty by providing a full refund if customers aren’t happy. Put your money where your mouth is and show you live up to your promises. Successful e-commerce companies will typically honor refunds for 30 to 90 days.

Some choose a lifetime guarantee or free trial period. Customers will be less concerned about something not working because it could be free.

Your company can use this guaranteed time to prove their fears wrong. Place an emblem with your satisfaction guarantee above the fold on the landing page.

6. List Correct Contact Info

Never make online visitors search for your contact information. Getting in touch with your business shouldn’t require a scavenger hunt. Feature multiple ways people can contact you on your landing page. Encourage people to contact you with questions or concerns they have.

Always include a phone number and email address. Double check your digits to prevent a misdial. Listing a physical street address is also crucial. Cautious online shoppers look for addresses to prove a company is legitimate.

Sharing your location may even increase your online traffic with local seo. landing pages with built-in contact forms for visitors to fill out are generally successful.

Consider adding an interactive chat widget for easy virtual talks.

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7. Optimize Your Call to Action

What do you want landing page readers to do? Perhaps you want them to purchase your new product. Maybe you hope they subscribe to your blog, download your eBook, or request an estimate.

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Whatever the case may be, explicitly tell them. Make it known exactly what interested online visitors should do.

Create an urgent call to action. CTAs are literally designed to get your business conversions. Quick, ultra-concise CTAs are usually the most effective. For instance, some good calls to action would be “Shop our online store now” or “Pre-order our book today and save $10.”

Embed a working link in the CTA text to transport online visitors. Moving from the landing page to other desired pages is the goal.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to landing pages.

Businesses won’t find surefire success strategies that always work. It’s all about tweaking your landing page until you find a web design that works. Watch your lead conversion rates to see when your landing page is most profitable. Small changes might be necessary, but don’t forget the seven landing page necessities above. Ensure your design is user-friendly with convincing text, vivid images, testimonials, and a stress-reducing guarantee.

Direct attention to your CTA to get the most conversions. These practical tips for a perfect landing page will help capitalize on your strong online traffic.

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