Payment Processing Affiliate Programs

Know of an online business that might need a payment processing solution? Then you can make money by referring them to a payment service provider! Learn more about payment processing affiliate programs here!
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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

Today we’ll be talking about payment processing affiliate programs that need affiliates who can refer businesses to their company and earn a handsome commission if they finalize their deal with the payment service provider (PSP).

Here are some popular payment processing affiliate programs and some necessary information about what each offers: is one of the most trusted payment gateway brands in the industry. Their reseller program (affiliate program) offers attractive buy rates and a residual payment commission structure. You can also earn additional revenue by selling other products on their platform.

Authorize.Net will pay you a $30 one-time fee for each referral you send, and then an additional $7.95 each month for the lifetime of the merchant account.

You can sign up here.


To become a partner, you need to visit their website at and sign up as an affiliate. Once joined, you can use your dashboard to add merchants and manage them. For every successful referral, you get a commission.


With SecurionPay’s partner program, you can invite either a single person or a company to sign up with SecurionPay as a merchant. 

Any invitation you send is active for 30 days, and if a client signs up through your link within 30 days, their account is associated with yours.

You will be paid $240 for every referred merchant that hits the $1200 mark in their transactions.


Refer a business and get 20% of the revenue it generates for its entire life. According to their website, even if you refer just ONE business, you can make $200 monthly on average, as long as the company exists. 

They also offer tracked text links, banners, Facebook ads etc., which you can promote on your website or social media. 

Learn more about their affiliate program here

Ikajo International

Fill their affiliate form. Find a business owner in your network and refer them directly to Ikajo. Once the business is qualified, get 50% of the commission.

National Payment Processing

Find a merchant and tell them about NPP. Once they expect a call, fill out NPP’s referral form on their website with your and the business’s details. 

Choose from two commission options: a $100 flat fee OR 50% with a $50 bonus. As soon as the business is onboard, you get paid.


Create a Tap2Pay partner account on their site. Get a tracking link and send it to business owners directly or promote through your website/social media. 

When someone creates a Tap2Pay account using your link, earn 10% of Tap2Pay’s commission fee for every transaction the merchant makes for 1 year. Get paid monthly.

Create an affiliate account on Promote by putting a banner or text link on your website. When someone signs up through your link, you get a commission. 

The commission depends on the number of accounts you refer per month:

  • 1-5 accounts: $100 per referral
  • 6-14 accounts: $150 per referral
  • 15+ accounts: $200 per referral

Valued Merchant Services

Check out their affiliate program at this link.

Netcom PaySystem

Sign up as an affiliate and get your unique affiliate ID. 

This ID is used to track every lead/referral you provide. Every time a referred account is approved, you earn a commission. You can choose between a one-time $50 fee or a 25-40% residual payment every month for the account’s life.

For more details about this affiliate program, click here.

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