How To Blog About The Niche: CrossFit

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One of my coaching clients asked me to break down a content strategy for someone wanting to start a blog, youtube channel, and or Pinterest account about Crossfit. Upon looking at all 3 individually and collectively, I say – Do All 3!

There is plenty of search volume and interest in this topic for all of these channels. Add your other social channels to the mix (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok) and watch out! If you are just getting started, check out this article on How To Start a Blog.

Besides a couple of blog posts I point out here, use the categories under the Pinterest and Youtube Channel suggestions to create blog posts as well. Remember, your blog post can contain your pins and video and your pins can contain links to videos and Pinterest.

They work together!

Research Tools

Crossfit For Bloggers

If you don’t yet have a website, and are going to build your own blog on WordPress, Check out WP Engine. With one-stop, you can set up your WordPress Platform, Hosting, SSL Certificate and get a theme design.

The best place to start here is a comprehensive guide to beginning Crossfit. It should cover what CrossFit is, the basic exercises, equipment needed, maybe some before and after stories for motivation and inspiration.

Once you get your beginners guide done, you could turn that into an ebook lead magnet on your website using software like Canva to create the ebook and optinmonster for pop up and slide in offers.

Below, you’ll find questions people ask about this topic. You can answer them in blog form and include FAQS on your blogs as well. If you use YOAST, the FAQ content block includes schema markup which is great for creating rich snippets on Google!

  • Is Crossfit OK for Beginners?
  • Can Anyone Crossfit?
  • What Do You Need For Crossfit?
  • How Many Days a Week Should I Do Crossfit?
  • Is CrossFit Better Than The Gym?
  • Can You Do Crossfit at Home?
  • What are The Best Crossfit Exercises?
  • What is the Best Crossfit Workout For Beginners?
  • How Long Does it take to get in shape with Crossfit?
  • Can You Lose Weight with Crossfit?
  • Can you Do Crossfit if you are overweight?
  • Is Crossfit Bad For Your Joints?
  • Is Crossfit HIIT?

The Best Crossfit Shoes [Blog Post]

This should be one blog post based on reviewing and describing differences in CrossFit shoes. Be sure to include the following:

  • Reebok Crossfit Shoes
  • Best Cross Training Shoes
  • Men’s Crossfit Shoes
  • Nike Crossfit Shoes
  • No Bull Shoes
  • Adidas Crossfit Shoes
  • Crossfit Shoes for Women
  • Under Armour Crossfit Shoes
  • No Bull Crossfit Shoes

Crossfit on Pinterest

Your Pinterest for Business account should be a similar name that would coordinate with your website. The overall topic is Crossfit.

On your Pinterest account, you would have boards. Each board is titled with a particular keyword. That keyword is also in the board description and pins that go on that board will also contain the keyword. This is best for Pinterest seo.

You can have as many as 500 boards on Pinterest and as many as 200,000 pins. You can also join group boards to share pins. Keep in mind that the group boards do count in your total board count.

You’ll want to create your own pins and get about 30-100 pins on each board pinning no more than 30 in one sitting. You can share other pins on your boards and they will count. This is called re-pinning.

Learn more about Pinterest here.

Crossfit Boards for Pinterest

  • Crossfit Women
  • Crossfit Motivation
  • Crossfit Workouts
    • Crossfit Workouts at Home
    • Crossfit Workouts at The Gym
    • Crossfit Workouts for Beginners
    • Crossfit Workouts for Women
    • Crossfit Workouts wod
    • Crossfit Workouts with Weights
    • Crossfit Workouts No Equipment
    • Crossfit Workouts Fat Burning
    • Crossfit Workouts Full Body
    • Crossfit Workouts with Running
    • Crossfit Workouts Abs
    • Crossfit Workout Videos
    • Crossfit Workout Amrap
    • Crossfit Strength Workout
    • Crossfit Workout For The Arms
    • Crossfit Partner Workouts
    • Crossfit Workouts for the Beginner
    • Cardio Crossfit Workouts
    • Crossfit Workouts Before and After
    • Cross Workouts Emom
    • Crossfit Workout Legs
    • Crossfit Workout 21-15-9
    • Crossfit Barbell Workout
    • Crossfit Workout with Dumbbells
    • Kettlebell Crossfit Workout
    • Advanced Crossfit Workout
    • Intense Crossfit Workout
    • Rowing Crossfit Workout
    • 30 Day Crossfit Workout
    • Crossfit Workout Names
    • Crossfit Workout Chipper
    • Crossfit Workout With Bar
    • Crossfit Core Workout
    • Easy Crossfit Workout
    • Murph Crossfit Workout
    • Upper Body Crossfit Workout
    • Crossfit Weightlifting Workout
    • Crossfit Workout Quotes
    • Crossfit Workout Schedule
    • Crossfit Workout Challenges
    • Crossfit Workout Jumprope
    • Hard Crossfit Workout
    • Crossfit Workout Tabata
    • Fun Crossfit Workout
    • Crossfit Workout Box Jump
    • Beginner Crossfit Workout
  • Crossfit Before and After
  • Crossfit Humor
  • Crossfit Beginners
  • Crossfit Memes
  • Crossfit Clothes
  • Crossfit Quotes
  • Crossfit Gear
  • Crossfit Transformation
  • Crossfit Wod
  • Crossfit Photography
  • CrossFit Inspiration
  • Crossfit Meal Plan
  • Crossfit At Home
  • Crossfit Results
  • Crossfit Shoes
    • Reebok Crossfit Shoes
    • Nike Crossfit Shoes
    • Men’s Crossfit Shoes
    • No Bull Crossfit Shoes
    • Nano Crossfit Shoes
    • Best Crossfit Shoes
    • Under Armour Crossfit Shits
    • Adidas Crossfit Shoes
  • Crossfit Men
  • Crossfit Outfit
  • Crossfit Tattoo
  • Crossfit Funny
  • Crossfit Body
  • Crossfit Shirts
  • Crossfit Gym
  • Crossfit Games
  • Crossfit Wallpaper
  • Crossfit Logo
  • Crossfit Equipment
  • Crossfit Food

Crossfit for Youtube ideas

  1. Crossfit Exercises
  2. Powerclean Crossfit
  3. Devil Press Crossfit
  4. Push Jerk Crossfit
  5. Cluster Crossfit
  6. Crossfit Team Names
  7. Push Press Crossfit
  8. Crossfit Pull Up
  9. Crossfit Power Snatch
  10. Crossfit Deadlift
  11. Crossfit Squat Clean
  12. Crossfit Grip
  13. Crossfit Fails
  14. Crossfit Ab Workout
  15. Crossfit Air Squat
  16. Crossfit at Home for Beginners
  17. Crossfit a Day in the life Of
  18. Crossfit Burpees
  19. Crossfit Back Squat
  20. Crossfit Basic Movements
  21. Crossfit Bad Form
  22. Crossfit Bear Crawl
  23. Crossfit Back Workout
  24. Crossfit Benefits
  25. Crossfit Bodyweight Workout
  26. Crossfit Box Workout
  27. Crossfit Bootcamp
  28. Crossfit Butterfly Pull Up
  29. Crossfit Bulgarian Split Squat
  30. Crossfit Breathing Technique
  31. Crossfit Breakfast
  32. Crossfit Cluster
  33. Crossfit Clean and Jerk
  34. Crossfit Chin Ups
  35. Crossfit Changed My Life
  36. Crossfit Chest Workout
  37. Crossfit Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
  38. Crossfit Cherry Picker
  39. Crossfit Cheat Meal
  40. Crossfit Chipper
  41. Crossfit Chiropractor Adjustment
  42. Crossfit Devils Press
  43. Crossfit Dance
  44. Crossfit Double Unders

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