Grammarly, The most advanced grammar & plagiarism checker for bloggers

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Make sure everything you publish is delivered as intended. Create clear and engaging content.  Improve text, writing style, and grammar with Grammarly.

Grammarly Features

Grammarly analyzes your writing for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. It’s a Sentence Structure Checker. 

Spelling Editor

Grammar editing software and plugins have made writing clear, quality work significantly more accessible. This free proofreading tool also offers premium options.


Login Anywhere

Several different browser extensions are available for Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. There is a WordPress Plugin, Desktop version, and an app.


Measure Tone

If you’re writing a research proposal, for instance, you probably don’t want it to sound informal and Grammarly will catch that by evaluating your tone based on your chosen genre or niche.



Grammarly makes suggestions to enhance your word usage. If you’re using simplistic language, it will help punch up your copy, but if you’re being overly verbose, it will help you tone it down.

Grammarly Pricing Plans

Grammarly Premium is designed for content creators to improve their writing through Grammarly’s writing feedback.


Per Month

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$ 11
66 +
Per Month

  • Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation
  • Fluency
  • Sentence Rewrites
  • Formatting
  • Vocabulary
  • Tone Detection
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Single Users

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$ 12
50 +
Per Month

  • All Features
  • 3+ Users
  • Style Guide
  • Admin Panel
  • Team Stats
  • Priority Support (Email)

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Get tailored writing suggestions based on your goals and audience.

Set Goals


Create the right content for your reader by measuring the audience: General, Knowledgeable, or Expert.


Set your formality goal and Grammarly will measure your content to determine if it’s informal, neutral, or formal.


Grammarly will help you achieve domain goals by measuring if they are academic, business, general, email, casual, or Creative.


Grammarly can measure tone to help you reach your goal. It will describe your content as: Neutral, confident, joyful, optimistic, friendly, urgent, analytical, and respectful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Grammarly Safe and Legit?

Grammarly is a legitimate software. I’ve been using it for years as an app, and Chrome extensions. 

Is Grammarly Really Free?

You can download the Grammarly Chrome Extension for free here: It truly is free for the basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation checker. You’ll need to upgrade for advanced features, and team use. 

Does Grammarly Steal Your Work?

Grammarly clearly states in the privacy policy that they will not use, nor sell your data. 

Can Grammarly See My Passwords?

Grammarly can’t see the passwords you use.  It is not a keylogger.

Is Grammarly Worth The Money?

If you are a regular blogger, or publisher, Grammarly Premium is probably worth the upgrade. 

The sentence rewriter is a game-changer.

Is Grammarly Easy to Use?

Grammarly is very easy to use. Simply import your document into the app, and follow the suggestions. You can accept or decline any suggestion. It’s a quick spellcheck, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker all in one. It’ great for checking sentence structure online.

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