Video-calling is the new normal - so which service reigns supreme: zoom or Facetime?

Zoom vs FaceTime – Which Is Best?

Video-calling is the new normal - so which service reigns supreme: zoom or Facetime?
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With the seemingly endless nature of the COVID-19 pandemic relegating our social lives to the virtual world, we must find the best platform to host our online hangouts. Two extremely popular choices come in the form of Zoom and FaceTime. 

The former has seen enormous growth over the past year, while the latter has been an established video platform for over a decade.

So does FaceTime’s big name and years of experience trump the new-kid-on-the-block, Zoom?

Let’s find out.

Zoom is Custom-Built For Video Calls

One of Zoom’s advantages over its veteran competitor is that its primary purpose is to deliver a high-quality video experience. 

It specializes in smooth streaming, quality audio, and clear visuals. 

FaceTime, on the other hand, is primarily a phone-calling service. The video function was not introduced until later on in its life, and it has never been a specialist video service.

Hosting a Business Meeting? Use Zoom.

Zoom’s superior video service makes it ideal for professional meetings. 

It offers a wide range of services such as document sharing, screen sharing, and text chat. The image quality is often evident (although this depends on your Internet connection mostly) and is ultimately a smoother, more convenient option. 

Catching Up With a Friend? Consider FaceTime.

Although Zoom comes equipped with some impressive features, it’s hardly the be-all-end-all of video call platforms.

The professional features aren’t needed if all you’re doing is talking to a friend for twenty minutes. 

FaceTime is perfectly capable of syncing a video stream with an audio call, and its service does exactly what it says on the tin. 

The bare necessities are there, and you won’t have a bad experience using FaceTime at all.

Zoom, Like Many Similar Services, Has Questionable Privacy Settings

Zoom’s meteoric rise in early 2020 caused issues with its service. 

Before the coronavirus pandemic took the world by storm, Zoom was a mildly popular service used in the business world.

Its sudden thrust into the limelight caused its previous privacy settings (which were pretty lax and liberal) still used when it started becoming a household name.

Although Zoom has since stated that these privacy settings have since been tightened, it still suffers from an untrustworthy reputation.

Wondering About Device Compatibility?

Zoom easily wins the battle of device versatility. 

FaceTime is only suitable for Apple devices, which is one of the service’s biggest downfalls.

Although Apple products are top-rated, many other brands on the market disqualify a large chunk of people from having FaceTime calls. 

Zoom is available on Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Linux, and a whole host of other brands, meaning you don’t have to worry about one participant not having the correct software.

Zoom’s Basic (Free) Plan is Quite Limited

Although it’s easy to wax lyrical about Zoom, you can only fully realize its potential once you buy a plan.

Free video calls have a time limit and lack certain features, and the payment plan is a costly $14.99 a month. IT doesn’t sound a lot, but the fees quickly rack up. 

The paid plans remove time limits and fully unlock all of its features. 

If you’re hosting a business meeting, you really need to purchase Zoom to maximize its functions and ensure a quality business meeting. 

On the other hand, FaceTime is completely free and all of its features are ready to be used from the offset. 

So, Which One is Best?

That ultimately depends on your needs. 

It would be foolish to recommend FaceTime over Zoom for business-related purposes, as the former’s primitive functions render it mostly unsuitable for large, productive meetings. 

Zoom’s HD video and capability for hosting multiple people clearly make it a better option for those purposes. 

Although its privacy settings were poor to start with, it has improved significantly over the past year and you don’t need to worry about any classified information leaking to the outside world. 

FaceTime is perfectly suitable for informal, personal video calls, and you don’t need to go through the rigamarole of setting up an account. 

It may do a satisfactory job of covering the basics, but the basics are all you’ll get out of it.

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