Ezoic Ads Tutorial

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Ezoic ads can be a great way to monetize your website. With a lower barrier to entry compared to other premium ad networks, it’s an ideal step up from Google Adsense for many. Here is an Ezoic ads tutorial to get you started on your publishing journey.

Get Ezoic

Make more money from ads with AI. Ezoic allows sites to adapt ads, layouts, and more to capitalize on these changing conditions.

  • Integration

    Before you can get started with Ezoic Ads, you’ll need to use the integration settings in the dashboard to add your code to your website. Choose a WordPress Plugin or you can change the DNS servers.

  • Enable Monetization

    In your dashboard, find the monetization tab. From here, toggle on your monetization settings.

  • Set up Ad Testing

    You can set up Ezoic placeholders while viewing your website using the Chrome Extension. You’ll need to be logged out of Ezoic to add these placeholders.