How Do Bloggers Make Money

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I’ve shared how I make money as a blogger through ads (publishing), affiliate links, courses and webinars, speaking/coaching, sponsors, and services. Now, let’s look at other current bloggers that share their income reports. So how do bloggers make money? Let’s find out.

Make Money with Medium

Zulie Rane is rising star on Medium, and on Youtube. I found her one day when I was doing research about making money on Medium. I enjoyed the fact that she didn’t know how much money she made until we all saw it together on the livestream. She was overjoyed that month to learn that she had earned thousands of dollars that month.

Her February income report revealed that there had been a drop in income, and that it’s just part of the game. Medium is a blog platform that allows writers to post their work on their website. If they join the Medium Partner program, they can earn money for views on their article. You can learn more about the Medium Partner Program here.

Julie shared that she hadn’t published many articles recently, yet she still earned income from the “Evergreen” content.

Julie reported $2, 231.34 for February, and has months over $4,000. 

As a 6-figure blogger myself, I’ll tell you what I love about her model. She makes money purely from the revenue her writing earns. While it’s not “stable” or “set-income” as a job would be, she works when she wants, how she wants, and chooses her own topics. 

Julie also does consulting and is a paid writer for hire as well.

Make Money with Ezoic

Jon Smith recently took to Youtube to share his February 2021 Blogging income report. I enjoy the fact that Jon shares how he sped up his website switching from the Divi page builder to the Oxygen page builder which improved his site speed.

The new Youtube algorithm is all about the “Core Vitals” which are signals to Google as to the quality of your page.  I recently switched from a Genesis theme to the Astra theme with the Elementor page builder and saw the same speed boost on my blog. 

I also appreciate that he shares his results like a case study vs. the “I’m a guru” approach. 

Home Advisor is one of the affiliate programs he makes money from. You can apply to that program if it matches your niche at 


Contextual Links convert better than ads or banners. (I find the same on my blogs). 

Jon shares that he makes money through:

Make Money with Mediavine

Seng Nickerson, who shared how the dip in traffic and income follows the holidays (the time period us bloggers call ‘The Golden Quarter’), posted $2,600 for her February earnings. Seng is a lifestyle blogger, and food blogger.

Along with many bloggers, Seng allows advertisers to post ads on her website through a premium ad network. She’s using Mediavine which has a minimum traffic requirement. 

She drives traffic to her blog through Pinterest, and her newsletter. 

How Seng Makes Money Blogging

  • Publishing Ads with Mediavine
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Reward Style

Make Money Consulting

Ron Stefanski, also known as the One Hour Professor shares his monthly income for his blogs and websites. I’ve enjoyed watching Ron’s videos. He brings an authentic approach to blogging income reports, and shares the good and the bad along the journey.

I find some similarities between myself and Ron. We both teach, and make money teaching others through real examples. We also both have extensive spreadsheets with multiple streams of income made from blogging. 

Ron posted $16,193 for January with great details.

Try Ezoic

Ezoic is popular for new bloggers as it has a lower traffic requirement.

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Blog Income Streams

Make Money with Services

Carl Broadbent is another niche website builder who is popular for sharing his income reports and honest case studies. In fact, Carl is building a niche website right now that he is going to give away at the end of the case study!

He published an income of $5,784 from blogging in January.  He earns income through affiliate sales, ads, and services.