30 top tips for getting more traffic to your blog in 2021

Are you looking for ways to promote your blog in order to generate traffic? Here are some tips that can help. Using Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other channels it's easy when you know what works!
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Here are ways to promote your blog in order to generate traffic. Today, thanks to social media, I’m able to get traffic to my blog on the same day I create a post. With Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other channels, it’s easy to see traffic happen quickly if you promote it.

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  1. Send Your New Post Out to your email list
  2. Create a Pinterest for Business account and start pinning.
  3. SEO your blog post and work towards ranking on the search engine.
  4. Use Tailwind to join tribes that will share your blog post link through a pin.
  5. Share your blog post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter [I like Social Snap].
  6. Run a paid ad on Instagram.
  7. Create a Youtube Channel and link back to your new blog post.
  8. Host a podcast where you promote giveaways for people that register on the website.
  9. Promote your blog pin on Pinterest (as low as $1.00 per day!)
  10. Use Google Ads to place an ad for a particular search Query.
  11. Link to your new blog post from other ranking blog posts. Check out Link Whisper, an internal linking tool.
  12. Get your new post in the hands of influencers that will share it
  13. Post your new blog in a niche-focused social group related to your blog. Add Value.
  14. Use a Click to Tweet Call to Action in your blog like the one from Social Snap.
  15. Write a blog on LinkedIn that links back to your blog. If your blog post is featured on Pulse, you could generate more traffic
  16. Leverage the audience on Medium.com and create a blog post that references the blog on your own website.
  17. Write a guest post on someone else’s blog linking back to yours. The more popular they are, the more traffic you are likely to receive.
  18. Include media that people want to share. Add a chart, graph, infographic, meme, gif, or some other kind of image that people are likely to share with a link back to you.
  19. Create a tool on the blog that people want to use and share. Calculators can be created using free software.
  20. Create a sortable list that is valuable. A google sheet can be embedded, you could use a WordPress Gutenberg table or a plugin like Tablepress.
  21. On your new blog, offer a checklist, guide, or something valuable that people will visit just to register for. You can pin, share, promote that item of value on social media. You might like Convert Kit and optinmonster for lead magnets.
  22. Check out Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and see if there is a need for your specialty.
  23. Use hashtags on Instagram related to your blog that can generate more followers. In your Instagram profile, link to your blog.
  24. Create a TikTok profile where you can feature short, entertaining videos (such as makeovers, cooking, hair cuts, nails) that will encourage followers who may interact with your blog.
  25. Publish a press release about the launch of your new blog. There are free and paid services.
  26. Create an image that others can share on Pinterest. I use Canva. Lady Boss Studio also makes some great brand kits and social media graphics for Canva including Pinterest Templates.
  27. Submit your Sitemap to Google. If you are a new blog, Google won’t crawl it as often. You can also submit a new blog post each time for indexing until Google begins crawling your website frequently.
  28. Run a Facebook Ad for people with similar interest
  29. Join a Pinterest Group Board or Tailwind Tribe
  30. Write a Blog on Medium to generate new interest in your brand.

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