Both Outlook and Gmail offer robust business email solutions, but how do they compare and which is best for your business?

Outlook vs. Gmail for Business: Email Marketing Services Reviewed

Both Outlook and Gmail offer robust business email solutions, but how do they compare and which is best for your business?
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Table of Contents

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Gmail vs. Outlook for Business

Are you considering using business Gmail or Outlook for your company? We looked at how these two services compare to help you decide which one is best suited to your needs.

Both Outlook and Gmail offer robust business email solutions, but how do they compare and which is best for your business?
Both Outlook and Gmail offer robust business email solutions, but how do they compare and which is best for your business?

Business Gmail


  • Streamlined user interface
  • Google apps integrate easily with a variety of platforms
  • High-quality video conferencing through Google Workspace
  • Flexibility
  • Optimized for mobile and stationery businesses


  • A steep learning curve for those less tech-savvy
  • Pricing increases affect all members – there is no grandfathering in for older clients
  • Information on updates is lacking

Trust Radius Score: 9.1/10

Best For:  

  • Businesses that value mobility in the workplace.
  • Companies that rely more on app/cloud-based computing.
  • Businesses that do not want to commit to extended contracts and prefer month-to-month billing.

Cost: $6 – $18/month

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Key Features:

  • Multiple built-in productivity tools
  • Cloud storage
  • Shared data drives
  • intra-office communication tools
  • Browser-based tool
  • Realtime collaboration
  • File storage and management
  • Single login for multiple tools
  • Directory management
  • Conversation threading

Business Outlook

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  • Little downtime
  • Includes a wide variety of tools and apps in the office suite
  • Regular updates
  • Business suite tools are more robust than the G. Suite tools
  • Fits in easily with other Microsoft tools and programs
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  • File-sharing can be frustrating
  • Sending a secure email is not as simple as it is with G. Suite
  • Streaming and video conferencing tools often glitch

Trust Radius Score: 8.8/10

Best For:  

  • Businesses that depend on Microsoft Office products for daily activities. 
  • Companies that prefer dependability over newer technology.
  • Large businesses.
  • Companies that manage multiple calendars and email accounts.

Cost: $6.99 – $9.99/month

Key Features:

  • Quick reply
  • Multiple time zones
  • Proxy support
  • Appointment booking tools
  • Multiple built-in productivity tools
  • Includes a feature for personal assistants to manage email for someone else
  • The focused inbox feature
  • Simple design and formatting tools
  • Regular updates
  • Data analysis tools

Shared Features in Business Gmail and Business Outlook

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Overall Email Features

Both Gmail and Outlook have plenty of premium features that are beneficial for business owners. 

Gmail has a clean user interface and is an excellent option for personal email. But when it comes to business email, the service is lacking, mainly due to email storage space.

One thing that does speak to many Gmail users is the ease of email accessibility no matter where you are, where Outlook can be a little more frustrating on the go.

Outlook is accessible only through the desktop program third-party apps when on the go, but the sheer number of features that Outlook offers sets it apart from the competition. 

Of particular interest (and one of the best features offered) is the Outlook Focused Inbox that uses innovative technology to gather what are deemed essential emails into a priority inbox.

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Office Suite Platforms

Both Business Gmail and Business Outlook are part of office suite platforms. Gmail is part of Google Workspace (formerly G. Suite), where Outlook is part of Microsoft 365. Both office suites allow for calendar management, email sending, document creation, file management, video conferencing, and team collaboration.

G. Suite offers better video conferencing tools and more mobile-friendly options for “on-the-go” working of the two office suites. 

Microsoft 365 falls short in video conferencing tools, but the prevalence of Microsoft programs in offices worldwide makes Microsoft a commonsense choice for many businesses. 

G. Suite does try to keep up with Microsoft tools, but Microsoft programs are more equipped for advanced tasks.


Pricing for Gmail and Outlook business services are similar and should have little impact on deciding between these two platforms.

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Security Features

Security is a significant concern for all email users, not just business email users, and both Outlook and Gmail know how vital these features are. Both Outlook and Gmail business accounts support two-factor authentication.

Both Outlook and Gmail also use heavy-duty SPAM filters to control junk mail influx. These SPAM filters are both rather impressive; however, their robustness does lead to some legitimate emails being caught in the filter occasionally.

Personal Data

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Both Outlook and Gmail have access to secure and personal information, and what they do with that information is of particular concern. How each platform uses personal and protected information is outlined in the privacy policy.

Outlook’s privacy policy is much more to the point and easily understood. It also gives the impression of having much more respect for the protection of private information.

Gmail’s privacy policy is slightly more convoluted, however, and ties into advertising from Google, which benefits them financially.

Keep in mind, though, that there is always a chance of a data breach compromising your data when trusting any program, platform, or service in this day and age.

Cloud Storage and Email Storage

Gmail and Outlook both offer cloud storage to users. 

  • The Gmail Starter package includes 30 GB of cloud storage and email storage.
  • The Gmail Standard package includes unlimited email storage and 2TB of cloud storage.
  • The Gmail Plus package includes unlimited email storage and 5TB of cloud storage.

Outlook makes use of local storage, so cloud storage is an added benefit.

  • The Outlook Basic, Standard, and Premium packages all include 50GB of email storage and 1TB of cloud storage in addition to local storage.

Overall Experience

People working from home during a pandemic can find themselves communicating mostly digitally, with little opportunity for in-person interaction to smooth the rough edges of the short, abrupt messages that often get sent around.

Gmail is easy enough to navigate but is not as intuitive as Microsoft and Outlook are to users. Microsoft, however, has a clean, intuitive, and simple user interface that most people recognize from their experience with other Microsoft platforms.

Outlook has a much sturdier foundation for the two platforms and allows for corporations to use email without worrying about the small cloud storage limits that accompany Gmail. 

Gmail is striving to incorporate more functions into their services, and while they do, their apps tend to be less stable and reliable than Outlook.

Other Important Points of Note

  • Microsoft Outlook is not available for Linux, where Gmail is.
  • Gmail offers email support via email, phone, live chat, ticket system, and training. Outlook offers only phone, live chat, and a ticket system.
  • Gmail offers more diverse language support.
  • Gmail and Outlook both feature organization tools for email inboxes, but the nesting system Gmail uses can be very confusing.
  • Gmail has a more customizable interface than Microsoft, although this is a strictly aesthetic point.

Choosing the Best Email Provider For Your Company

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Deciding between Outlook and Gmail for your business comes down to personal preference and what your company holds to be of utmost importance. Both platforms offer all major email features and incorporate strong security, but the strengths of each platform set them apart.

Gmail may be the best choice for your business if you have a smaller company or a company that depends heavily on cloud-based computing. Gmail may not be for you if you tend to hoard emails because accounts include limited storage.

Outlook may be the best choice for your business if you have a larger company that demands reliability from office suite programs and a demonstrated record of quality. 

It is not to say that Gmail is not a quality product, but it simply does not have the depth of foundation that comes with Microsoft. 

Outlook may not be for you if you prefer to use Google-based programs like Google Docs.

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