ThriveCart is a new shopping cart software that checks all the boxes for most companies. Rated a 4.6 out of 5 stars, ThriveCart offers the benefit of being a multi-featured software option that integrates with all major platforms.

ThriveCart Review

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ThriveCart is a new shopping cart software that checks all the boxes for most companies. Rated a 4.6 out of 5 stars, ThriveCart offers the benefit of being a multi-featured software option that integrates with all major platforms.

As a multi-faceted solution, ThriveCart incorporates a shopping cart solution with an affiliate center (Pro version) and includes partner collaborations.

In 2021 consumers will spend an estimated 4.92 trillion US dollars buying products via eCommerce [Source]. With so much money on the line, every cog in your eCommerce machine must run smoothly, and that includes your cart software.

There are countless eCommerce cart software options, so what makes a good eCommerce cart software?

It is compatible with your website.

Of course, you must have cart software that is compatible with your website and your server, or else it will be non-functional!

It is compatible with your payment processors.

Another important compatibility issue is with your payment processors. For example, if you process most of your payments through PayPal, you need software supporting PayPal processing!

It meets your company needs.

A good shopping cart software will always meet your company’s needs. This means that what is right for you is not necessarily suitable for someone else.

For example:

Are you looking for a shopping cart software that encompasses more than just shopping cart capability (like affiliate management), or are you looking for a shopping cart only?

Does the shopping cart software allow you to organize or categorize products in a way that is compatible with your inventory system?

It has at least some “extra” features that you are looking for

Some software features are not “must-haves” but “want to haves,” and it is always nice to find software that incorporates as many of those “want to haves” as possible.

It is the right size and the right price for your business.

You do not want to pay more than you can budget for a cart software, and you do not want software that is too intensive for what you need. If you try running a cart software designed for a multi-million-dollar corporation on your mom-and-pop shop website, you put unnecessary load on your server and slow down your website.


ThriveCart Pricing

ThriveCart has two plans available, their Standard plan and their Pro plan which offers added features including an affiliate center.

ThriveCart Standard is available for a one-time lifetime membership fee of $495.

ThriveCart Pro is available for a one-time lifetime membership fee of $690.

ThriveCart Features

  • 1-click upsells
  • 1-click bump offers
  • Embeddable cart
  • Modal cart
  • Two-step cart
  • A/B testing
  • Automatic receipts
  • Video carts
  • Auto-follow-up
  • Link tracking
  • Retargeting
  • Unlimited carts
  • Coupon URLs
  • Customer hub
  • Product upgrades
  • 2-Factor authentication
  • Webhooks
  • Advanced trial support
  • Detailed stats
  • Discount codes
  • Secure URLs
  • Auto-retry
  • Subscription management
  • Discount URL
  • Membership integration
  • Sales funnel builder
  • Autoresponder integrations
  • Customer blacklist
  • Mobile payments
  • GDPR
  • Physical product support
  • Zapier integration
  • Funnel stats
  • Checkout options

Additionally, PRO members get access to PRO-only features that include

  • Sales tax calculation (Pro feature)
  • Predictive revenue (Pro feature)
  • JV/Partner Contracts (Pro feature)
  • Instant affiliate payments (Pro feature)
  • Affiliate center (Pro feature)


ThriveCart integrates with all major autoresponder platforms as well as eighteen membership platforms and ten fulfillment services.

ThriveCart is also one of the only shopping cart software options to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. Most importantly, when it comes to versatility, ThriveCart integrates with Zapier, which provides integration with over a thousand apps.

Sales Enhancers

Sales enhancers are another area where ThriveCart blows the competition out of the water.

ThriveCart has multiple memberships and subscription pricing options, customizable checkout templates, embeddable and popup checkout, multi-lingual and multi-currency support, event and location-based behavior rules.

Most impressive, however, are the 1-click bump offer, and 1-click upsell and discount options that facilitate increased sales and revenue by promoting related products.

Coupon System

An integrated coupon system is nothing special for any shopping cart software, but ThriveCart maximizes coupons through customization options.

Options include:

  •  fixed discounts
  • percentage discounts
  • global coupons
  • specific coupons
  • product-specific and payment-option-specific coupons
  • coupon URLs
  • and coupons that trigger particular behaviors.

Physical Product Features

Unlike some shopping cart software options that support only digital products, ThriveCart also offers physical product support through the integration of some of the most popular platforms, including:

Physical products also have added customization options including quantity-based shipping options, location-based shipping options, mixing physical and digital products, upsell shipping pricing, and country-specific shipping restrictions.

Affiliate Center

The ThriveCart affiliate center is impressive as the rest of the ThriveCart system has various unique features that make affiliate management and affiliate sales effortless and straightforward.

Features include:

  • live affiliate stats
  • second-tier affiliate accounts
  • affiliate-specific products
  • the option to set different commissions for different payment options
  • unique tracking IDs for affiliates
  •  affiliate-specific behavior rules
  • and product-specific instant commissions.

JV and Partner Contracts

One of the more unique features of ThriveCart that is missing from many of the shopping cart options is the ability to partner with others through a JV and Partner Contracts system. This system enables revenue sharing as well as behavior rule actions for specific triggers.


Dunning is another feature that not all shopping cart software options have, yet it increases revenue by staying on top of financials through automation.

ThriveCart’s dunning features include automatic credit card expiry reminders, upcoming payment reminders, failed and overdue payment notifications, and payment rule automation.

Sales Tax Support

Sales tax support is another feature incorporated in shopping carts options, but ThriveCart takes it to a new level with full EU VAT and digital and physical sales tax support options.

Dedicated Customer Hub

One of the significant selling factors for customers purchasing through Thrive is the customer hub. The secure hub allows customers to manage and cancel subscriptions, view their accounts, update personal information, and set language support.

Admin and Settings

ThriveCart features all the expected settings and admin features and a few of the less common options. These features improve the user experience and support system automation.

Some ThriveCart admin options and settings include sales notifications, webhook notifications, subscription pausing and resuming, and two-factor authentication login.

However, most intriguing is that as a ThriveCart user, you still retain ownership of your current subscribers. 

This is important because so many cart options hold subscription information hostage, tying your hands when it comes to customer service.

GDPR Functionality

ThriveCart has everything expected from GDPR functionality including email consent checkboxes, cookie, and tracking notification, the ability to disable cart abandonment email collection, and a date signed DPA which is accessible through the account section.

ThriveCart Reviews

There are plenty of features to love about ThriveCart, but there are some features that are regularly praised with gusto including:

  • Fast and regular feature updates
  • Fast implementation of requested features
  • Ease of use
  • Automated features
  • Intuitive user interface

Pros and Cons

  • The sheer number of features!
  • Receptive to suggestions for additional features
  • Regular updates
  • Membership site support
  • Affiliate program support
  • JV Partner and Contract system
  • Sales tax automation
  • Dunning
  • Physical and digital product support
  • Coupon support
  • Integrates with all major platforms
  • Custom automation features
  • Lifetime cost


  • The initial investment is costly (but saves money in the long run)
  • Facebook pixel tracking integration could be more specific

ThriveCart Alternatives

ThriveCart Alternatives include:



Overall, ThriveCart incorporates far more features making it a Swiss Army Knife of cart software options where SamCart lacks a membership platform, multiple currencies and multiple language support, a cart abandonment autoresponder, and physical product integration.

Of these two cart software options, ThriveCart is a better choice for anyone looking for a full-featured cart software. Samcart is perhaps best for those looking for a very basic software option.



Where ThriveCart and WooCommerce both offer robust cart features, the depth of the upsell feature availability on ThriveCart gives it a definite advantage.

Of these two cart software options, ThriveCart is a better choice for anyone looking to monetize existing traffic. WooCommerce is perhaps best for those looking for a widely used, free shopping cart platform (although, there are other costs involved when using this platform.


Shopify and ThriveCart both offer great upsell features and a solid shopping cart option, but when it comes to the user experience, ThriveCart excels where Shopify is lacking!

Of these two cart software options, Shopify is the best option for Early eCommerce companies with a limited budget, where ThriveCart holds much more growth potential based on feature availability.


ThriveCart and Clickfunnels both feature sales funnels as a means of “selling” products, however, for Clickfunnels, this is the extent of the software. ThriveCart offers a much more comprehensive system of sales and promotion.

Of these two cart software options, ClickFunnels may have good sales funnel capability, but with such limited features, it does not make sense to choose ClickFunnels when pricing is set at $97 a month!



ThriveCart and Kajabi are both all-in-one marketing solutions, however, ThriveCart specializes in monetizing and converting existing traffic.

Of these two cart software options, ThriveCart is best for businesses focused on driving sales and monetizing traffic. Kajabi, on the other hand, is best for businesses that are more focused on marketing solutions.



ThriveCart and Kartra both offer similar features including an easy-to-manage affiliate center and simple automation features. Kartra, however, is best is known for its sales funnel building options where ThriveCart is better known for its checkout flexibility.

Of the two, however, ThriveCart is better suited to the company that is looking for smooth customized affiliate management and better checkout customization options. Kartra is better suited for the company focused on sales funnels.


ThriveCart, as we have already mentioned, is a feature-rich multi-functional suite of tools. Cartflows, however, focuses primarily on sales funnels.

Of these two cart software options, ThriveCart is best for businesses looking for a combination of affordability and diversity of features. Cartflow, however, is another option for companies that want to focus more on flexibility when building sales funnels.


ThriveCart and PayKickStart both offer auto-responder integration; however, ThriveCart is much more versatile and integrates with virtually any autoresponder.

ThriveCart is best for businesses that want flexibility in payment processing and more membership features of these two cart software options. PayKickStart offers far fewer features for a much higher cost, so it simply does not make sense to recommend them for any business currently.



ThriveCart offers an affiliate program with 50% revenue share commissions paid via PayPal. Affiliates also can win various prizes via ThriveCart affiliate competitions.

With current conversion rates in the double digits and refund rates that are negligible, this new shopping cart software is already creating a big splash in the shopping cart software market.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! ThriveCart integrates seamlessly in minutes through Zapier!

ThriveCart Standard is available for a one-time lifetime membership fee of $495.

ThriveCart Pro is available for a one-time lifetime membership fee of $690.

Yes! It might sound too good to be true based on pricing, but the current pricing structure is available for a limited time only. After the special discount offer ends, pricing will increase to $95 a month or $1,950 a year.

Yes! ThriveCart uses secure URL technology and is GDPR compliant.

Yes! Integration instructions are available.

Yes! ThriveCart has a built-in dunning feature available for Pro customers that automatically notifies customers when payment is due.

Yes! With the Pro version of ThriveCart, you can also set custom commission rates based on refund rates.

Learndash easily integrates by downloading the Learndash plugin and activating it in your WordPress backend. You can also integrate Learndash by following the Learndash LMS Add-Ons feature by following the instructions.


Currently, there are four ThriveCart templates, but more are to be added soon.

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