Cleaning Products Affiliate Programs

Are you interested in the best cleaning product affiliate programs ? Then you're in the right place!
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Are you interested in the best cleaning product affiliate programs ? Then you're in the right place!

Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

Are you interested in the best cleaning product affiliate programs ? Then you’re in the right place!

MyCleaningProducts Affiliate Program

MyCleaningProducts is a true one-stop-cleaning-shop. Whether you are looking for household cleaning products, pest control, mold removers, or carpet cleaners, you can find them all on this site.

It’s ideal for those of you who run a pet-based, home-based, or eco-friendly website. 

They pay a 4% commission rate, which you’ll receive once a month. They’ll also track your cookies for 30 days.

It could be a great little earner depending on the volume of traffic your site receives.

CleanCult Affiliate Program

For those of you who run a zero-waste, sustainable blog or website, CleanCult will undoubtedly be one of the most outstanding affiliate programs to choose from.

All of the products are coconut-based, which “do the dirty work for you”. They sell various items like dishwasher tablets, wool dryer balls, natural bar soap, and all-purpose cleaner.

After you’ve completed the application form and have been accepted onto their affiliate marketing team, you will receive $13 per sale if you join at FlexOffers. The payments are once a month, and the cookie duration is 30 days.

Force of Nature Affiliate Program

This company’s USP is their nifty gadget that sends an electrical current into their natural cleaner to turn it into an all-purpose, miracle device.

While you couldn’t build an entire affiliate marketing business around it, the program will be a great addition to your up-and-running website or blog.

The application process is pretty simple compared to others. You need to enter your personal and website details, then set out your promotional plan.

You can earn $30 per sale of their starter kit from your referrals. They will also give you banners and text links that they would like you to use.

Bio-Circle Affiliate Program

Bio-Circle sells industrial/factory cleaning solutions. It is great for a niche specializing in food processing, plastic injection molding, welding, or a similar industry.


You will receive a pretty reasonable $5 commission which pays monthly. Since it is such a specialized area, you only need to enter your personal and payment information to apply. After that, they’ll send you text links and banners to use on your promotional posts.

ThreeMain Affiliate Program

ThreeMain is a cleaning product that focuses on eco-friendly safety. Their subscription service provides a refill as and when you need it.

Their affiliate program is for those of you who run an environment-focused website or blog.

They track cookies for the standard 30 days since they aren’t high-ticket products. You can earn a payout of $20 per sale made using your affiliate link. Just bear in mind that they focus on their subscription boxes rather than the products outside of this service.

Property Perfections

This company offers a unique affiliate program. They will give you a whopping 25% commission per sale through your link. Plus, they track cookies for 120 days. This time frame gives your audience plenty of time to decide whether they want to purchase (and for you to promote the products too).

If you are looking for a robust cleaner to get rid of rust, mold, or stains, Property Perfections will be a fab company to consider for your affiliate plan.

The Clean Collective

The Clean Collective sells more than just cleaning products. They have a variety of skincare and body wash items too. Regardless of the type of blog you run, you’re bound to find something that your audience will love on this site.

While they haven’t made their cookie tracking limit public at the moment, they have published their commission range. Currently, it stands anywhere between 7% and 12%. Either way, it ends up being quite a nice chunk of change.

Mrs. Meyer's Affiliate Program

Mrs. Meyer’s Affiliate Program is offered at the ShareASale Network. It’s under the ePantry company that houses many all-natural home cleaning products. You can earn $5 per sale, $25 off your 1st ePantry order, as well as a free Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap!

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