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How Facebook Ad Split Testing Works

In Facebook, you can now compare your ad set strategies with Facebook Ad Split Testing. You can now test 2-3 ad sets with different delivery strategies to see which gives you the best Lead generation results.

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How to Make a Post Shareable on Facebook

When you publish a post on Facebook, you might want to set it in a way that others can share it. The key to making a shareable post on facebook is to post in Public status. You can, however, change this after you create the post. Here’s How.

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How to Edit a Boosted Post on Facebook

The feeling of dread when you realize a post you’ve paid for to reach a greater audience on Facebook has a typo. Incorrect pricing. Whatever it is, the feeling is the same. The good news? There’s a way to edit a boosted post on Facebook, even after you’ve paid to boost it.

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How To Post a 3D Photo on Facebook

I’ll admit that when I see a 3D photo on Facebook in my news feed, I pause. I’m surprised how many of us are not using this cool feature yet. Part of the reason is that it’s not obvious how to post a 3D photo on Facebook.

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