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PayCafe Affiliate Program

PayCafe has an affiliate program with ShareASale. PayCafe believes that your credit card payments should be easy, consistent, and dependable. They offer a starting affiliate commission of $200 per new merchant (CPA) with unlimited commissions and no cap. What’s more is that the cookie never expires!

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Tap2Pay Affiliate Program

When someone creates a Tap2Pay account using your affiliate link, earn 10% of Tap2Pay’s commission fee for every transaction the merchant makes for 1 year. Get paid monthly.

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Charge Affiliate Program

Create an affiliate account on Promote by putting a banner or text link on your website. When someone signs up through your link, you get a commission.

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Netcom PaySystem Affiliate Program

Sign up as an affiliate with Netcom PaySystem and get your unique affiliate ID. This ID is used to track every lead/referral you provide. Every time a referred account is approved, you earn a commission. You can choose between a one-time $50 fee or a 25-40% residual payment every month for the account’s life.

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EasyPay Direct Affiliate Program

EasyPay Direct has an affiliate program. Refer a business and get 20% of the revenue it generates for its entire life. According to their website, even if you refer just ONE business, you can make $200 monthly on average, as long as the company exists.

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PayU Affiliate Program

To become a partner, you need to visit their website at and sign up as an affiliate. Once joined, you can use your dashboard to add merchants and manage them. For every successful referral, you get a commission.

Read More » Affiliate Program is one of the most trusted payment gateway brands in the industry. Their reseller program (affiliate program) offers attractive buy rates and a residual payment commission structure. You can also earn additional revenue by selling other products on their platform.

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The Merchant Store Inc. Affiliate Program

The Merchant Store Inc. has an affiliate program within the ShareASale Network. It’s a pay-per-lead affiliate program. To qualify, the lead must use your link to click through and complete an application for processing credit cards. You can also earn a base price of 3% for purchased equipment.

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