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Hi! I’m Lori Ballen. I discovered affiliate marketing by accident. As a blogger and Youtube creator, I formed relationships with the software I teach others how to use. One day, I looked up, and it was a 6-figure income. I’m passionate about showing this life-changing opportunity of affiliate marketing to other entrepreneurs.

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Frequently asked questions

Link Whisper quietly suggests or “whispers” contextual internal link ideas that can better direct the users to find content on your website and then helps Google rank your pages better in the search engine results pages.


Internal linking is a massive undertaking and requires a certain skillset in finding the best links and when to use them. Link whisper changes this activity from a chore to an opportunity. This can create a more optimized website helping with ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Link Whisper is built with artificial intelligence and begins to suggest appropriately related internal links when you begin writing your article, and it does it without you having the leave the page.

You can use the link whisper suggestions by checking the box next to the suggestion. If you don’t want to use the suggestion, you can ignore it. You can also customize Link Whisper and create auto-links based on a particular keyword. 

Google favors webpages with referral links from other pages on the web. Internal links help create relationships between one page and another. These links can help Google identify and rank pages for particular keywords and phrases typed into Google search. Internal links are good for SEO.

Once your links are created on a page, you won’t lose the links if you don’t renew your subscription, or if you uninstall the Plugin. 

Link Whisper Reviews

Link Whisper is a handy tool that will find a lot of relevant and sometimes not so relevant internal link suggestions. It works with the major page builders, doesn't slow down your site, and overall helps you rank better for a fair price.
This is a very important factor for SEO and something I was lacking for years, but now this plugin helps me make it manageable, and I use it across my entire website portfolio.
I’m really impressed with all the relevant suggestions it lists. There is plenty to work with. I’m glad Spencer didn’t price this as a recurring monthly cost. Instead, it’s reasonably priced with an annual recurring cost which is totally normal for plugins when you want updates.
Link Whisper connects the dots between pages by suggesting related content. Top focus keywords can be internally linked automatically throughout the website. That's Smart!


Link Whisper Alternatives

Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is an internal linking WordPress Plugin. Simply add a keyword to the database and where you want to link it to. TA will link all of your previous and future links automatically. Change the link in the database once to update the entire website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO offers four Premium blocks to make internal linking easy. It uses the hierarchical structure of the website to link Subpages and Siblings, as well as related pages.

Interlinks Manager

The Interlinks Manager plugin helps you develop an internal linking structure, so you can increase your website traffic, sell more products or convert more users.

More SEO Tools

You can achieve higher rankings for your website through SEO Title Tags. Of all the on-page ranking signals used by search engines, few are as important as title tags. Search engines will inspect your website's title tags as they crawl the individual web pages.

SEO Title Tags

You can achieve higher rankings for your website through SEO Title Tags. Of all the on-page ranking signals used by search engines, few are as important as title tags. Search engines will inspect your website’s title tags as they crawl the individual web pages.

How To Make a Link Clickable

If someone is on your blog, youtube channel, instagram, Facebook, your website, etc. you may want to include a clickable link. Use this guide to help you learn how to make a link clickable on various channels.

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