Building a great blog starts with finding a perfect name. Click here to find the best ways of naming your blog!

How To Come Up With a Blog Name

Building a great blog starts with finding a perfect name. Click here to find the best ways of naming your blog!
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What do you think is the biggest obstacle for most people trying to start a blog? You’d be forgiven if you thought it was coming up with a content strategy or figuring out the technical aspects of building a website. Those are certainly challenging, but that’s not the first hurdle.

Building a great blog starts with finding a perfect name. Click here to find the best ways of naming your blog!

Find Your Perfect Domain

Add an idea and Check out the Suggested Domains.

For most aspiring bloggers, the first challenge is in coming up with a suitable name for their blog. That’s right! Naming your blog isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

And if you’re not careful, you might waste a lot of time thinking about it before you even start your first post.

But why is that? Well, that’s what you’re going to find out in this article. 

Firstly, we’ll look at the reasons why choosing the right blog name is so difficult.

Then, we’ll provide you with a few tips on finding the perfect blog name for you. As a bonus, we’ll even address some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about choosing a blog name.

If this problem has been on your mind for quite some time, don’t worry. You’re in good hands now.

So let’s get to it.

Why Is It So Difficult To Pick A Blog Name?

People never expect their blogging dreams to stop in its tracks because of a name. But the truth is, naming a blog is a lot more challenging than it seems. Here are a few issues that make it so difficult sometimes.

The Good Ones Are Taken

The cool thing about blogs is that anyone can start one, and people can build as many as they’d like. Since blogging has been around for decades at this point, most of the excellent blog names are no longer available.

You could add numbers or symbols to your blog name, the same way some people do with their email addresses. 

Sadly, that’ll make your blog name even harder for people to remember easily.

So, you see, it’s not just about finding an excellent blog name; it’s also about finding an available one.

You’re Trying Too Hard To Make It Smart Or Funny

Some people also struggle to develop a blog name because they’re trying too hard to make it smart or funny. Yes, it’s good to use humor as a tool in your blog writing. But it can also add to the time it takes for you to find the right blog name.

You’re Striving For Perfectionism

People also get hung up on coming up with a blog name because they’re trying too hard to make it perfect. 

They’ll keep trying many different names, assuming that they’ll know it’s an ideal name when they hear it.

Remember: the name of your blog doesn’t have to stay the same forever. You can always change it later on if you want to.

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How To Come Up With The Perfect Blog Name

So, now that we know why people find it difficult to get past the blog naming stage, let’s look at a few useful tips on how you can come up with the perfect name for your blog.

Use Your Name

One of the simplest ways to come up with a blog name is to use the one you already have: your name. 

If you think about it, there is no better way to personalize a blog than to name it after yourself.

If you choose to go this way, you could start by using your name or nickname by itself. Suppose your name is John Smith. 

Now imagine that when people go to your blog, the first thing that they’ll see right at the top is nothing more than your name.

Or, you could combine your name with other words as well. Popular examples include blog names like ‘John Smith’s Blog’ or ‘John Smith’s Musings’.

To find the right words to pair with your name, you could look for synonyms online or just read more until you find a word that sounds nice with your name.

This blog, for example, is called, and my name is Lori Ballen.

Follow Other Bloggers

Learn through example, specifically the example set by other bloggers.

Here’s the great thing about blogging: you’re not the first one to do it. 

No matter what niche or category your blog fits into, there are plenty of others you can look for inspiration.

As you explore more blogs, you’ll start to see patterns in how people name their blogs. Some are simple and minimalistic. Others might be more complex, funny, or entertaining.

You must draw inspiration from many sources so you can find a naming style that suits you best.

Use Humor And Puns

As mentioned earlier, humor and puns are always good for blog names.

If you want to do things this way, always remember to keep your target audience in mind. Be sure to use a name that’s funny to them, that you know they’ll understand.

Use Niche Jargon Or Humor

This tip is somewhat related to the last one. Firstly, try and get a sense of who your blog’s target audience will be. Then, work backward and come up with a name that appeals to them.

For example, if you’re writing a tech blog, you can use a blog name involving tech jargon and humor because they’ll understand it. 

The same goes for any other niche like fashion, make-up, or even celebrity gossip.

Pair Random Words Together

Do you know what a creative way of coming up with a blog name is? By combining words that sound great, even if they don’t make sense at first.

Usually, people do this by finding words that rhyme with one another. Or, they find random words that sound nice together and are very memorable.

Remember: there are no fixed rules when it comes to blog names. So, you have plenty of room to exercise your creativity to come up with a name that’ll look great at the top of your blog.

What Makes A Good Blog Name?

As you apply the tips mentioned above, how do you decide when to stop? 

When do you know that you have an excellent blog name to start using immediately?

Well, here’s what makes a great blog name.

It’s Memorable

You’ll know that you have an excellent blog name when you find that it’s easy for people to remember. 

Think about it from the perspective of your blog readers. You want them to be able to key in the blog’s address immediately, instead of having to look around for it.

A memorable name also makes it easier for people to tell each other about your blog.

It’s Easy To Spell

People won’t always have your blog bookmarked. So, a suitable blog name is one that people can spell easily.

How do you achieve this? 

Choose a name that’s simple and straightforward when it comes to spelling. 

Bigger and more complex words might sound nice, but they can be an obstacle if people struggle to spell it out.

It Gives A Sense Of What Your Blog Is All About

That is not a hard and fast rule, but if at all possible, a blog name should provide a hint to potential readers as to what the blog is about. So, a tech blog might have a techy-sounding name, for instance.

It’s Available As A Domain Address / URL

Don’t forget! Usually, blog names should also spell out nicely as the blog’s domain address or URL. 

You could use an address that’s different from the blog name, but that’ll confuse many people.

So, before you settle on a name, check to see that it’s available as a domain address as well.

Find Your Perfect Domain

Add an idea and Check out the Suggested Domains.

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