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While sharing income makes one very vulnerable, I am a teacher first above all other things. I'm passionate about sharing what works so that people can adopt and follow a model that works for them. Here is my blogger's Income Report for August 2020.
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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

While sharing income makes one very vulnerable, I am a teacher first above all other things. I’m passionate about sharing what works so that people can adopt and follow a model that works for them.

December 2020: $31,856.69

This month, I added course sales back in after a quiet period during the 2020 crisis. People were out of work and I didn’t feel like selling courses during that time. In November, I held a masterclass and that got the ball rolling in Ballen Academy agan.

My real estate affiliate business was productive as well.

Here is my blogger’s Income Report for August 2020.

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How Bloggers Make Money

If you look closely at how bloggers make money, you’ll generally find they have multiple monetization methods. Many offer consulting, coaching, or other services. Some sell courses (I use teachable). My main course; The Ballen Method, focuses on lead generation strategies.

Other bloggers earn money through publishing ads on their website, social channels, and youtube channel.

There are sponsorship opportunities, affiliate income, medium earnings, and other ways to make money as a blogger.

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September 2020

Video Blogger’s Income Report for September 2020

Hey, Lori, Ballen here with Ballen blogger, and it’s time for another income report. I’m not showing my screen, but I am looking at my screen.

I want you to understand that I’m going to look at the real numbers.

I have several buckets of income, seven streams. I want to share those with you. I’ll go through each one, what it is, where it’s at for the quarter and, and the growth.

And we’ll talk about each specific theme thing a little bit. I also want to give you just a little bit here of a backstory, not because I want to talk about myself, but because it might help you develop where you’re going as a blogger.

I’m a teacher, speaker, trainer, first above all other things.

And so I want to make sure that I’m not just throwing numbers at you, that I’m helping to inspire and empower you to go out and do something with this.

I earn six figures a year in one specific income stream called affiliate marketing.

And to date, let’s take a look this year.

So far, I’m at $76,399.63 in that one income stream: affiliate marketing. Let’s look at quarter over quarter.

1st Quarter: 24,371.92
2nd Quarter: 25,306 92.

Some of these streams took a big hit in 2020. Other ones have still done well.

Despite the pandemic, my affiliate marketing income shows growth.

Affiliate income is when you promote a product or service that you didn’t create. You’re not the one maintaining it, managing it, or servicing it.

You get a commission, a cost per lead, or a flat rate or ‘bounty’ when someone uses your affiliate links and makes a purchase.

Typically with software affiliate programs, we see 15% on the low end and up to my highest, which is 55%.

I know they go higher. My highest is 55%, which means I get 55% of that total commission.

One of the reasons why software is so great for me is because it’s often a recurring commission.

Every month when the customer pays for that piece of software, I get a commission based on their total purchase.

So that has helped me with this stream of income, affiliate marketing.

These would be things like web hosting, email platforms tools for advertising, social media tools, analytic tools, etc.

I did not ever say I want to be an affiliate marketer.

I never saw a video of somebody making money online and said, that looks like a great idea.

As a matter of fact, I went the complete opposite direction.

Somebody mentioned to me, Hey, Lori, you should be getting a cut of that whatever that person’s spending.

You keep telling people about that product, and they’re going and buying it. That person said to me that it was called affiliate marketing.

I was not too fond of the idea.

I did not like the idea of getting paid because I was sending somebody somewhere. It made me feel like there was some false connection there somehow.

I’m super honest, ethical, moral, all of that stuff to a fault sometimes. It felt gross.

Today, I realize that I didn’t understand the concept.

As time went on, I had one relationship form organically because my team became a developer for this particular type of software.

So we were doing more than just sending people over. We were providing an additional service. That made it more of a developer program than an affiliate program.

It climbed, and I started seeing checks $1000 in a month, then $2000 in a month, then $3000 in a month. And it kept growing.

Now, I was paying attention.

Another one of my real estate software platforms that I used and taught messaged me and said, Hey, we have an affiliate program.

Now you can get 15% whenever when anybody signs up. So then I just started telling people, “this is what I’m doing” with this tool.

I use the tool; I teach the tool.

So to me, it’s all about that disclosure.

And legally we have to disclose anyway, but I’ve always been a big discloser.

My sister and I were having lunch one day, and she asked: “Why do you always put big on the top of your blogs “I get a commission if you buy something.”

I said: “Well, the FTC requires it, for one thing, and I feel better about people knowing that there’s a benefit to me so that they don’t feel misled later on.

The affiliate income stream is my largest stream of income now.

August 2020

I’m rounding off the numbers below for easy math. Where some areas of my business increased, others dropped off as a direct result of the Pandemic. I have felt weird this year “selling” and promoting so I’ve gotten more focused on building content for future income. For example, I built a 2nd Youtube Channel which got monetized this year.

I also divided my main website up into several niche websites.

  1. Affiliate Income: $8,000
  2. Services: $5,000
  3. Real Estate: $5,000
  4. Course sales: $3,000
  5. Publishing: $1,000
  6. Live classes: $0 due to pandemic
  7. Stocks, Investments, Profit Share: All Re-invested

Technically, most of my business was affiliate income in that the money I made was from earnings and commissions on products that I didn’t service.

For example, I have a real estate team. I generate leads, and they work with the clients. The second line, Services, is my brothers’ marketing company. I blog, create videos, and use social media to generate leads. They service the clients.

That’s exactly how affiliate income works.

I don’t have any employees on my payroll. In 2019, I found a way to continue building my business without the high cost of staff. Now, I invest in great tools and work with partners as needed.

For example, I hire ghostwriters at Writer Access.

My brothers Jeff and Paul at Ballen Brands are my on call support team for my WordPress Websites.

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