There are lots of companies that offer affiliate marketing options; however, not all of them will be generous with their affiliate commission. Here's a list of high ticket affiliate programs.

13 High Ticket Affiliate Programs

There are lots of companies that offer affiliate marketing options; however, not all of them will be generous with their affiliate commission. Here's a list of high ticket affiliate programs.
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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

There are a few high-ticket affiliate programs that all super affiliates should consider. Some affiliate programs pay a recurring commission while others pay a one-time commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you are looking to generate passive income, you have probably heard about affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing offers individuals a chance to make a commission selling popular products. 

By placing a link in an article or a blog post, authors will generate a commission whenever someone uses affiliate links to purchase a product. 

On the other hand, not all affiliate marketing programs are created equal. 

Affiliate marketers need to make sure they generate as high of a commission as possible from their sales. 

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, this forum is made for you!

What Does it Mean To Be a Super Affiliate?

A super affiliate is someone with experience in the world of affiliate marketing. 

When someone is first getting started in the world of affiliate marketing, they usually try to find easy programs in scattered niches that they can use to generate as many sales as possible; however, the commission from each sale is relatively low.

As affiliate marketing professionals find their niche, they focus on developing expertise that allows them to reach out to other affiliate program offers. 

Eventually, the goal is to make as much money per sale as possible instead of merely generating conversions. 

They might even take an online course to learn more about affiliate marketing.

Suppose your goal is to reach enthusiasts, professionals, and individuals ready to spend a lot of money on a high ticket product. 

In that case, you need to target the highest paying affiliate programs on the market today. There are a few options that you should note.

Shopify Affiliate Program

One of the biggest platforms in the world of affiliate marketing is Shopify. Shopify is a tremendous service provider that powers more than a million stores in the eCommerce industry. 

Furthermore, some of the services that Shopify provides for an online business include:

  • Tools for building websites
  • Various options for accepting payments from customers
  • Efficient shopping carts
  • Web hosting services

Shopify also has a powerful affiliate marketing program. Everyone who signs up for Shopify can sign up for not only their eCommerce services but also their added subscription features. 

Therefore, affiliate marketing professionals have the potential to generate high commissions through Shopify.

While affiliate marketers can make 2,000 dollars for every referral to the plus program, affiliates continue to make money when clients renew their subscriptions. 

These subscriptions could involve webinars, automated sales funnels, videos, and more. 

In some cases, clients might stick with Shopify for years after an affiliate marketer has referred them.

 As long as the client continues to renew, affiliate marketing professionals continue to earn their commission. 

Therefore, it is impossible to overlook the benefits of signing up for the affiliate marketing program through Shopify.

WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP Engine is a service managed by WordPress that provides support and web hosting services. 

The program is popular among small businesses, agencies, and enterprise organizations. 

With various tools available, affiliates can generate nice size commissions from everyone who uses WP Engine. 

Also, WP Engine provides themes for websites. These themes present an opportunity for affiliate marketing professionals to make some extra cash by promoting themes to people who have already signed up to use WP Engine.

For everyone who signs up for hosting services through WP Engine, affiliates can earn $200 as long as the customer clicks on the affiliate link and purchase WP Engine hosting services within 180 days of clicking on the link. 

In addition, affiliates also earn a commission equal to a third of any WP Engine products that individuals might purchase, such as themes. 

The purchase must be made within 60 days of clicking on the link. There is a significant opportunity for affiliates to make large commissions from WP Engine.


ClickFunnels is a website that helps users construct funnels for their online businesses. There are numerous tools available through ClickFunnels that companies can use to build a website, set up email lists, and learn more about earning conversions in the online world.

Because of the numerous products that ClickFunnel provides, there is also an excellent opportunity for those interested in affiliate marketing. 

Most of the ClickFunnels products are subscription-based. 

As a result, affiliates can earn recurring commissions from these subscriptions, which is great for passive income. 

On the other hand, there is also an excellent opportunity for affiliates to make money based on backend sales. 

ClickFunnels provides a variety of products, including:

  • Sales funnel management tools
  • Website management tools
  • SaaS products
  • eBooks and guides

Therefore, affiliates can earn money from multiple sales made to the same people. 

All front-end offers from ClickFunnels provide a 40 percent commission. Then, all of the backend sales produce a $100 commission. 

There is also an opportunity for ClickFunnels affiliates to scale up their commissions based on their performance.

ConvertKit Affiliate Program

ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing service. ConvertKit provides tools that help people manage their email lists. 

By automating email marketing tactics, people save a tremendous amount of time that can be spent elsewhere. 

In general, those who use ConvertKit tend to be influencers, and advertisers who will stick with ConvertKit for 12 months or more as long as they are happy with the program. 

As a result, affiliate marketing through ConvertKit provides tremendous upside.

Those who decide to partner with ConvertKit for affiliate marketing purposes usually focus on the business subscription plan. 

Affiliates earn a 30 percent commission on the subscription, and it recurs monthly. While it might not sound like a lot at first, keep in mind that people who sign up for ConvertKit tend to stick around. 

Therefore, the commission can grow quickly.

Furthermore, enterprise businesses may sign up for plans that cost close to $2,500 per month. 

A commission on the subscription can provide people with a massive amount of monthly income for years. 

Finally, ConvertKit also provides affiliates with the opportunity to generate back-end income by selling other products.

 With a diverse array of options through ConvertKit, it is one of the top affiliate marketing programs available.

Capitalist Exploits

Another affiliate program that you might be interested in is called Capitalist Exploits. Capitalist Exploits provides a newsletter that targets professional, experienced, and innovative money managers. 

Even though their newsletter is free, it also helps increase interest in its services. Some of the services that Capitalist Exploits provides are private reports, managed accounts, and exclusive advice.

If you sign up for the affiliate program through Capitalist Exploits, your goal is to connect your audience with these services. 

Even free advice from Capitalist Exploits has a great reputation in the financial world. Even though it is a niche company, it could be right for your audience.

Payouts from Capitalist Exploits come once per month and could include up to 50 percent of the total revenue that you generate for their team. 

Commissions from Capitalist Exploits could be over $1500 per sale. 

Therefore, if you think your audience might be interested in financial services from Capitalist Exploits, you have the potential to make a significant amount of money.


If you think that your audience might have an interest in precious metals and investments (such as gold and silver), then you might want to consider signing up for the Goldco affiliate program

Goldco provides investment vehicles based on gold and silver. A significant percentage of their audience is thinking about retirement soon and is looking for ways to diversify their investments and hedge their risks when it comes to the traditional markets.

You can earn massive commissions through Goldco because many of the people who invest with Goldco invest large sums of money. 

In some cases, if individuals invest hundreds of thousands of dollars with Goldco, you could earn tens of thousands of dollars in commission. 

Even though you won’t be getting these types of commissions daily, a single payout from Goldco has the potential to change your financial situation completely.

When someone uses your link to sign up for Goldco, the cookies last for 30 days. Commissions per sale through Goldco will range from three percent to six percent. 

If you think your audience might be interested in IRAs based on precious metals, you might want to sign up for the affiliate program from Goldco.


During the past few years, there has been a tremendous amount of attention paid to cryptocurrencies. As one of the largest trading platforms out there, Etoro is a great affiliate program for anyone who feels like their audience might be interested in cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Etoro provides users with access to more than 15 types of currencies that can be bought, sold, and exchanged, similar to any other stock market. Etoro stays open by charging small fees on each trade.

As an affiliate, you will be responsible for directing traders, brokers, and other investors to Etoro. If you are successful in getting people to convert, you earn 25 percent of everything they pay to Etoro. 

Furthermore, Etoro provides you with resources such as banners, landing pages, and educational resources to make it easier for you to convince people to sign up for Etoro.

With cryptocurrency becoming more popular, many people are looking for new platforms that will provide them with access to more cryptocurrencies instead of just Bitcoin. Etoro might be the answer.

As an Etoro affiliate, it could be a big-ticket program for you.


Another currency-trading site that you might want to check out is called FXPRIMUS

FXPRIMUS provides users with access to numerous platforms, learning materials, instruments, and other resources that can help you drive up your income as an affiliate marketer. 

Furthermore, FXPRIMUS also has an active community due to contests and promotions that it runs on a regular basis.

With more than a hundred tools and resources available to you, you can refer the same person to multiple products, allowing you to collect various commissions from a single user. 

FXPRIMUS is located in the FOREX niche, which is where people try to convert currencies back and forth, making money based on the shifts in their value. You can access multiple high commissions through FXPRIMUS that could be paid out daily. 

As a result, FXPRIMUS could become a high-ticket affiliate program for you. A single commission through FXPRIMUS could be as high as $600 for one product and one referral.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a hosting service that provides users with access to numerous tools and resources to help them migrate websites, handle email accounts, and install applications. 

Many of the services through Liquid Web have been designed for large businesses. Therefore, it is not unusual for Liquid Web to receive big, long-term orders.

Liquid Web also provides you with the potential to make a significant amount of money as an affiliate. 

Even though Liquid Web does not provide the recurring commission for renewals like other programs, they do provide a commission rate of more than 100 percent for the initial sale of some of their products. 

Because Liquid Web also provides you with the opportunity to make money through backend sales of related services, Liquid Web could be a money-maker for you.

For example, if you convince someone to sign up for their hosting services, your commission is 150 percent of the hosting cost, along with a bonus of $150 per sale. 

If someone uses your affiliate link to purchase other products through Liquid Web, you will earn a 50 percent commission on those sales. As a result, Liquid Web can provide you with massive payouts. 

You will even access banner ads that can help you get started as an affiliate.


If your readers are interested in learning more about financial instruments for trading, then Plus500 could be lucrative for you. Plus500 provides resources in the world of Forex, cryptocurrency, indices, and more. 

During the past few years, Plus500 has grown its audience to millions of readers and has expanded its affiliate programs to include some massive offers.

When you become an affiliate, your goal is to refer partners to Plus500, who can recruit traders and brokers. 

Even if your referrals only make small deposits, you can earn a large amount of money quickly. 

The commission you will make depends on the nationality of the trader. In some cases, your commission could be as high as $800 per deposit. 

You will also be provided with a range of tools that you can use to get started as a Plus500 affiliate. 

Furthermore, you will receive access to an affiliate manager who has been explicitly assigned to your account.


SellHealth is a company that specializes in beauty and health products. 

With more than a decade in the market, they have already established themselves as one of the world’s top health and beauty companies. 

Due to the size of SellHealth, you will have the opportunity to promote hundreds of products to your readers. 

While not all of their products come with major commissions, you can still take advantage of targeted products that could provide you with hundreds of dollars in commissions on a single sale.

Depending on the exact product you sell, you could make a commission that is as much as 50 percent of the product price. With more than 100,000 affiliate offers from which to choose, you can tailor your experience on SellHealth to meet your needs. 

Products from SellHealth fall into a range of categories include cosmetics, anti-aging products, sexual health, and more. Payouts from SellHealth arrive once per month, and you will have access to a dashboard that provides you with analytics and data that you can use to track your performance as an affiliate.


If you think your readers might be interested in learning more about organic, superfood products, you should check out Organifi

Organifi is a marketplace that focuses on natural, organic superfoods, and they have numerous products that fall into these categories. For example, Organifi provides detox regimens, powdered juices, and protein mixes that are all organic.

The affiliate program through Organifi is managed by a service called ClickBank. Most of the products through Organifi come with affiliate offers. 

At all stages, the commission is 30 percent and could include later purchases of different products. One of the significant advantages of Organifi, in addition to the 30 percent lifetime commission on front-end products, is the opportunity for upsells. 

There are numerous future purchase opportunities because of the way that Organifi structures all of their products. 

They arrange their products to be helpful by the time of day. 

Therefore, someone who purchases a product designed to be helpful in the morning is likely to come back and buy another product that is supposed to be beneficial in the evening.

As an affiliate marketer, you can take advantage of these product streams and make 30 percent commissions on all of these products.


One of the biggest emerging markets is CBD. Given the changing societal perceptions of CBD, many people are using CBD as a health supplement to help them manage various conditions. 

With a rapidly growing customer base, it should come as no surprise that there are affiliate opportunities. 

If CBD might be of interest to your readers, you need to check out the affiliate program from JustCBD.

JustCBD is a large CBD store that provides everyone with access to numerous products. Their products include edibles, vaporizer cartridges, and even pet products. 

CJAffiliates manage the affiliate program from JustCBD. 

There are numerous related products on JustCBD that can lead to upsells as well.

The exact nature of the commission through JustCBD is going to vary widely from product to product; however, some products carry large commissions. 

Therefore, it is worth checking out their gummies, candies, vape pens, capsules, and tinctures to get a feel for what they sell and the potential commission. 

Furthermore, because JustCBD releases new products regularly, there might be opportunities for new offers as well.

The Role of the Sales Funnel

With these high paying affiliate programs in mind, it is also a good idea to take a closer look at how a sales funnel is useful for digital marketers. 

The sales funnel is the process that a potential buyer follows from start to finish. They start at the top of the sales funnel, where they don’t even know the product, and progress to the funnel’s bottom, where they convert to a sale.

Even though sales funnels are a bit different for every product, the stages are relatively similar. The potential customer goes from having a light awareness of the product to becoming more interested in it. 

Then, they decide to purchase the product. If the conversion process is executed correctly, that individual might even convert other people to buy the product. 

As a result, affiliate marketing professionals can generate a significant amount of money from sales of high-ticket items. That is why sales funnels matter.

Find the Right Affiliate Marketing Programs

Those looking to get more involved in affiliate marketing are essential to choose the program carefully. 

There are lots of companies that offer affiliate marketing options; however, not all of them will be generous with their affiliate commission. 

With how hard affiliate marketers work to generate sales based on their content on their websites and social media platforms, it is vital to push for as much money as possible per sale. 

That is why these affiliate marketing programs stand out from the pack. Take a look to see if these affiliate marketing programs might be right for your audience!

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