Here is a systematic guide to kick-start the process and create a powerful Facebook group in which you can share affiliate links and grow your affiliate marketing income.

How to Create and Manage a Facebook Group for Affiliate Income

Here is a systematic guide to kick-start the process and create a powerful Facebook group in which you can share affiliate links and grow your affiliate marketing income.
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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

Here is a systematic guide to kick-start the process and create a powerful Facebook group in which you can share affiliate links and grow your affiliate marketing income.

If you are on Facebook, chances are you are a member of a Facebook group. Creating a Facebook group might seem like a simple affair; however, it involves quite a bit of management.

Let’s get started.

How to Create a Group on Facebook

Facebook groups are associations of people who have something in common. It is a close-knit circle where you get to share and stay in touch. Most of the groups revolve around topics, books, businesses support, and there are some, which are exclusive to individual members.

The topics discussed depend on your goals, aspirations and focus. Once you determine what you want, you may do ahead and design your group. The process is easy and straightforward.

Come up with an idea

As we have earlier discussed, you can start by coming up with a perfect idea for your group. It will be your foundation for building a successful social media following. If you are new to Facebook, then you need to create a functional account first. However, if you are a member, then this will not be necessary.

On the search area, type in your idea to find out if ‘it is original. If other people are using the same topic, then you need to keep trying. Try to make it simple and something that relates to what you want to promote.

Let’s say your affiliate product is a weight loss supplement. Running a Facebook Group for a specific kind of diet or fitness routine could be very advantageous.

If your affiliate product is software, it would be great to have a Facebook group that consists of a specific audience to teach the software to from time to time.

Click Create group

On your Facebook homepage, click on the Groups icon. You will be directed to a page for groups where there is a suggestion for you to join. These types are friends groups, popular groups near you, groups by categories and other recommendations. Since you are not joining a group, you can go directly to discover and click on “create a group.”

Add name

A lightbox will pop up where you can begin by adding your ‘group’s details. Under your group name’s tab, enter the details of your original idea. Ensure the name is unique and straightforward. A complicated name is not ideal and may limit membership.

Invite friends

After choosing an appropriate name, next, you can add people to the group. Here you can send invitations to your friends. You can scroll to the current list or type their names in the tab. Unlike old groups, with the new Facebook groups, you can personalize the invitation by including a note or a description.

You may tell them what the group is all about. It is important to note that Facebook allows you to create a group without adding friends. Therefore, you can still customize before sending out invitations to friends.

You can also use your Facebook page to run ads promoting the group if you don’t have a large number of friends to invite.

Choose your privacy settings

Depending on the type of group you are creating, you need to choose the privacy settings. There are three modes available. The public setting allows anybody to find your group and see the list of members.

Also, anybody can see what members in the group are posting. If you are creating a group for business, then you can choose this mode since you will be promoting your goods or services to a broad audience.

The second privacy mode is closed where only the group’s members can see each other and the content which they will post. This setting also can easily be found, but the contents are strictly for members.

The secret mode differs with the closed privacy setting in that nobody other can members can find it. In addition, only members can see what is posted in the group.

Facebook allows for changing of the privacy settings after 28 days. However, for secret and closed groups with over 5000 members, they cannot change privacy from privacy to public.

Click create

After choosing the privacy settings for your group, now you can click create. This option takes you to your group home page where there are some additional features, which you must fill for it to be functional.

Upload the cover image

There is an option of adding an image or a creative picture, which will be your cover photo. The photo you choose should align with your brand or theme. It should correlate with your idea or topic. If you have several groups, then you can select a photo that will differentiate them.

You may upload from the images available in your profile or your desktop. Facebook will advise you on the dimensions, which may be different from your personal or business page.

Fill in the “About” section

Now it is time to fill in other important details. On your left, you will find about section. Click on this area, and here you will need to type in the group description. These are just a few words to tell your members what the group is all about. You can also display the group rules for members. Click confirm to save the changes.

Click on “More”

This section allows you to edit the settings for your Facebook group. You can invite more friends by clicking on “invite members” and enter their names or emails. You can also add a personalized message.

The second option is to moderate the group. It is a comprehensive section that displays the group’s creator; you in this case. You can add notes on different sections. This section also offers a platform where you can interact with a member in terms of what is posted. It also allows admins to create rules and discipline or flag off errant members.

There is also the edit group settings that allow you to make changes to your description. You can also add your location so that people can quickly locate your group in your areas. There is an option of adding tags to help new members find groups of their interest. For instance, football tags and this option allow you to add up to five tags.

The apps feature useful, especially if you are creating a group for business. You can also create a new linked page if you would like to connect and engage with the right people for the growth of your business.

You can also customize the color depending on your preference. The customize address option allows you to share links to your Facebook group. You can manage badges and change privacy settings.

There are tabs where you can make the ‘groups’ information or resources readily available. It also helps members learn and expand their knowledge. There is an option of adding games and receiving invitations.

The membership approval tab moderates on who can invite members to the group. You can set questions for new members requesting to join and set pages that will allow members to join.

You can moderate in the posting permissions where you allow members to post or limit posting to admins only. Also, you can set group posts approval before they appear on the wall. You can set permissions for stories, videos, and images added by the members to the group.

Other tabs are archiving the group where members can still visit the group but cannot post. You can also pin to shortcuts where your group will appear on the homepage. There is also an option for linking to an existing group and creating a new group.

You can turn on the notifications tab to receive essential updates when a member posts. If there is spam, you will be notified and respond promptly. Your Facebook group is now ready for you and members to post and share.

Page Vs. A Group

Facebook has changed the way people reach out to your business. Whether you are a business person, a blogger, a company, or an individual, you can create a group or a page. However, most people are usually at a crossroads in choosing between the two.

A Facebook page is an official profile page for companies, brands, or websites. For instance, it is typical to see celebrities, politicians, and public figures have pages where they interact with their followers. Here their users can engage by liking, commenting, or sharing posts. Anyone can like them and command a considerable following. They also can be promoted for monetary gains.

Facebook pages have multiple features, which include information about a particular brand or a company, description, address, location, and business hours. You also find posts, reviews, private messaging, and analytics for tracking engagements by followers. The followers can also post on your page, which can be found on the community tab. It is also possible to link groups here.

A Facebook group is a hub for engagement, information sharing, and discussion. It brings together your friends or people with a common interest. For instance, you may have a group for friends, neighborhood association or business associates.

For you to create a Facebook group or to have a page, you must have a Facebook profile. However, for groups, your file is visible to all members of the group, and you are the administrator. Some of the features of groups are basic information, which includes the description. You can also set rules of engagement and moderate the group. You are in charge of allowing new members and have total control. Also, there is a calendar where you can update events for members. The main differences between a page and a group are in the privacy, analytics and purpose.


The primary purpose of a Facebook page is to engage with your audiences. It gives priority to posts on the page. Uses can connect with your posts by commenting, and there is total control of what is posted there. Followers may not have significant control over what they post, comment, or react and community discussion will appear in a separate area on the same page. On the other hand, your Facebook group is a platform where users can engage in discussion. They can post or share depending on your ‘group’s rules.


When it comes to privacy, your Facebook page is public, and anybody can access. However, there are restrictions on who can post or tag information. You can choose to unpublish the page or delete it. For the Facebook group, there are various privacy modes. These are public, closed, and secret as discussed earlier in this post.


When it comes to analytics, as a page admin, you will have access to your audience numbers, engagement, posts and comments as a way of measuring the engagement level. Your Facebook group does not have an analytics feature, and the information is basic and just a summary of recent activity.

How to delete a Facebook Group

If you are a group admin, you have the power to delete a group. Deleting is permanent, and there is no way to reverse the action. After deleting, it will not appear in the search option to anybody and cannot admit new members. On the group homepage click, leave group tab, which is located beside your name, and this will delete the group permanently.

The Proper Group Cover Photo Size

Just like most for a personal profile, the groups cover photo sizes keeps on changing. The displays may be different depending on whether you are using a phone, tablet, or desktop. Facebook recommends the size of 1640px X 856px, which is approximately 1.91:1 ratio. This size works well on mobile phones and even on tablets.

Facebook Group Badges

Badges are essential since they allow groups to identify admins, active members, and moderators. This feature is useful to new members who will find it east identifying leaders in a group. Admins and the moderators can also acknowledge outstanding member in terms of contributions.

A badge is quite visible, and there are different badges for admins, new members, moderators, anniversary and old members. Badges appear alongside the name of a member on posts, profile ad comments.

Type of Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are platforms for engagement, and there are millions of members in various groups. The Facebook groups are classified in the form of privacy settings. These are Public group, closed groups and secret groups.

Groups are available for admission to anyone; however; it is their privacy settings that make them different. Public groups are general, and anybody can view, post and join. Closed groups are unique and exclusive since they allow anyone to find them but only allow members to post and view content. Secret groups are only available to members.

How to Add an Admin to a FB Group

To add a member as an admin of your Facebook group is a straightforward process. On your newsfeed, start by clicking on Groups tab at the left side, select the group, then click on the members’ tab. Select the person you would like to add and make them an admin.

How to Change a Facebook Group Name

Changing your group name is a simple procedure. From the news feed, go to groups on the left side. On the group just below the cover photo, click on the tab more. Now select the option Edit Group Settings, just next to your group name, select change, and click. Rename your group and click on save.

How to use Facebook Group Chat

Facebook group chats are quite popular and allow you to send messages to more than one person. It is a group chat since there will be many people joining in the same discussion. You can create these chats on Facebook site or the messenger app.

Creating chats using the messenger app

You can start by logging into the app using your account. For you to send messages from the app, you must send from a Facebook account; you can read your messages on the app or the website.

Next, tap on new message tab. If you are using an android device, you can tap on the + button at the right side and scroll to write a message. If you are using an iOS device, tap on the New Message tab on the right side.

The next step is to add people into the discussion. Here you type the person’s name and tap to add. It is now possible to add more people into the group to create a group chat. There are options where you can insert ’emoji’s, GIFS and photos.

When you click on the Group name, you will find various options such as open chat head, change group photo, change the name, create a shortcut, delete a conversation, leave the group and report a problem.

Creating chats using the Facebook account

On your Facebook website click on new message tab. It is located on the right side menu. It is just below your list of friends. When you minimize the list, you will still find this option on the window. You can add friends to a conversation by tapping the gear button.

Select add friends to chat. You can then add people whom you would like to join in the conversation. You then can type your message, which will be available to everybody in the group. It is also possible to add photos, ’emoji’s and GIFs and shares with your friends.

How to Pin a Post in a Facebook Group (Make Announcement)

Sometimes back, admins would use a pinned post to announce members. However, it is now possible to mark an announcement without pinning. On your Facebook news feed, click on the Groups tab on the select. Select the group and look for a post you would like to make an announcement. Click on its right side and select the tab, Mark as announcement.

How to Tag a Group on Facebook

Tagging on Facebook allows members to grab attention on a post or object. It also helps in notifying other members on important matters. You can identify photos, people, videos, or places using this feature. Tagging is also available to groups, and it is a powerful tool, then it comes to managing and coordinating group activities.

On your Facebook account, scroll down to the item you would like to tag. Next click on the comment section beneath the image or the status you would like to tag. For you to tag a group, click on the status tab.

The next step is to type @ in the comment or status tab and type the group name. Facebook automatically detects the group you would like tag, and the name will appear next to @.

Click on the post and submit the update to the group you have tagged. When it comes to comments, just press Enter to post and the respective tag.

When tagging photos or videos, you only need to scroll to the object and right-click to tag. Inside the field, now type in the name of the group. You can still type using @ followed by the group’s name, and it automatically appears in the field.

How to do a Facebook Group Video Chat

Video chats in a group are more or less the same as usual chats. You start by joining a group discussion or come up with a new one. Next, tap on video on the right side. A video chat will appear, and everybody in the chatroom will get a notification of the impending chat. Any person when joins the conversation will tap on the video. However, video chats are limited to fifty people per session.

How do you leave a Group on Facebook

If you want to leave a group, no one will know you are leaving. Click on the Groups icon on the left. Then select the group you would like to leave. Just below your cover photo, select joined feature and click on leave group. You will be notified on whether you want to leave the group. You can click leave the group to exit.

How do you add a new Member to a Group

Inviting new members will lead to the growth of your group. As an admin, you have all the rights to add new members. On the Group menu on the left, tap on the group, you would like to add a new member. Then click on more just below your cover photo and scroll to invite members. You can then enter the name you would like to add and tap on the invite.

Announcing New Members

When you have new members joining your group, you can welcome them by creating a welcome post. On the group icon, start by selecting the group you would like to make an announcement. Scroll to the members’ list on your right side and click on write post tab. Write a custom message and post for others to see.

This feature is only available to a group admin, and you will see a prompt message to welcome up to 100 recent members.

Facebook Groups Rules

Rules are necessary for a group as they help admins moderate discussions, posts, and tags. New members can understand what the group is all about and their expectations. Rules are mainly created depending on the discretion of the admin. They allow everybody to treat each other with respect.

They also prevent the spreading of hate speech and bullying. Spams, promotions, and random posts are kept at bay. Further, there is respect to a member’s privacy.

To create a group rule, you can click on the group’s icon on the left side. Tap on the Moderate group menu item and scroll to create rules. Next click on create a rule or get started and write the rule. You can add a title and a small description.

Finally, click on confirm. Deleting the rule will follow the same procedure, only that this time you will click on the edit or delete rule menu item. You have an option of adding up to ten rules.

How to Search a Facebook Group

Searching for posts in a Facebook group is easy. From your group menu, there is a search box where you can enter the name or keyword you are searching. Next is to filter the search results by simply selecting all the options.

Fun Games for Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are interactive platforms where members can engage and have fun. They are numerous fun games for group members. Some of these games will capture ‘members’ attentions. For instance, the profile photo contest is easy to handle.

A good image is essential, and as an admin, you can come up with a creative profile photo and ask members to change their photos too. You can give awards to the one with the best profile photo. If it goes a notch higher, you can integrate the group’s brand with their image.

The scavenger hunt is another game that will thrill group members. Here you can post some few clues randomly and scatter them on Facebook. You can ask friends to find them by posting links. The first to hunt will win prizes. If there are many fans, it may get complicated, and there may be many comments.

The photo game is also a fun game, which will encourage group members. Here they can post photos in different locations, and the contest can get viral and fun too. You can also search through some addictive games where the scores are a bit high.

Next, pose a challenge to the members to beat the top score. It is simple and may generate lots of attention and response.

You can try the acronym game by coming up with random names and challenging the members to respond. This game can be addictive as they search for similar names.

Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

These groups help individuals in promoting their products and services on Facebook. It is a market place where members can post things they want to sell, and other members can make orders and buy. Besides, a member looking for a particular item may post a request, and a seller will respond.

These groups are different from the regular groups since they allow members to lists the things for sale, mark any item as sold, and search for things to buy.

There are restrictions on the items to promote, and some things are not allowed on the market place. Drugs, counterfeits, animals, and weapons are banned. Similarly, elements that infringe on copyrights are not allowed.

Facebooks have policies that every member wishing to sell in the group must follow. All sales must relate to real things and tickets will only be sold with special permission. The photos you post for sale must also match with the description including the titles. Health care items such as first aid kits and thermometers are also not allowed. Photo for weight loss showing before and after descriptions are also not allowed.

For you or the group members to sell anything, the buy and sell button must be on. Only the admin can turn it on or off. To sell in the group, select the group and click the menu option, what are you sell? Enter the description of the item you are promoting and then click on the Next button. You can choose your target market so that most people can see what you are selling.

You can also promote things in other such groups where you are a member. Also, you can come up with a market place where you can list the items for sale. Click on the circle to add or to remove this option. Click the post option for the item to appear on the group. You can also edit and delete posts or mark items as sold.

For the market place listing, you can edit or delete differently. An item marked as sold can be available on the market place when you click Mark as “Available.”

If you would like to turn on or off, you can do so under more just below the cover photo. Under Edit Group Settings, scroll to group type and tap on change. Then select Buy and Sell and confirm, Then save.

Facebook groups have brought tremendous changes in the way people communicate, share interests, and interact. The process of setting up one is quite elaborate and as a group admin.

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