Earn a passive income with the Apple Affiliate Program, now called The Apple Services Performance Partners. Apple makes marketing simple with the Apple affiliate program.

Apple Affiliate Program

Earn a passive income with the Apple Affiliate Program, now called The Apple Services Performance Partners. Apple makes marketing simple with the Apple affiliate program.

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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

If you’re looking for a suitable affiliate plan to sign up with and market on your website, the Apple affiliate program is a great way to go. 

Apple offers its affiliates quite a few benefits and a nice commission for clicks and sold products. 

I created a comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing which you can find here.

The Apple Services Performance Partners Program

The Apple affiliate program is now named The Apple Services Performance Partners Program. Apple’s affiliate plan allows you to earn a commission for advertising and promoting their eligible products. 

The affiliate program provides a link between publishers who sell products and services and Apple or other merchants who create the products and services. 

The Apple Services Performance Program pays commissions based on the number of people who’ve clicked on the links and, of course, for the products customers purchase.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, this forum is made for you!

Tools Apple Provides All Affiliates 

They offer various simple to use tools, including Widget Builder, RSS Feed Generator, and Link Maker. These tools allow you to link Apple stores directly to your website with ease. 

Example of Commission Rate for Various Products:  

  • Apple Music- You will earn a 100% commission, paid to you one time
  • Apple TV- 7% commissions 
  • Apple Book- 7% commissions
  • iTunes Music- 2.5% commissions

Other Benefits of The Apple Services Performance Program:

  • The list of products eligible for the affiliate program is quite extensive. 
  • Apple has a good reputation and products sell themselves. They won’t require much advertisement. 
  • Apple provides its affiliates with all the marketing tools they’ll need, and they update the list regularly.  

A Few Downsides of this Program Include:

  •  Since Apple provides all of the marketing materials needed to advertise their products, affiliates aren’t allowed to use their own marketing materials. 
  • They are selective with who they partner with and will monitor your website regularly. 

More Details 

A few other things to keep in mind if you’re considering this program: everyone with a blog or website is welcome to become an Apple affiliate, but they will regularly check your website to ensure it meets their requirements. 

To be paid a commission for a product, the customer must purchase within 24 hours of visiting your website. Payments are available 90 days after the product purchase. 

The Apple affiliate program is a wonderful way to earn a passive income. Little is required for advertisement as the trusted brand sells itself, and they provide you with all of the marketing tools you will need. 

If you’re considering becoming an affiliate, The Apple Services Performance Partners Program is a terrific option! 

How To Do Affiliate Marketing With a Website

Create a Website. I suggest WordPress. You can get your WordPress platform and host in one easy stop at Flywheel. This website uses the Astra Pro Theme with the Elementor Page Builder.

Choose a specific niche in which you will create content for. Start with low competition, low difficulty keywords. You can find these using a keyword research tool such as SEMrush, JAAXY, or spyfu. (I use SEMrush).

Create great content. On average, it takes months for a page to climb as high as it will go on Google. Give yourself time to see the payoff. Create content as much as you can without sacrificing quality. You might like Ballen Brands for content.

Use Grammarly for spelling checks, plagiarism inspections, and to safely store your content.

Join Affiliate Programs offered at affiliate Networks like ShareASale, Viglink, and FlexOffers, and begin promoting your offers by including affiliate links and banners on your blog posts. I use Thirsty Affiliates to automate my affiliate links.

For Youtube, you’ll want to create product review videos, sample how to use something, or create an audience through other interesting videos. Include your affiliate link in the video description.

Lori Ballen is an entrepreneur who makes money online through blogging, video, social media, and other content marketing strategies. She's a 6-figure affiliate marketer and coaches others on how to make money online. SEO, Search Engine Optimized Content is her specialty. Lori is the creator of Ballen Academy and owns a real estate business in Las Vegas, NV.

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