The Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

This post contains affiliate links. As a partner with Amazon and various brands, I am compensated when qualifying purchases are made through my referral links.

Here is a list of the best affiliate programs for bloggers. As a blogger who earns 6-figures in affiliate income, I understand that choosing the right affiliate programs is key.

While some affiliate programs, like social media programs, will be used by many, niche websites used by food bloggers, travel bloggers, and wellness bloggers may be unique.

Email Marketing Programs

WordPress Hosting Affiliate Programs

Travel Affiliate Programs

Health, Fitness, Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

Finance Affiliate Programs

Online Courses

More Affiliate Programs

  • Quickbooks Affiliate Program
    You can apply to be a member of the Quickbooks Affiliate Program in the CJ Affiliate Network. Quickbooks pay per action as well as a small commission program. See Details in CJ Affiliate.
  • Gusto Affiliate Program
    Gusto has a generous affiliate program that pays per lead and per sale.
  • ZarMoney Affiliate Program
    Earn up to $120 per sale when you refer a qualifying customer to ZarMoney.
  • Travel Affiliate Programs
    if you run a travel blog pertaining to flying, traveling, tourist destinations, and more, you need to know about some of the top travel affiliate programs available for travel bloggers!
  • 6 Popular SEO Affiliate Programs
    Explore a few of the SEO Affiliate programs listed here and see if you can find an affiliate marketing program that matches your followers’ needs.
  • Affiliate Networks
    Affiliate Networks offer multiple products from various brands. Join a Network, and appy to the affiliate program to begin earning.
  • Best Insurance Affiliate Programs
    Monetize your content efficiently by becoming an affiliate for one of these insurance companies.
  • Should You Use Nofollow Links for Affiliate Marketing?
    While you can start earning commissions immediately by copying and publishing an affiliate link on various channels, many affiliate marketers modify their links beforehand using the nofollow tag.
  • Golf Affiliate Programs
    If you talk golf, and are looking to monetize your blog, youtube channel, podcast, or social media channels, this list of golf affiliate programs is for you.
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    The good news is there are several easy steps you can take to increase the conversion rates of your affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs
    I earn 6-figures in affiliate marketing, primarily in SaaS (Software as a service) commissions. I’ve compiled this list of affiliate marketing programs to share with my readers. Enjoy!
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  • TireBuyer Affiliate Program
    TireBuyer’s mixing up the way people buy tires—and you can get a cut of the profits! With amazing deals on millions of top-brand tires, TireBuyer’s quickest and simplest way to buy tires. TireBuyer has an affiliate program.
  • Top SaaS Affiliate Programs
    Looking for the very best SaaS affiliate programs in 2021? We have you covered – Here’s how to make real money in the affiliate game.
  • Affiliate Program has an affiliate program within the Rakuten Affiliate Network. Founded in 1899, is a leader in its industry with more than 100 years of experience offering incorporation and LLC formation services for entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, partnerships, and non-profits with servicing all 50 states.
  • Amelia Affiliate Program
    Amelia is a booking calendar plugin for WordPress that handles scheduling. Amelia has a generous affiliate program within the Paddle Affiliate Network.
  • Affiliate Programs For Bloggers
    This list of Affiliate Programs can help you get started in affiliate marketing. Find a product you would like to promote. That product is linked to an affiliate program provided by the brand or an affiliate network. You can join the affiliate network to apply for the program.
  • Finance Affiliate Programs
    The finance niche is a profitable one for many. Whether you are building a finance youtube channel or blog about finance, you’ll want to choose the best finance affiliate programs.
  • The Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers
    Here is a list of the best affiliate programs for bloggers. As a blogger who earns 6-figures in affiliate income, I understand that choosing the right affiliate programs is key.
  • Can You Succeed at Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?
    When venturing into the realm of affiliate marketing, you might be wondering if you can succeed with affiliate marketing without a website.