Known for its fast payments to affiliates, FlexOffers is a great affiliate marketing network. They have been around for over 10 years, having built up thousands of connections to various affiliate programs and offers.

Affiliate Networks

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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

  • How To Make Money With Clickbank

    The fact that you are reading this article suggests that you’re sincerely interested in Clickbank or that you’ve already begun utilizing this fantastic tool and want to learn more ways to benefit from this fast-growing affiliate network.

    With the standard daily sales commission averaging between 15 and 50 dollars, it becomes the norm to see individuals earning up to three figures. Here we’ll dissect Clickbank from the beginner level to pros and help you understand how to make money using this platform as an affiliate.

    What is Clickbank

    In a nutshell, it's a full-out affiliate network with thousands of goods to advertise and make you earn money. It's also known as a digital marketplace that allows you to sign up at no cost to become an affiliate.

    In a nutshell, it’s a full-out affiliate network with thousands of goods to advertise and make you earn money. It’s also known as a digital marketplace that allows you to sign up at no cost to become an affiliate.

    Clickbank for Beginners

    make money, computer

    Clickbank is free to enter and provides you a plethora of different items to advertise, as well as a list of different categories you may dive into and seek out what you desire. 

    You’ll find varying commission percentages linked with the Clickbank marketplace items for affiliates.

    Affiliate commissions range from as little as seven dollars to more than 950 dollars. 

    Clickbank has a wide range of products to promote, from digital goods to software, videos, training courses, and e-books.

    You must first achieve the customer distribution criterion before you can earn your first payout (CDR). In addition, Clickbank states that you must have five diverse sales in your account from two different payment channels to meet these CDR requirements.

    This policy is in place to protect your account and the products on the market from any fraudulent behavior.

    Clickbank Marketplace

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    The ClickBank Marketplace is a site where ClickBank Vendors can advertise their items and provide information about them. 

    In addition, affiliates can use the marketplace to learn more about specific things and sellers, including promotional materials and sales figures.

    The ClickBank Marketplace makes finding things to promote much easier. Affiliates can search for items by language, category, type, and other criteria using the customized search engine.

    Once the affiliate discovers an item they’d like to sell, they establish a HopLink (a means for their referral to be tracked) which joins the nicknames for both their accounts with the vendors. 

    The system monitors any sales made through this link, and the affiliate will get a fee based on the commission percentage of the product.

    Clickbank Reviews

    group, personal, feedback-3530357.jpg

    Despite a slew of negative ratings online, Clickbank has been growing tremendously. On the Better Business Bureau website, they have a 1.7/5 review rating. 

    However, a plus for the site is the responsiveness of the company’s VP to complaints and their willingness to address the issues presented. 

    When compared to the successes, the number of complaints would appear minuscule. However, the network treats them as valid.

    On LinkedIn, Cryptocurrency Expert Justin Temple gave an in-depth review of Clickbank, saying, “It’s odd that individuals believe this website could be a scam because it’s the internet’s greatest and most trusted center for affiliates and product creators.”

    Clickbank University

    male, man, teacher-213729.jpg

    ClickBank University is the network’s own elevated converting proposal to enable clients to experience more accomplishments with their platform in the positions of affiliate and vendor. 

    It is not an accredited university, but rather the companies way to help its users attain the highest level of success.

    Finding the best Clickbank Products

    shopping, sale, cart-3143685.jpg

    1.Filters and Gravity are among various ways that affiliates may use to get Clickbank to display its product catalog. 

    For example, with gravity, individual affiliates who have successfully closed sales on these products during the last three months are used to rate the products.

    The filter tool on the Clickbank website allows you to zoom in on your favorite products by using a mix of selection criteria.

    2. Product longevity helps. Those high-ticket things are appealing since you can earn a lot of money from them. However, focus on things that buyers will find value in the long run.

    3. Examining the backend after you’ve narrowed down a product to advertise.

    You’ll want to concentrate on your selected product and reap the financial benefits that this opportunity provides, and a sales funnel can help you do so.

    4.The Affiliates Tools Page – As a type of sales support, all serious merchants would have affiliates tools pages.

    5. Make direct contact with the vendor.

    Clickbank Alternatives

    JVZoo: JVZoo is a major affiliate network with more than 800 thousand active affiliates. They are experts in digital information products.

    ShareASale: ShareASale is a good option if you want to shift your attention to physical product offerings.

    CJ Affiliate is one of the most notable affiliate networks, second only to ClickBank. On this site, you may find millions of things, companies, brands, and services.

    Rakuten LinkShare focuses on tangible goods selling a wide variety of products, including some well-known brands.

    eBay Partner Network Inc.: With eBay Partner Network, you may make earnings through a blog by selling items on eBay. Promoting your items might provide you with a steady income.

    Neverblue: Neverblue is a popular network that specializes in CPA (cost-per-action) advertising, according to all accounts. Product-based affiliate marketing differs from CPA affiliate marketing.

    Clickbank Customer Service

    Affiliate Tracking Cookies are used to track one’s leads, sales, and downloads on any given website. The importance of affiliate cookies are high, should a website want to ensure that their links or banners are effectively driving customers towards desired products.

    You can contact the ClickBank Customer Support Team if you have any questions regarding a ClickBank product purchase or a charge on your bank statement. 

    Suppose you’re calling from the United States, dial 1-800-390-6035. If phoning from outside the United States, dial 1-208-345-4245.

    Please visit if you have purchased a product from a ClickBank vendor and require help with reimbursement, have an unidentified charge on your statement from CLICKBANK*COM, or need more customer support.

    Support for Affiliates and Vendors

    Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. MST, via chat (except for US holidays). 

    Your sales account’s chat widget is in the lower right-hand corner.

    link building, link outreach, offpage seo

    To locate a product to promote, use the Marketplace or ClickBank Insights.

    In the product’s listing, click the Promote button.

    Enter a nickname for your account and an optional Tracking ID. 

    The account nickname form is automatically filled in if you are logged in to your ClickBank account.

    Select Generate HopLink from the drop-down menu.

    The HopLink is displayed in encrypted form. 

    For instance:

    • Make a copy of the HopLink.
    • You can use HopLink in your advertising materials if you save them.
    • Close the window by clicking it.
    • You can expand parameters to send to the vendor’s page after you’ve generated the HopLink, and then test it before using it.

    Is Clickbank Safe?

    Yes, that is the short answer! The answer is contingent on the type of relationship you wish to build with 

    If you want them to promote your items for you, you’ll need to offer them a Tax ID number, your SSN if you don’t have a business. They must record your payments to the IRS.

    Clickbank Gravity

    Gravity is a performance metric – a figure that provides a unique computation by ClickBank that considers the number of different affiliates that earned a commission by advertising this product in the last 12 weeks.

    Top Clickbank Affiliate Programs

    Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic, e.g., 620.07 gravity and avg conversion of $134.14

    Perpetual Income, e.g., 160.55 gravity and avg conversion of $311.05.

    Sqribble, e.g., gravity 90.32 gravity and avg conversion of $40.54. Refund averages five percent.

    Numerologist, e.g., gravity 199.79 and average conversion of $13.01.

    The Smoothie Diet: 21 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program, e.g., gravity 141.33and average conversion $28.55.

    How do you get paid on Clickbank?

    ClickBank will pay you regularly once you sign up for an account and begin doing business with them.

    PayPal does not pay out affiliate commissions. Instead, ClickBank commissions using the payment mechanism that the affiliates have chosen and configured in their accounts.

    Methods of Payment:

    • Payoneer
    • Check
    • Make a direct deposit
    • A Wire Transfer

    How to delete a Clickbank account

    Step 1: Log in to your ClickBank account.

    Step 2: Click the Account Settings tab on the navigation bar. …

    Step 3: Press Edit in the top right-hand corner of the Account Information box. …

    Step 4: Click Close Account. …

    Step 5: Choose a reason for closing the account.

    Step 6: Click the Close Account button.

    Step 7: Confirm Account Closure by clicking ok.

    Clickbank FAQs

    Is Clickbank Legit?

    ClickBank has carved a credible status with more than 200 million consumers and is known for helping the little man succeed.

    Does Clickbank Cost Money?

    For affiliates, no. However, ClickBank has a one-time activation fee totaling $49.95 and an income period processing cost of $2.50.

    How to get a Clickbank ID

    Your ClickBank ID is the same thing as your ClickBank Account Nickname. Therefore, once you’ve established an account, whatever nickname you gave it automatically becomes your ID.

  • JVZoo Review

    When getting started with JVZoo Affiliates, there is a lot of important information that one needs to be made aware of before becoming an affiliate. In this piece, we will answer some of the most asked questions and talking points in reference to the affiliate’s relationship with JVZoo Affiliates themselves. This article covers info for both the publisher and the affiliate.

    When getting started with JVZoo Affiliates, there is a lot of important information that one needs to be made aware of before becoming an affiliate. In this piece, we will answer some of the most asked questions and talking points in reference to the affiliate’s relationship with JVZoo Affiliates themselves. This article covers info for both the publisher and the affiliate.

    Subject matter will include how payments and commissions work, the steps involved in selling and promoting, membership details, the different categories of products, and finding good items that will convert, to name a few.

    Payments and Commissions

    The affiliate needs to keep in mind that each product has its own details in terms of how much commission will be paid out. By using the ‘approved products’ page on the JVZoo website, you can easily check the commission percentages for each and every product at your disposal.

    JVZoo is a relatively new network available to both publishers and merchants. Although a recent addition to the arena of online affiliate marketing, the website has risen as one of the most popular sites because of the fact that there are no initial costs to join.

    JVZoo takes a charging fee from both the merchant and the publisher when a sale is made. The company works primarily with a range of digital products and offers commission rates of up to 50%.

    How to get paid: The website pays its users instantly via PayPal, however there is a catch. In order to qualify for instant payouts, you have to first sell fifty products.

    Form of payment: JVZoo provides its users with earnings based on a mix of both Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) models, depending on the marketer that is used.

    The ‘get links’ button will refer you to the commission percentage that you will receive as an affiliate for the sales that you drive towards particular products.

    All cookie history that remains in a customer’s browser is monitored and tracked by the team at JVZoo Affiliates. For an affiliate, this means that each sale will be accurately referred and credited to the correct affiliate and that no sale details can be changed or tampered with.

    However, there may be times when you as an affiliate fail to be credited and therefore paid for a sale that you were involved in. The reasons for this are as follows: the consumer fails to grant cookie access on their browser, the affiliate link was not approved by JVZoo, the consumer deleted and cleared out their cookies from their web browser, or the customer ended up using an alternative affiliate link after the time at which they clicked on yours.

    Affiliates can always contact the support team at JVZoo, should they feel that they have been wrongly dealt with in terms of a lack of payment or accreditation.

    JVZoo Affiliates uses a 90-day delay process on commissions in order to guard against any mistrust arising between the seller and the affiliate.

    When dealing with products and affiliate links, one of the main threats to the steady flow of business and commissions for the affiliate is if the customer requests a refund on their product.

    The delayed payment, therefore, protects the seller by allowing them to hold their money, should a consumer demand a refund. Trust is another major issue when dealing with money online, and the sellers need to establish good and honest working relationships with a multitude of affiliates in order to succeed.

    Affiliates can expect to be paid instantly by the seller and without the 90-day delay when trust is established.

    Payments and commissions work on an individual basis in this way.

    In terms of payouts for your commissions, payment can be made in one of two ways. The first is to receive a check through the postal service.

    This method can be used when an affiliate makes direct contact with the seller and arranges this payout option on an individual basis. The second payout option that an affiliate can use is through PayPal, a method which works very well when dealing with instant commissions.

    PayPal receives your commission at the time the sale is officially made. Therefore, while checks can take a long time to arrive in the mail, PayPal is a great option to use for instant commissions.

    If you are already an affiliate on JVZoo Affiliates, the great news is that you can become a premium affiliate through a few easy steps.

    The advantage that a premium affiliate has over other affiliates is that they are paid instant commissions on any products that they request to promote. The premium affiliates therefore do not have to go through the sometimes laborious and time-consuming process of building up a relationship of trust with the seller of the product.

    However, becoming a premium affiliate is no small task if you are new to the platform. In order to qualify, you will need to have made a number of affiliate sales with very few refunds requested on the products that you helped to sell.

    In addition, you will need to have established yourself on the website for a significant amount of time in order to qualify for premium status. You can easily apply to become a premium affiliate by contacting the support team at JVZoo Affiliates.

    The commission that you as an affiliate will be paid comes directly from the seller’s PayPal account. The commission is sent as a single payment to JVZoo Affiliates, who act as the primary receiver of the payment.

    From there, a percentage of the commission will remain with JVZoo Affiliates while the rest of the money will be paid out to you as the affiliate, who will act as the secondary receiver.

    In this way, payments are made using PayPal’s adaptive payments method and transactions are kept clear and transparent to all parties involved.

    The great news for affiliates is that you will never have to pay any PayPal transactional fees when receiving money from the seller. The commission percentage that you are quoted is exactly the amount that will reflect in your own PayPal account without incurring any minor fees.

    This ease-of-use and customer care mechanism is unique to JVZoo Affiliates as a company.

    This lack of fees is made possible because of the fact that the seller pays for all of the required PayPal fees upfront, and you as the affiliate only need to receive your quoted amount.

    In the case that you are receiving in some cases a 100 percent commission on a product, you will have to do one of two things since the seller is taking care of your fees.

    Either they would pay you the full amount and pay the PayPal fees – thereby losing money on every sale made. Or the seller can pay for the fees out of your commission total and then give you 100 percent of what is remaining in the balance.

    JVZoo Affiliates have a system designed to protect the sellers from losing money in situations when the affiliate can make a 100 percent commission on a product.

    At the end of the day, someone will have to pay the marginal PayPal fees – either the seller or the affiliate – yet the affiliate will always be paid the full commission percentage that they were initially quoted on.

    General Questions

    JVZoo Affiliates has given affiliates the ability to place themselves on a system of delayed commissions instead of only reserving that right to the sellers.

    This refers primarily to PayPal commissions rather than commissions received on a delay through checks in the mail. Through an easy editing process on your account, you can change your delay settings as an affiliate.

    Setting up an account on JVZoo as an affiliate is a simple process if you follow the correct steps.

    After logging in and filling out your details on the registration form, you will receive a cell phone code that will be used to verify your account.

    After entering your verification code using a voice message on your phone, you will be made and offer to open a GetResponse account.

    Your GetResponse account will need to be registered and verified by you once again in order to ensure and maintain security and confidentiality. This is not

    Once that is completed, you will need to verify your email address in order to finish your registration process. Your account will then be successfully activated by JVZoo Affiliates.

    Once you are logged into your new account, you will be directed to an overview page where you will be instructed to fill out and submit a W9 form. You will need to read and consent to the consumer disclosure document contained in the W9 form, where after you may sign the document and agree to the terms and conditions.

    Finally, you will need to link your PayPal account by updating your payment profile page on the JVZoo Affiliates website. By linking and configuring to your PayPal account, you will be able to accept and agree to receive payments or commissions through the website.

    In addition to your PayPal account, you will need to link to your mailing address in order to receive checks in the mail in the cases that money is sent to you on a delayed basis.

    Your provided email will be used to send specific notifications concerning whether your affiliate permissions have been denied, approved or banned from the website. Any and all changes related to your affiliate partnerships with sellers will be communicated via email to ensure honesty and transparency.

    Requests can only be sent to a seller once, where after the seller can operate within their own time frame to approve or deny the request. This helps prevent against affiliates spamming specific sellers for products that they may want to promote.

    It may be that some of the products that you wish to promote and have been given approval for have not yet been launched or released. In this case, it is important for the affiliate to communicate with the seller directly and kindly about the details when the product will be launched.

    In the case that some products are not yet launched, you as the affiliate can always refer to the JVZoo Launch List to find out the best releases on new products that customers may be interested in purchasing.

    It is important to be involved in the promotion of new products since many of the best quality products have a lot of online traffic around them near the time at which they are released.

    In addition, sellers may use the product launch list to rank higher with their products and drive more traffic to their goods or services. You can gain access to the launch list page and be placed in the top position for a $20 fee.

    Another important page for every affiliate to know about is the public marketplace, which shows a catalog of products that are available for purchasing on the JVZoo Affiliates website.

    The requirements to be on the marketplace are: having a product image, a minimum of 25 sales, having been approved by the website, being a minimum of $17 per product and having a description about the product of at least 50 characters, although slightly more is advisable in order to substantiate to a potential customer why your product is worth purchasing.

    Keeping track of your sales and commission percentages can become a little confusing at times, and therefore it is important to continually refer back to the affiliate transaction page.

    The page has a number of helpful filters which allow you to sort through your commissions based on the different types of products sold and when they were sold. It also becomes beneficial to track what kinds of products performed successfully and which ones did not, in order to improve your own effectiveness as an affiliate on the website.

    Every affiliate has their own dashboard which houses all of the statistics needed to keep track of the effectiveness of your promotions and your commission percentages. A wide variety of filters help with monitoring specific products that affiliates have been approved to promote.

    If the dashboard statistics are not enough, JVZoo Affiliates also has an approved products page to indicate which products are available to you as an affiliate for promotion. Filters are available for sorting through products while a keyword field can help you to quickly find a specific product by name.

    It is extremely important to note that approval on a product must precede any kind of commission payout. Even if you as an affiliate are able to sell products through your own affiliate link, the sales on that product will not make you any money until approval has been established with JVZoo Affiliates first. The approved products page also helps to identify the recent products that have performed well as best sellers among online buyers.

    Should your specific dashboard link as an affiliate not be working, it may be that you have not set up your account correctly yet. Refer back to the registration process in order to confirm that you have correctly completed all of the login requirements in the correct order.

    If you have completed these correctly and the dashboard link still fails to work, try logging into your account again or contact the JVZoo Affiliates’ support team for further help.

    Be aware of using third-party programs or websites to track your transactions and sales because the these will differ from the tracking system that JVZoo Affiliates employs. Sales and web user traffic may be interpreted by using different values which may become difficult to monitor in conjuncture with JVZoo’s built-in statistics tracking.

    As long as you as the affiliate are aware of these differences, using a third-party application should not be too much trouble.

    Upon registering for JVZoo Affiliates, you as a new affiliate will be instructed to fill out a W9 form – a document used by the United States to register both affiliates and sellers of products. The details entered in for the W9 forms are kept secure and confidential by JVZoo Affiliates, so all affiliates can trust that their information is correctly stored.

    The only time that your information will be accessed by the website in any way is when a sale is made by a seller when the customer used your affiliate link.

    The seller can then check your details entered into the W9 form. Only citizens of the United States need to fill out a W9 form, and all other international affiliates need to make their own allowances should they need to fill out country-specific documents for paying tax.

    JVZoo Affiliates advises that each affiliate should make contact with their individual tax accountant should they need clarification concerning how to account for their own country’s tax laws.

    It is crucial to note that affiliates will not be able to view the traffic that their profile is receiving for a particular product until a sale is made on that product.

    Traffic statistics are kept private under the JVZoo Affiliates tracking system, and therefore it may become necessary to use a third-party tracking website in addition to JVZoo Affiliates in order to monitor the viewing and buying patterns of potential customers that are using your links. It is essential that you as an affiliate know the behaviors and choices of your potential customers in order to cater for their wants and needs online and therefore drive sales towards particular products.

    You as the affiliate are also able to monitor the statistics for specific products that you are not yet promoting, yet you are considering promoting them in the near future. The find products page has a number of statistics which are useful for examining products before you request to be approved for them.

    A Platform Designed For
    Affiliate Marketers Of All Levels.

    When requesting for approval to promote a product from a seller as the affiliate, the seller may take their time with granting you approval. When it comes to access and approval rights for specific products, the sellers have complete control since they are ensuring that their products are going to be promoted by trustworthy and reliable affiliates who value and care about both the products and the customers.

    If a seller has not yet given permission to promote a specific product, it is completely in the right to do so. Affiliates can contact the sellers directly if they feel they need to know a reason for not being accepted. Only affiliates who have been approved in the past have access to the messaging network available for sellers and affiliates to communicate with one another.

    Therefore, in order to question a seller directly, you will have already established yourself as a trustworthy affiliate.

    Your unique affiliate ID can be found and accessed on your personal account page, should you require it. You can also update your login password or your mailing address at any time by using the account page.

    There are three distinct websites available under the JVZoo umbrella company, namely: a customer website, a website for support and one for sellers and affiliates to use. Each website has their own login details and not all accounts are required, although you as an affiliate will need to sign up for the sellers and affiliates page.

    Should you decide that you want to delete your account, JVZoo Affiliates has a few key reasons why such a procedure is not allowed. In order to keep track of customer traffic through the affiliate links and seller relationships present in open accounts, no accounts will be officially deleted from the platform.

    JVZoo Affiliates can, however, remove specific financial or personal information from their open accounts in order to protect their own privacy.

    If you as an affiliate are new to the JVZoo Affiliates website, you will be placed on an initial probation period which acts as a precaution to protect all existing members on the website who are involved in the selling and promotion process.

    Affiliates will not be able to receive or accept instant commissions while on the probation period, yet they will be able to request product promotions as well as receive delayed commissions on JVZoo Affiliates’ terms.

    Sellers will still be able to sell their products as normal during the probation period. When each affiliate has established themselves in terms of an adequate number of sales and a low return of refunds, they will then be removed from the probation category.

    In order for your affiliate account to work properly, there needs to be a clear connection between JVZoo Affiliates and PayPal. It is important for your money and commissions to be tracked and sent into your hands as the affiliate.

    JVZoo makes use of PayPal’s adaptive payments mechanism in order to issue refunds for products that have been sent back by customers. Therefore, refund access must be granted to JVZoo for your personal PayPal account, should there be complications with your sales.

    Affiliates are protected by the fact that money can only be moved back for refund purposes if it has been moved into your account originally.

    JVZoo Affiliates must also be allowed access to view individual purchaser’s names as well as product names from each affiliate’s PayPal accounts in order to notify sellers of the information surrounding their purchases and refunds. JVZoo Affiliates keep a record of all transaction IDs that have been placed into your PayPal account in order to keep up to date with records for the sake of sellers on the platform.

    JVZoo Affiliates will also be able to fact-check your affiliate personal details in order to verify your identity and contact details across websites, ensuring safety and protection of all users. The fact that JVZoo Affiliates is such a rapidly growing and successful affiliate network means that they have to enforce the necessary ethical and safety measures. Access by the company to your PayPal account is minimal, yet necessary in order to confirm that you are both a trustworthy and reliable affiliate.

    Selling and Promoting

    The JVZoo Affiliate network is a great place for affiliates to promote a wide variety of webinars to their own niche of customers or email lists. The website offers the ability to view each webinar’s specific statistics, descriptions, and photos, enabling you as an affiliate to make a decision on the best webinars to promote using your own affiliate links.

    Webinars provide a great way for you as an affiliate to make commissions through online content and services.

    Although many affiliates may prefer to see and access their own statistics in real time, sales statistics for each transaction are only displayed 60 days after the time that the transaction took place. Affiliates can even download their own transaction and commission history statistics through the transactions page on the JVZoo Affiliates website.

    Sellers can view the statistics of each affiliate they are individually working with, which helps sellers to decide when or when not to place affiliates on delayed or instant payments. Sellers can note the number of sales that each affiliate has made on any one product, and then adjust their payout frequency to suit their needs.

    Using the ad manager plugin that is unique to JVZoo Affiliates, affiliates can add products that they have been approved to promote to their own websites using WordPress.

    In this way, affiliates can seamlessly integrate their products into their online content and drive sales towards items and services that they will be paid commission percentages for.

    JVZoo Affiliates has a number of pages on their website for affiliates to browse and find notable products to promote that are selling well and are not too over-saturated by other affiliates.

    Locating the right performing products can be difficult as an affiliate, not to mention choosing a product that will have a number of sales off your promotional links.

    It is important to find high converting offers in order to maximize your effectiveness as an affiliate and drive sales towards your seller’s products, thereby increasing commissions.

    Before you can make any commission percentages on products, you need to confirm with sellers that you are approved for each product that you are trying to promote. Through the affiliates tab on the JVZoo Affiliates website, you will be able to identify and locate the products that you have been approved to promote.

    You will then get links for each of the products that you desire to promote. This is extremely important since you as an affiliate do not want to end up promoting a product that you have been approved for with someone else’s link. Only products bought using your link will be credited to you in terms of commissions.

    The affiliates tab will also give you the option to add bonuses to your promotional plan, should you decide that you would like to add bonuses. Bonuses are a fantastic way to help encourage customers to purchase one of your promotional products.

    The top sellers page is a crucial page to monitor for any affiliate on the JVZoo Affiliates platform. Here you will be able to keep track of all the top performing products in terms of sales that the site offers, and get in touch with specific sellers about whether you can be approved to promote these top sellers.

    The statistics are shown on a weekly or monthly basis – or even daily if you are wanting to keep ahead of other affiliates who may be operating in the same niche as you are.

    Top sellers are ranked by either those products with the most sales or the most revenue. The top sellers page can be found in the product library tab on the JVZoo website.

    Getting started as an affiliate can be an overwhelming task, and therefore it is helpful to understand exactly what is required and expected of them on the JVZoo platform itself. The affiliates dashboard is a great place to get started in terms of finding out what products are worth selling through your promotional strategies as an affiliate.

    It is important to keep track and monitor exactly what products are on offer in terms of their promotional methods, individual launch dates and the number of sales so far. Affiliates must also be aware of the details concerning commission percentages and refund policies on each product and with each seller, in order to maintain a certain level of understanding of the sellers and the way in which they work on an individual basis.

    It is important to keep in mind that the statistics on affiliate sales only show the sales that have been made prior to the preceding 60 days. In addition, it is necessary to repeat the fact that affiliates are placed on a probation period when they are new to the website so that they can be proven as reliable and trustworthy.

    JVZoo Affiliates holds its affiliates and sellers in extremely high regard – and for good reason, being one of the leading affiliate networks operating in the world today.

    Affiliate Products to Use and Promote with JVZOO

    This list of affiliate software products to promote are offered by JVzoo. Click on each to view the product. You can find the product to apply for promotion in the affiliate dashboard.

  • Warrior Plus

    Warrior Plus is an affiliate marketing network and platform to run your own affiliate programs.

    The platform is free to use and there are a large number of products available. Users must be vigilant in keeping track of instances where customers could ask for refunds or returns of products.

    How to get paid:

    Warrior Plus is a great platform because of its instant payments via PayPal or Stripe to its users.

    Form of payment:

    Warrior Plus provides its users with earnings based on a mix of both Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) models. This primarily depends on the rate of refunds that occur.

    Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

    • Leads in a Snap
    • 5FigureDay
    • List Warrior
    • The Income Formula
    • VoiceRank360
    • 6 Figure Warrior
    • Warrior Coaching Program
    • $5K System
    • DIY Buyers List System with PLR

    More Warrior Affiliate Offers

    • Warrior Commission Academy
    • Perfect Passive Template
    • Word Search Book Creation Warrior
    • Afiliado WP
    • Warrior Coloing Pack with Dot to Dot
    • Graphics Warrior Double Your Sales and Commission
    • Warrior Profit Factory
    • TeeSpring Warrior

    Apply at Warrior Plus

  • Rakuten Affiliate Network

    If you know a thing or two about affiliate marketing, you would have heard about Rakuten for sure, or as it was previously called, Linkshare. 

    Linkshare had already made its name in the affiliate marketing arena when Rakuten, a colossal e-commerce company based in Japan, acquired it in 2005.

    Suppose you’re considering becoming a Rakuten affiliate. In that case, this article will help you learn about its application process, the program’s standing amongst other programs, the payment cycle, and its ease of use.

    What brands does Rakuten work with?

    Although the company started back in 1996, it has never let its reputation grow old. 

    There are over 1000 brands that you can promote through Rakuten, and some of these names are giants – Macy’s, NordVPN, Lyft, Microsoft, Lego, NVIDIA, Monster, JetBlue Airways, and Billabong. If those aren’t names worth promoting, then what are?

    Rakuten secured the trust of big brands and noticed how diverse its range of affiliate programs are.

    Remember, even though other affiliate sites might boast a larger number of brands, many of them are barely generating revenue. 

    On the other hand, names like Rakuten are part of the 20% of affiliate programs that are generating 80% of all the revenue!

    Signing up as an affiliate

    The application process for joining Rakuten doesn’t warrant any clarification. There is a one-page (albeit long) application form to fill. 

    You will be asked for your website’s domain name, so make sure you own a decent-looking website.

    Don’t fret when mentioning your site’s traffic because sites with low traffic are easily approved too. 

    Just make sure your site looks good enough to pass the approval process (you should Google guidelines on creating a good affiliate site).

    And don’t, don’t, pull a deal-breaker like using a free blog or website builder like WIX, Blogger, etc. Buying a proper domain and hosting is worth it!

    I suggest WP Engine for WordPress hosting

    Rakuten will take at least five days to get back to you on your application.

    Rakuten’s User Interface

    Rakuten has not changed how its interface looks in 20 years, but they aren’t lazy. 

    They choose to keep their UI this way only for its ease of use. 

    Sure, other affiliate sites have fancier looking interfaces, but Rakuten has an edge where easy navigation is concerned.

    With the user-friendly interface we have talked about, finding affiliate programs with Rakuten and creating affiliate links is a walk in the park:

    • Go to “Programs” and then “Categories”.
    • Browse through all the programs to find one you like or look up a keyword in the search bar to find related brands.
    • Click “Apply” on the programs you want. Some will approve you automatically, while most will have a manual approval procedure.
    • Go to “Advertisers” where all your brands are, and click on “View Links”.
    • Choose the type of link (Text/Email, Product Links, Banners/Images).
    • Click “Get Link” to generate the HTML code to place on your site.

    Payment Method and Timeframe

    The Rakuten affiliate program’s payments are net 60, which means you receive your payment after 60 days. 

    So if you can sell something in November, payment is authorized in December and reaches you in January.

    The extended payment timeframe is one of the downsides users report about Rakuten, especially in some cases where it is delayed beyond the 60-day frame.

    You get your payments either via PayPal, check, or direct bank transfer, so the payment methods are very convenient.

    Lastly, you have to earn a minimum of $50 before you can get paid, but that’s a low threshold, so you’ve got nothing to worry.

  • CJ Affiliate

    How it works: CJ Affiliate is counted as one of the largest affiliate marketing networks on the internet and the company is incredibly involved in most major retailers.

    How it works: CJ Affiliate is counted as one of the largest affiliate marketing networks on the internet and the company is incredibly involved in most major retailers.

    The website has a phenomenal reach, drawing many consumers to shop online through countless affiliate links which publishers and content creators can use to drive an increase in sales.

    Products and services can easily be compared and contrasted before publishers decide on an item that they wish to promote. The company has a host of reporting tools and services which help merchants and marketers better plan their sales performance.

    CJ Affiliate takes some time to get used to as well as lack a good level of customer support, but it is a great network for publishers to get involved in.

    How to get paid: Payments go out every month and publishers can be assured of reliable payments from CJ Affiliate.

    Form of payment: CJ Affiliate provides its users with payments based on a mix of both Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) models, depending on the stance of the merchant.

    Join Here

  • FlexOffers Affiliate Network

    Known for its fast payments to affiliates, FlexOffers is a great affiliate marketing network. They have been around for over 10 years, having built up thousands of connections to various affiliate programs and offers.

    FlexOffers has a great user-friendly set of tools on the website, whereby publishers, content creators and bloggers can easily sort through the programs on offer.

    FlexOffers are a brilliant network to use because they offer their users a dedicated affiliate manager.

    Join The FlexOffers Network

    This link will take you to the network application. Once accepted, you’ll be able to apply to merchant affiliate programs and grab your links for offers.

    How to get Paid

    The only method of payment by using FlexOffers for international users involves PayPal. Citizens of the US can use normal payout methods.

    FlexOffers provides its users with payments based on commission, especially for users who refer others to the FlexOffers website itself. Both Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) models can be used on the site, depending on the affiliate program chosen.

  • ShareASale Affiliate Network

    ShareASale is an affiliate network. You can apply to join any program within the network, and the brand will approve or disapprove your application based on their qualification process. Some are instant and easy and others are challenging.

    Share A Sale Affiliate Network

    Choosing an affiliate product to promote can be a daunting task. You might consider a website program. While by instinct you may want to find the highest dollar commission amount paid out per sale, it might be more beneficial to choose a product with higher conversions.

    Using the EPC of a brand or product can help determine how much you might earn and if running ads, how much you might spend.

    Affiliates generally earn a commission (or cost) per sale, per lead, (CPL) or per action (CPA) and sometimes multiple.

    EPC: Earnings Per Click

    While some affiliates work strictly on promoting offers that pay per sale, there also pay per lead and pay per click programs.

    If you are going to promote offers where you are paid per click, you’ll want to learn which programs in the network have the highest EPC.

    EPC is short for “Earnings Per Click” and shows the average earnings paid to the affiliate (or publisher) for every 100 clicks between all affiliates in their program.

    Here’s the math: (Commission Earned/Clicks) x 100.

    The bottom line, the EPC gives you an expectation as to how much the product pays out on average per click.

    Now, not all programs that list EPC actually pay per click. In fact, they don’t at all. They simply take the average commission and divide it by clicks to estimate the EPC. This doesn’t mean they pay per click.

    On ShareASale, you can sort the EPC by 7-days or 30-days rolling average.

    Knowing what the cost per click for a product averages, can help you determine your own ad spend if you are running a pay per click campaign for your offer.

    Remember, the key to success in affiliate marketing is promoting the right offer to the right audience.

    There are many EPC programs that Google, Facebook, Pinterest Etc. won’t even allow to place ads on their channels.

    This would require extreme creativity in promoting blog posts, videos and other landing pages that eventually lead the customer to the product rather than driving leads directly to a landing page promoting the product itself.

    If you are using the Clickbank Network, you might recognize the word HOP which is their alternative to “click”.

    If you are a member of ShareASale, you can type these merchants into the search bar to see the current Average Sale, Average Commission, EPC, Conversion Rate, Cookie Duration, Product Datafeed, Last Sale, Marketing Assets (links and banner), Power Rank and newsletters. This blog does not represent ShareASale or its brands and all information should be verified.

    Pay Per Lead Programs

    The following affiliate programs offer pay per lead incentives.


    Answering Service

    • 1-888-GO-ANSWER!


    • Autopom!

    Baby and Kids

    Beauty and Fashion

    • Say it with a Sock LLC (Sock of the Month Club)
    • Mast Steiner Sock Subscription Box
    • Dbackdrop Swimsuits
    • Tradlands
    • Online Inc.
    • UrbaneBox Men’s subscription box
    • Chicloth CO., LIMITED
    • Everyday Style
    • Andie
    • Koss Creative
    • DermaSet Skin Care
    • ExecSocks
    • sarah haran accessories

    Business Software

    • actiTIME, Inc.
    • Salesmate
    • Grammarly, Inc.
    • Articoolo Research
    • Buildium Property Management Software
    • 7shifts Scheduling Software for Restaurants
    • Freshdesk Inc
    • Genuin
    • AdScale


    • Crossflix


    • vision care services LLC
    • ABBE Glasses Co. Ltd.

    Finance and Credit

    • CyoGate, LLC
    • CuraDebt Debt & Tax Counseling
    • National Debt Relief
    • American Debt Enders
    • FICO
    • Waldo Technologies INC
    • InstaReM
    • Credit Assistance Network, Inc.
    • Born To Sell
    • Keeper Tax
    • Bitcoin IRA
    • Find Your Customers, Inc.

    Food and Gifts

    • Minted
    • Lovepop
    • Tavour
    • bakerly
    • ThirstyNest
    • 90+ Cellars Wine Shop
    • Cross Country Cafe
    • Roaming Hunger

    Health, Sports, and Fitness

    • MyYogaWorks
    • Grokker
    • Spark Naturals
    • Livekick, Inc.
    • Paleo Plan

    Home and Garden

    • Casaza
    • Cozi
    • Daily Steals
    • Annke Security Technology Inc
    • sanncestore
    • Epic! Creations Inc.
    • Annie’s
    • Amazing Fables
    • Ecrux LLC
    • ibedding Duvet Covers


    • Gabi Personal Insurance Agency, Inc.
    • Hippo
    • Health Care Market Exchange
    • Great Start Life Insurance
    • Health and Life Associates


    • Charles & Colvard
    • Clean Origin
    • Crown Jewelers Inc.
    • In Bloom Holding Inc
    • Stella & Dot
    • Maromalife

    Learning and eCourses

    • Decatur Professional Development, LLC
    • Thinkific Labs Inc.
    • ecampus
    • Martin Shield LLC

    Make Money

    • Decision Analyst, Inc.
    • Survey Junkie
    • Alice’s Table @ GSV LABS
    •, Inc.
    • Aries App Inc

    Medical and Dental

    • Byte
    • Medical Care Alert
    • HME Medical Shop
    • LPT Medical
    • Personal Safety Corporation
    • 1st Class Medical Inc

    Online Dating



    • SGES LLC DBA Warriors Tackle Supply
    • Boatsetter
    • Fin & Field
    • Ridge Runner Outdoors llc / Old Glory Safe Co
    • eskateboardpark
    • Guardian Debt Relief


    • LV Performance Horse Supplements


    • RingBoost
    • Puls (formerly

    Pet Insurance

    • Embrace Pet Insurance


    • KEH Camera


    Social Media


    • Delphinus
    • TurnKey Vacation Rentals
    • Destinations In Florida Travel
    • California Beach Resorts


    • Joint Comments
    • Raven Internet Marketing Tools
    • Brilliant Directories
    • 3dcart
    • InsightQuote DBA WarehousingandFulfillment
    • Power My Analytics
    • AmeriCommerce
    • The Merchant Store Inc.
    • LiquidNet LTD
    • Agency Platform
    • MonsterInsights


    • Blueprint Registry
    •, Inc

    Home and Garden

    Spindle Mattress

    Commission ranges from 5-12%. The Average sale around $1500 with a 45-day cookie

    Web Hosting and Websites Affiliate Program [Per Sale]

    You might earn around $70 per sale is one of the top free generators of Privacy Policies for websites and apps. With new regulations and privacy acts, having a privacy policy is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. They generate Privacy Policies that are customizable in seconds.

    In addition to a privacy policy, they offer:

    • Privacy Policy Generator
    • Cookies Policy Generator
    • Terms and Conditions Generator
    • EULA Generator
    • Return & Refund Policy Generator
    • Disclaimer Generator
    • Cookie Consent

    In order to get approved, looks at how well you as a publisher is a match for the right audience and the websites you use for promotion.

    Namecheap Inc Affiliate Program [Per Lead, Per Sale]

    Namecheap makes registering domains, hosting websites, and managing domains simple and cost-effective.

    • Hosting
    • Domain Registration
    • Dedicated Servers
    • Reseller

    WP Engine Affiliate Program

    Nice Payouts!!

    This is a very popular program for those the teach how to build websites on the WordPress platform, Developers, Hosts and anyone in the blogging space.

    They have a very aggressive pay per sale affiliate program ranging from 35% to $200.

    They have an extensive suite of links and banners and offer a very enticing 180-day cookie.

    Earn up to $7,500+ for a referral

    WP Engine pays out a massive $200 per referral or the total of the first month’s customer payment (whichever is higher).

    Earn around $100 per sale

    Feed, or is a legal agreement generator. They help you create legal forms such as a Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Return and Refund, EULA, Cookies policy and Disclaimers that can be used for online businesses, entrepreneurs, and companies.

    Earning Potential

    • The average commission is around $100
    • 30 Day Cookie
    • Bonus with number of conversions each month


    You’ll make a minimum of $100 per sale, they say!

    Pressidium is a managed WordPress Hosting Platform. They Offer:

    • Load Balanced Fault-Tolerant High-Availability Architecture
    • Staging Sites
    • Automatic Scalability
    • Expert WordPress support
    • Instant Backups
    • Full Server Management & DevOps
    • Offsite Backups
    • Managed WP core auto-updates


    Managed WordPress Hosting

    You can earn $100 per sale with 60-day Cookie

    Mocha Host

    Earn 50% of the sale

    Free Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy templates.

    Earn 50% commission with an average of $49.80

    Choosing the right ShareASale Affiliate Program can be less challenging when you find a product that suits your audience and search for the conversion metrics and commissions that work for you.

    Other Affiliate Networks

  • TradeDoubler Affiliate Network

    TradeDoubler Affiliate Network is a network boasting over 2,000 merchants based in the European region. The company helps and encourages those advertisers and publishers who want to grow their businesses and take them to the next level through growing connections to the right customers and increasing sales.

    TradeDoubler Affiliate Network is a network boasting over 2,000 merchants based in the European region. The company helps and encourages those advertisers and publishers who want to grow their businesses and take them to the next level through growing connections to the right customers and increasing sales.

    The company has more than 20 years of experience in the field and has partnered with a number of household names and brands.

    TradeDoubler provides payouts via normal banking, not via any other forms of internet money transfers. Since it is a European company, the site will pay you a commission once you have a total of £30 in your account.

    Form of payment: TradeDoubler delivers reliable commission payments, while providing its users with earnings based on a mix of Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) models.

    Apply Here

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Make money online by promoting these top Dog Toy Affiliate Programs. Once you are approved, you’ll receive marketing assets, and special links that you can use to refer customers through blogs, social media, video, and other approved marketing strategies.

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