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Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

I've shared how I make money as a blogger through ads (publishing), affiliate links, courses and webinars, speaking/coaching, sponsors, and services. Now, let's look at other current bloggers that share their income reports. So how do bloggers make money? Let's find out.

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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

  • 25 Top Fitness Affiliate Programs

    There are hundreds of fitness affiliate programs to choose from, and finding a reputable program can feel like a task in futility. So, we spent some time looking through the various programs to find the TOP 25 bestselling, top-paying programs.


    LifeFitness is known for its premium exercise equipment that includes cardio and strength training equipment. Their product brands include SCIFIT and Hammer Strength, and both brands are available for commercial and personal use.

    LifeFitness is known for its premium exercise equipment that includes cardio and strength training equipment. Their product brands include SCIFIT and Hammer Strength, and both brands are available for commercial and personal use.

    • Payout: 9.6% to 12% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Life Fitness affiliate program.

    MYX FITNESS Affiliate Program

    MYX Fitness sells its own line of exercise equipment and offers on-demand coaches. Their ‘total fitness solution’ packages are relatively affordable and designed for personal use for people on a budget.

    MYX Fitness sells its own line of exercise equipment and offers on-demand coaches. Their ‘total fitness solution’ packages are relatively affordable and designed for personal use for people on a budget.

    • Payout: $80 of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the MYX Fitness affiliate program.


    Noom is a widely advertised weight loss program that focuses on changing behavioral habits for successful weight loss. Noom creates personalized weight-loss plans and encourages users to lose weight through expert advice.

    Noom is a widely advertised weight loss program that focuses on changing behavioral habits for successful weight loss. Noom creates personalized weight-loss plans and encourages users to lose weight through expert advice.

    • Payout: $16 on UK sales and $18.40 on other sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the NOOM affiliate program.


    Bowflex is a widely recognized brand that has sold (and continues to sell) well since 1986. Their product range includes cardio and strength training equipment for both personal and commercial use.

    Bowflex is a widely recognized brand that has sold (and continues to sell) well since 1986. Their product range includes cardio and strength training equipment for both personal and commercial use.

    • Payout: 2.4% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Bowflex affiliate program.


    Founded in 1986, Nautilus is known for its cardio equipment – including bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills - made for personal and commercial use.

    Founded in 1986, Nautilus is known for its cardio equipment – including bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills – made for personal and commercial use.

    • Payout: 2.4% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 7-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Nautilus affiliate program.


    Horizon Fitness makes ellipticals, exercise bikes, and treadmills. They also offer the Sprint 8 HIIT training program that boasts a 27% reduction in body fat in two months with three 20-minute workouts per week. They also offer financing at 0% APR on their equipment.

    • Payout: 6.4% on sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Horizon Fitness affiliate program.


    Yoga International is a video streaming service that provides professional yoga classes led by world-renowned teachers. Their content also includes meditation videos.

    Members have the option of a free 14-day trial when signing up before converting to a $19.99 per month membership. Members can also get an annual membership at a discounted rate – $119.88.

    • Payout: $14.40 per paid subscription
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Yoga International affiliate program.


    Bodyrock.TV is a popular fitness channel that began on YouTube, and ten years later, they are more popular than ever. Their website offers a range of unique fitness equipment, video workout series’, meal plans, nutritional guides, and recipes.

    • Payout: 10% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Bodyrock.tv affiliate program.


    Gainz Box is a fitness subscription box that ships fitness supplements, fitness apparel, and fitness equipment to subscribers monthly.

    Each monthly box has a unique theme and costs $32 plus $7 shipping monthly. Members can also purchase longer subscriptions at a discounted rate.

    • Payout: 12% of customer sales (new customers only)
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Gainz Box affiliate program.


    A popular diet plan that continues to outlast other fad diets, the South Beach Diet offers members various fitness packages. Their products include prepared food delivery, online coaching, and a weight-loss tracking app.

    • Payout: 4% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 10-days
    • Flexoffers manages the South Beach Diet affiliate program.


    Total gym is another popular TV advertised brand that offers a range of at-home fitness equipment. The most popular of their products is the “Total Gym” which is promoted by Chuck Norris.

    Total Gym members also get access to video workout routines for the Total Gym equipment and Total Gym TV, an on-demand video platform.

    • Payout: 2.4% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 45-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Total Gym affiliate program.


    Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness tracking tools on the market today. Their products include fitness trackers and fitness watches that encourage healthy living.

    Fitbit also gives members access to a community forum, and they hold fitness challenges regularly.

    • Payout: 2.4% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 15-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Fitbit affiliate program.


    Body Spartan is a popular fitness program for serious fitness addicts and weightlifters. They offer prime fitness supplements, a fitness tracking app, workout programs, nutritional tips, and a podcast.

    Body Spartan also has a loyalty program for regular shoppers.

    • Payout: Up to 10%
    • Cookie duration: 45-days
    • ShareASale manages the Body Spartan affiliate program.


    Natalie Jill Fitness is a full fitness program that offers members a fat-loss program based on her own experience. The program focuses on both fitness routines as well as meal delivery and supplements.

    • Payout: 30-50% of sales
    • Cookie duration: Lifetime
    • The Natalie Jill program manages its affiliate program directly through the Natalie Jill website.


    One of the most recognized fitness trainers in the world, Jillian Michaels, offers members of her program fitness and nutrition tips. Products include customized fitness routines (including videos) and professionally designed meal plans.

    • Payout: 20% of new subscriptions
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the Jillian Michaels affiliate program.


    Chirp is an affiliate program based on a single product – a circular wheel used to relieve back pain through a series of yoga-type movements. Chirp also offers bundled products that include multiple sized wheels, a posture corrector, and a video tutorial on using the Chirp wheel.

    • Payout: 12% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the Chirp affiliate program.


    FNX Fitness is a fitness supplement and fitness wear brand that focuses on health, nutrition, pre-workout products, and workout recovery products.

    FNX Fitness divides their various products by the type of benefit they offer and provide videos, eBooks, and community support for their products.

    • Payout: 10% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the FNX Fitness affiliate program.


    Fight Camp is an interactive fitness program that focuses on fitness through boxing, body-weight exercises, and plyometrics. Their interactive program includes fitness equipment, wearables, and a monthly membership to their video platform.

    • Payout: $30 per sale
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the Fight Camp affiliate program.


    Jacked Pack is a monthly supplement sample subscription box that can be customized by favorite flavor and the number of products in the box. Members also have the opportunity to review products for a chance to win an Amazon gift card each month.

    • Payout: $10 per sale
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the Jacked Pack affiliate program.


    Pro Mix Nutrition specializes in protein and other fitness supplements created with elite athletes in mind. Their products include only quality ingredients with no artificial ingredients. Each of their products is quality tested, and the company prioritizes environmental conservation.

    • Payout: 10% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the Pro-Mix affiliate program.


    FYT Personal Training program is a matching service that matches clients with fitness instructors that meet their needs.

    Clients of FYT can choose in-person training, gym-based training, and virtual training options. Clients can even select the type of coach that they would prefer based on the fitness approach.

    • Payout: $40 per sale
    • Cookie duration: 90-days
    • shareASale manages the FYT Personal Training affiliate program.


    Top Choice Supplements is also known as “Spartan Carton” – a monthly fitness subscription box that offers workout gear, supplement samples, workout routines, healthy recipes, and outdoor living/survival equipment. Subscribers also have access to a free meal planning program.

    • Payout: 20% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the Top Choice Supplements affiliate program.


    Gene Food is a nutritional program that creates custom dietary plans based on a user’s genetic profile. They have 20 unique diet plans that are developed for specific combinations of genetic traits to improve weight-loss results.

    Gene Food customers can purchase a plan that includes a DNA test, or they can use existing 23andme test results to develop their unique diet plan.

    • Payout: $20 per sale
    • Cookie duration: 90-days
    • ShareASale manages the Gene Food affiliate program.


    TRX is another big name in the fitness forum. Their exercise equipment began as suspension-based gyms and now includes weights and resistance training, and fitness apparel. TRX systems are available for personal and commercial purchase.

    • Payout: 8% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • TRX runs its own affiliate program.


    Under Armour is a brand known and recognized worldwide and a name that needs little selling by affiliates. Under Armour makes professional-level fitness wear for children, women, and men that is suitable for a range of sports.

    • Payout: 5% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • AWIN manages The Under Armour affiliate program.

    Savage Barbell

    Savage Barbell has an affiliate program within the AWIN Affiliate Network. Savage Barbell was created in 2014 and became an online store in 2015. Today, they ship to more than 100 countries worldwide. They specialize in performance wear. This fitness company is based out of California. Here are the details on the Savage Barbell affiliate program.


    Savage Barbell has an affiliate program within the AWIN Affiliate Network. Savage Barbell was created in 2014 and became an online store in 2015. Today, they ship to more than 100 countries worldwide. They specialize in performance wear. This fitness company is based out of California. Here are the details on the Savage Barbell affiliate program.

    Read More »


    We chose the affiliate programs above because of their high conversion rates. Consider what product best suits your audience when you pick a program to promote so that you can replicate those conversion rates yourself.

  • The Best Furniture Affiliate Programs

    There are a variety of affiliate programs on the Internet that allow you to earn money by linking customers to these types of items. This article will list the best furniture affiliate programs, and discuss how to take advantage of this opportunity for profit.

    1) Overstock.com

    Overstock specializes in high quality, but deeply discounted name-brand appliances and home furnishings. They offer free shipping nationwide, and items are typically delivered within three business days. You can take advantage of this by starting a blog or website dedicated to home decor, and then hosting an Overstock affiliate widget that includes the specific items you are trying to sell. Customers will come directly to Overstock when they click on your link and hopefully make a purchase.

    2) Wayfair.com

    Another one of the best furniture affiliate programs is through Wayfair. This site offers quality home furnishings at discounted prices and has a wide variety of rugs, lamps, bedroom sets, dining room sets (also under Dinettes & Breakfast Nooks ), entertainment centers, pillows, and more. They also offer great shipping rates and the option to have items shipped via white-glove service.

    You should start a blog about home decorating or entertainment centers in particular, and offer useful information to your readers. It’s also helpful if you can give your blog readers some tips on how to decorate their homes in the most efficient way.

    Anytime you post about an item that Wayfair offers, including a link back to the website is sure to bring them plenty of sales!

    3) Joss & Main

    Another company offering high-quality furniture at discounted prices is Joss & Main. This site offers hand-selected designer furniture sourced from around the world and includes home decor, outdoor furnishings, lighting options, sofas, rugs, and more. You can take advantage of this affiliate program by using an e-commerce template to set up an online store with links to the items you’re selling.

    4) Waylon.com

    The last best furniture affiliate program is through Waylon, a site for the buying and selling of used luxury items from brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and more. You can take advantage of this opportunity by starting a blog or website about luxury items and then using a banner or link to direct customers back to the Waylon homepage.

    5) Amazon.com

    Amazon Associates offers an affiliate program for those who own a website or blog and can link back to specific items on its website. You won’t get as much commission now as other sites listed above, but it’s still worth taking advantage of if you enjoy writing reviews and linking back

    6) Crate & Barrel

    Crate & Barrel, high-end furniture, and home decor brand, has an affiliate program within the Viglink / Sovrn affiliate network. Your commission will depend on the approved domain, and will likely be less than 3%. You can take advantage of this by using a banner or link to send visitors over to Crate & Barrel’s website.

    7) Walmart

    You can join the Walmart affiliate program. It’s part of the Impact affiliate network. Once approved, you’ll receive special ink and assets to use in your affiliate marketing campaign.

    To apply for the affiliate program, visit Impact’s website. From there, you’ll be required to fill out an application with your name, email address, and information about your website/social media accounts.

    8) Target

    Target affiliates network is primarily designed for content creators and bloggers who are based in the United States and are well-positioned to be selling Target products.

  • How To Start An Affiliate Program

    Affiliate marketing has played a significant role in the expansion of many successful brands. It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful online marketing strategies available to you.

    In this article, we’ll break down exactly what affiliate programs are, how they work, and how they can benefit both your business and your affiliates. 

    After reading this post, you will have a comprehensive understanding of affiliate marketing and create a successful program for your business.

    What Is Affiliate Marketing?

    Brands can benefit from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when a brand (affiliate) rewards an advocate (publisher) for successfully promoting their product or service via a special link.

    Affiliate marketing is also known as performance-based marketing because you only pay the publisher, promoter, or influencer when actual results are achieved (i.e., an actual sale).

    As a company, affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to:

    • Lower the perceived risk of the consumer, as they are only paying for results.
    • Expand your reach and increase sales from less loyal customers.
    •  Improve brand affinity by rewarding consumers for spreading your message.
    • Differentiate your products with promotional offers.
    • Reach new markets by promoting foreign brands.
    • Significantly reduce marketing costs, as you are only paying publishers when actual results are achieved.

    How Affiliate Marketing Works

    Let’s say a blogger who is an affiliate marketer decides to sign up under your program and promote your product. 

    Once someone clicks on their special affiliate link, which contains a unique identifier that tracks back to that person via a cookie, the sale is recorded as coming through that publisher or promoter (the affiliate). 

    You then pay them a commission fee at a previously agreed-upon rate.

    This process is known as “conversion tracking,” It allows you to pay the affiliate only when a sale is made.

    In addition, affiliate marketers can increase their earnings by promoting multi-product discount deals. For instance, if an affiliate marketer has highly relevant content that caters to people interested in more than one type of product or service, they could sign up with multiple companies to promote just those products.

    This would be particularly advantageous for someone blogging about hosting plans on different types of hosting services

    They could then link to all the different hosts on the same page, which would give them higher conversion rates while also allowing them to earn commissions from all of the hosts they mention on their site.

    Affiliate Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

    When it comes down to it, affiliate marketers are responsible for promoting products and services, while traditional marketers promote their brands. So what’s the difference?

    Affiliate marketing is advantageous because it allows you to focus on results rather than paying to target your audience.

    You can lower costs by rewarding affiliates only when actual sales are made, encouraging publishers to engage in high-quality promotional tactics. 

    Traditional marketing requires you to pay for advertising that isn’t directly tied back to sales. This means you may have less control over the exact type of promotion used by your publisher or promoter (affiliate).

    Traditional marketers also pay to get in front of their target audience whether or not they convert into customers during that session or at all. While an affiliate marketer only gets paid when someone uses that specific affiliate’s promo code or link.

    In addition, traditional marketers have to invest time and money into creating awareness about their brand for a single sale. In contrast, an affiliate marketer only needs to focus on a single product.

    Affiliate Marketing System

    If you’re serious about launching affiliate marketing, there are a few things you should consider before proceeding. It’s not enough to get an agreement in place and start signing up affiliates.

    You need to create a system that works for everyone involved. 

    Here is a list of affiliate management systems to explore:

    ShareASale: ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate networks, with around 7,000 merchants across 12 verticals. It is typically used by large businesses that are looking to grow their affiliate marketing base.

    LeadDyno: LeadDyno is a cloud-based affiliate management system that allows you to manage your affiliates from one central location, as well as provide custom tracking links and banners.

    AWIN: AWIN is an online network with over 25,000 active affiliates who promote more than 3,000 merchant brands worldwide. It can be used for any business looking to expand its reach and increase revenue through affiliate marketing.

    Commission Junction: Closely related to ShareASale, CJ specializes in helping larger companies find new ways to market themselves online.

    Impact Radius: Impact Radius is an affiliate network and marketing platform that offers easy-to-understand tools for merchants, affiliates, and publishers. They provide a customizable affiliate program as well as advanced publisher management features.

    Rakuten: Rakuten is a Japanese buying service that offers more than 50,000 merchants in 10 different countries.

    Paddle: Paddle is a global affiliate platform specializing in providing merchants tools to manage their campaigns.

    MaxBounty: MaxBounty is a network founded in 2004 and has been credited with launching the market for performance-based online advertising. They work specifically with digital product marketers, helping them find affiliates interested in promoting their products and services.

    FlexOffers: FlexOffers is a partner network that provides comprehensive solutions to both advertisers and publishers, winning numerous awards along the way.

    Skimlinks: Skimlinks is a platform that provides smart affiliate marketing solutions to content creators, merchants, and affiliates alike.

    Partnerstack: From a single dashboard, you may control all of your Affiliate contacts and progress.

    Viglink: Viglink is an automated link-building service that helps web publishers monetize their content.

    Refersion:  Refersion is a self-serve platform for merchants and affiliates to track, manage and optimize their affiliate marketing campaigns.

    Affiliate Marketing Agreement

    Once you’ve found the right affiliate marketing platform, it’s time to develop your agreement or contract with your affiliates.

    Your goal here is to create a document that will protect both you and your affiliates if there are any future issues.

    Here is a list of questions to keep in mind:

    • What do I need from my affiliates?
    • Do they have permission to use my logo?
    • Can they link directly back to my site?
    • How do we handle unapproved promotions and bonuses?
    • When should we meet again (in person/by phone)?
    • What if something goes wrong – who initiates contact first?

    Transparency is critical when working with affiliates, so be sure everyone understands the rules and expectations before getting started.

    Affiliate Agreements

    Creating an affiliate agreement can be tricky, so we recommend putting together a template before negotiating with potential publishers and promoters.

    One of the most common mistakes merchants make when creating affiliate agreements is writing too much, which confuses both parties. After all, an agreement is meant to clarify expectations and avoid any future disagreements.

    Publishers and promoters need to know what’s expected of them when promoting products or services. 

    By sharing the terms upfront, you’ll find it easier to get new affiliates on board and ensure no misunderstandings happen later on.

    To ensure you don’t miss anything, it’s a good idea to consult with an attorney when building an affiliate agreement. 

    After all, this is meant to protect both parties – even if the relationship only lasts for a short time. 

    By getting started early and asking questions along the way, you’ll find that creating a beneficial affiliate agreement is not only possible but easy as well!

    The affiliate network you choose to partner with for systems should be able to guide you here as well.

    Commission Payment

    Once you choose a commission rate, be sure to include it in the agreement. Being upfront about how much an affiliate can earn is always best. 

    If you have different commission rates depending on the specific type of traffic being sent or whether or not a sale has been made, list those as well. Again, the publisher needs to be aware of what’s expected of them from the get-go.

    You’ll also want to create an initial payment threshold that will need to be met before receiving their first payment from your program. 

    This means if someone signs up as an affiliate today but doesn’t send enough traffic for 30 days, there’s a chance they could miss out on some potential earnings.

    The Affiliate System you partner with should handle your payouts once you get set up.

    Marketing Collateral

    Collateral is your affiliate’s bread and butter. They need to know precisely how to communicate with their audience, promote themselves, and generate traffic around your company.

    Your goal here is to create a variety of marketing materials, including banners, text ads, widgets, review sheets/wording guides, social media posts, press releases – anything they’ll be able to use when promoting your products or services online.

    We recommend creating templates for every piece of collateral you hand off to affiliates so there are no misunderstandings regarding color schemes or formatting. 

    This will make it easier for all parties involved when it comes time to update the content later on down the road.

    Affiliate Marketing Tracking & Tools

    Different affiliate platforms use different tracking techniques, so you’ll need to ask your affiliates how they typically measure success.

    The most common method – and the one we recommend – is through a unique affiliate ID. This means every time someone clicks on an affiliate link or promotion, it will be logged in to their publisher account as a referral.

    This makes it easy for both parties when reporting commissions since each publisher’s sales can be tracked back to them directly.

    Another popular method is to just track sales that come directly from an affiliate URL (i.e., if someone goes to your site via an affiliate link but doesn’t make a purchase). 

    This way any potential issues over purchases made by other buyers who used the same link can be easily solved (i.e., sharing affiliate links with others, etc.).

    So when they opt-in to your program, they’ll be asked to provide their unique URL/affiliate link which you can then add to your blog or website for them. 

    You should also send a confirmation email that shows the date of sign-up and includes a list of marketing materials they’re allowed to use in regards to promoting your business online.

    Payment Schedule & Commission Reporting

    While commission reporting won’t come into play until payment time rolls around, it’s helpful if you have some rough numbers from the get-go so affiliates know what kind of earnings they can expect from your program. 

    A good rule of thumb is 20% commissions on any sales within 60 days, although you can always adjust this number upward or downward depending on the industry.

    The other thing to consider here is how often people will be paid – monthly, quarterly, annually? 

    Some affiliate programs pay commissions in lump sums using PayPal while others like to spread them out over time to avoid issues with budgeting and spending. The choice is completely up to you.

    Targeting Your Affiliates

    Once you have built your affiliate program, it will be easier for you to start signing up affiliates even if they already have established relationships with other companies within their industry. 

    In addition, commission fees might seem more attractive than the commission rates offered by competitors. This will help increase the number of publishers joining your affiliate program.

    You can look for potential affiliates by checking out who’s advertising with your competitors or other affiliate programs, then reach out and request that they become part of your network.

    Affiliate marketing is a valuable way to expand the reach of your program, but it requires work on both ends to make sure everyone benefits. 

    To create a successful program, you need an idea of what products you want to be featured by affiliates, how commissions are handled, and which means of communication are best suited for managing all involved parties.

    Creating content will take time, but finding great affiliates isn’t as difficult as it might seem once you have developed strong relationships within industry circles. You just need to know where to look and what to offer to see your affiliate program flourish.

    Affiliate Management Schedule

    Before a publisher becomes an affiliate, you have to prepare a schedule of their management. 

    You can decide on how often publishers will be contacted and how you want to contact them. It is also important that the commissions are paid on time so payment plans should be included in the publishing contract.

    Publishers will appreciate any information they receive from your business because it helps them promote your product/service more effectively which means better online sales for your business as well as higher earnings.

    The first step you need to take is to define what kind of marketing materials affiliates are allowed to use if they choose to promote your brands/products or services within their own website content, newsletters, etc. 

    This way you ensure that everyone is on the same page from the get-go.

    You can write a contract that lays out what kinds of materials affiliates are allowed to use, who owns them, and how often they will be paid.

    Key Takeaways

    Affiliate marketing is a successful way for businesses to increase revenue and expand their reach, but it can be difficult to manage without the right tools at hand.

    When creating an affiliate program, consider the following:

    • Make sure you have a strong idea of what products or services you want affiliates to promote before reaching out.
    • Find potential affiliates by looking for those advertising with competitors or other well-known programs, then contact them via email or phone calls.
    • Create a bulletproof commission structure that will not only attract potential affiliates but incentivize publishers to stay on board for longer periods of time as well.
    • Promote content that affiliates should be promoting in order to maximize exposure.
    • Make sure you have a detailed affiliate management schedule in place that includes responses to any promotion requests or inquiries from affiliates.


    What are AOV products?

    AOV products are “Always” online. These are usually low-priced items that people buy regularly.

    What are AOV campaigns?

    AOV campaigns are “Always” Online Value campaigns. This is where all emails include links to relevant lowest price, always available items.

    How do I find affiliates?

    There are several ways you can find affiliates for your program including searching through affiliate networks or websites and reaching out directly to established players in the industry if they seem like a good fit for your business model.

    Places to find affiliates are:

    • Bloggers
    • Youtubers
    • Social Media Influencers
    • Brand Advocates
    • Email Lists
    • People promoting your competition

    Why should I use affiliate marketing? 

    Affiliate programs allow companies to expand their reach and give current customers more opportunities to purchase additional products or services while giving existing customers an incentive to stay loyal and refer others.

    What Should I Pay the Publisher?

    Many have different models for this, but try to find a healthy balance between the product value and what you’re willing to pay your affiliates. 

    For instance, if you know that commission for one affiliate is around 30% of the purchase price, then do some quick math on how much more you can afford to pay them or look for another offer that’s closer in value.

    While commissions are always negotiable the range of 5% to 30% is a great place to start.

    What Happens After Publisher Quits?

    There are two options when it comes to inactive publishers: either remove them from your network entirely (and refuse to pay out any commissions) or continue paying them even though they don’t perform any tasks at all. 

    Some businesses vary in how they handle these types of affiliates but no matter which method choose, make sure it’s in writing so nobody is left confused when the time comes to enforce it.

    Who is the Publisher in Affiliate Marketing?

    The publisher is the person who promotes or advertises your products.

    What are the most common affiliate programs?

    There are many different types of affiliate marketing programs, including but not limited to: e-commerce, content/media, PPC campaigns, content network campaigns, social media campaigns, and more.

    How Much Does it Cost to start an affiliate program?

    The cost of an affiliate program can vary depending on the size and needs of your business. These costs include but are not limited to: cost payouts, marketing costs, and implementation costs.

    What is a virtual product?

    A virtual product is an intangible item that has no physical material value. Some examples include services, software, digital downloads, or membership access.

    How Well Do Virtual Products Work as an Affiliate Product?

    Virtual products work great as payouts because they do not have a set price and can be charged based on what the market will bear. Also since there’s usually no shipping or fulfillment involved this makes it easier for affiliates to sell your affiliate link. 

    Why does my affiliate commission change so much month-to-month?

    What is Product Feed?

    A product feed is a document containing all the information needed for affiliates to promote certain products or services. Within these feeds, retailers should include things like: Images and videos URLs Images and videos Text, price, and other relevant data Copywriters can use this information to create compelling copy around various affiliate offers so it’s also beneficial for consumers.

    How long do I have to wait before making the first payout?

    There’s no set answer because this depends on many different factors. The longer you wait, the more data you’ll have to make an informed decision about how much traffic is converting into sales which will help you determine fair affiliate payouts. It can be anywhere from a few days up to a few months depending on your business model.

    Why Should I use an Affiliate Network? 

    An affiliate network makes managing your online marketing easier by providing support for various programs including tracking, reporting, integration, and more so you can focus on other areas of your business.

    Why are there so many networks?

    There are so many affiliate networks because they each have their own strengths and weaknesses depending on the needs of your business, so it’s good to partner with different networks depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

  • The Best Dating Affiliate Programs

    As an affiliate marketer, you can make money promoting the best dating affiliate programs. Simply send traffic over to the website with your special link, and earn commissions when your referral signs up as a customer. Here’s a list of the best dating affiliate programs.


    Match.com is a dating site that offers an affiliate program at Viglink. Match pays a percentage per sale and also offers a pay-per-lead program.


    You can earn affiliate commissions per sale or per lead with the eHarmony affiliate program. You can earn around 30% of the sale. It’s a one-time commission. Apply at CJ.com

    At AWIN, you can earn 35% of the sale plus $1.00 per questionnaire.


    OkCupid is part of the Cupid Media company. Earn up to 75% commission from the original sale when you refer a qualified customer. You can join on the OkCupid Affiliate Page: https://www.cupidmedia.com/affiliates/.

    Catholic Match.com

    CatholicMatch.com is the most recognized and leading online dating service for Catholics (both in the United States and abroad).

    Since its inception in 1999, CatholicMatch has provided single Catholics with the greatest opportunity to strengthen their faith and fall in love while focusing on the principles that make a happy marriage.

    As a result of their dedication and selfless service, CatholicMatch has created an online dating network that provides a wide range of amenities for its users. An instant chat system, internal messaging system, community forums, and more are all available through this platform.

    As a promoter of the CatholicMatch affiliate program, you’ll receive the following benefits:

    • Professionally designed Banners
    • A Dedicated Affiliate Manager
    • Deep Linking for Subscribers
    • Guaranteed Accurate Tracking
    • 75% Commission on 1st purchase
    • Increased commission for certain websites.

    Apply at CJ.com

    Christian Cafe

    Since the foundation of ChristianCafe in 1999, over 25,000 marriages have taken place. 

    ChristianCafe.com is the only online dating service that allows users to test the service for 10 days (7 days plus 3 days for uploading a photo) without obligation.

    Members can use on-site email to communicate free during their free trial, and they may even create a dating profile and post it.

    Before opting for a paid membership, members can test out the service to determine if it is worth their money..

    There are several membership options to choose from, including a two-week plan and a one-year subscription. The cost per day is cheaper as the time purchased lengthens.

    Affiliate Program Benefits:

    • Generous commissions pay up to 80% per sale!
    • 120-day tracking cookie
    • Dedicated Affiliate Manager
    • Incentives for qualified affiliates
    • Ongoing promotions for customers 

    Apply at CJ.com


    ChristianMingle.com is the largest and fastest-growing online community for Christian singles, welcoming millions of Christian men and women looking to find friends, dates, or that special someone. ChristianMingle was founded in 2001 with one simple goal in mind – to connect real-life Christians.

    As a promoter of the ChristianMingle affiliate program, you’ll receive the following benefits:

    • Professionally designed Banners
    • A Dedicated Affiliate Manager
    • Detailed Reporting
    • 75% Commission on 1st purchase.

    Apply at CJ.com


    The dating network offers several services, including 6 months of e-mail, 6 months of live chat support, access to the Internet Video Exchange Service, access to the Christian Cafe service , live video streaming of events organized by the company for members only, etc.

    EliteSingles Affiliate Program Benefits:

    • $7.00 per personality test
    • 45-day tracking cookie

    Apply at CJ.com   


    JDate offers online dating services for Jewish singles. It provides email, chat rooms, photo galleries, newsgroups, etc.

    As a promoter of the JDate affiliate program, you’ll earn $2.00 per registration.

    Apply at CJ.com


    SugarDaddie is a place where mature men and attractive women can date. Both members of the site have high expectations, but some are more flexible than others about what they’re looking for in a potential partner. Sugar Daddies tend to be wealthy, successful businessmen who want someone to accompany them on social occasions and share their lives.

    As a promoter of the SugarDaddie affiliate program, you’ll receive 50% of the subscription fee for each paid conversion you supply.

    Apply at CJ.com


    Zoosk is a social networking site that lets people communicate using mobile text messaging. Once you set up an account, you can start searching for matches by signing in to the site on your smartphone or through email.

    As a promoter of the Zoosk affiliate program, you’ll receive $4.00 per registration.

    Apply at CJ.com

  • Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It

    As a 6-figure affiliate marketer, my immediate answer to Is Affiliate Marketing worth it is, yes. I’ve owned many businesses from catering to children’s clothing, to real estate and beyond, and by far, affiliate marketing is my favorite, and worth it.

    Affiliate Marketing is worth it for the passive income, recurring affiliate commissions, low start-up costs, high profitability, the benefits for the family, the fun creative process, the ability to set my own schedule and take time off, the ability to work from home, and the proven repeatable process.

    Here’s More.

    Passive Income

    The income you earn through affiliate marketing is considered passive income. Other sources of passive income include retirement accounts, dividend stocks, and more. You can think of affiliate marketing as owning a website on which you get paid to promote products.

    While the actions you take to generate affiliate traffic are active, when the money comes in, it’s passive.

    I recently took 2 months off and was able to keep up my income the entire time. I don’t believe I could retire today and earn money, forever, but for a while, yes. Eventually, it requires me to step back in, and write another blog, or create another video, or teach another class to keep the traffic coming.

    I create evergreen content. It’s the kind of content that doesn’t require frequent updating and brings in traffic long term. My favorite platforms for this kind of affiliate marketing are Youtube and Blogs.

    Recurring Affiliate Commissions

    Another reason I consider affiliate marketing worth it, is because some affiliate programs offer commissions for the lifetime of the client. And with subscriber-based referrals such as software, this can add up quickly.

    By promoting essential software that one is likely to stick with long-term, this stream of income can grow quickly, and last years.

    I have one relationship where the brand pays me 45% of each recurring customer. And there are more than 200 customers now paying about $75.00 per month.

    I have another that only pays me $14 per month per customer, but is over $1,000 every month.

    Rinse and Repeat Process

    Once you have a proven process or adopt a model from another successful marketer, you simply rinse and repeat for success.

    Some affiliate marketers use paid ads, others use video, some use blogs, and some affiliate marketers use social media as their main source of referrals.

    For example, I know that if I create a tutorial video on Youtube that does well, and I include affiliate links in the description, I’m likely to generate referrals.

    When I have a blog that climbs the pages of Google and ranks for a particular term, I’ll generate traffic to that website. And when I have traffic to the page, I can drive traffic to my affiliate offers.

    Work From Home

    Another reason that affiliate marketing is worth it is that it can easily be done from home. I’ve done it from my phone in bed, laptop in the park, and desktop in the dining room. The possibilities are endless when you can work from anywhere with internet access.

    I can control the temperature, go to work in my pajamas, and have my cat nearby. I can play music, open the window, and eat whatever I want without offending co-workers.

    Working from home is an advantage that makes affiliate marketing worth it.

    Customizing the Schedule

    Being able to control your schedule is another benefit of affiliate marketing. As I said in the opening of this article, I just took two months off in order to move into a new house. I got to unplug from work and focus on getting my move done properly, customize the new house, and take my daughter to college. Not once did I feel guilty about not working.

    I’m an early bird. I’m up usually around 4 AM and have the most creative energy during the coffee hours. By the time evening comes, I’m not quite as sharp, and enjoy that time off.

    There’s no missing ball games or dance recitals, date night is never contested, and day trips to office hour only businesses, don’t require a formal request for a long lunch.

    Therefore, making my own schedule makes affiliate marketing worth it.

    Family-Based Business

    In my case, I have used my affiliate income to benefit many members of my family. In fact, I was recently able to buy a house for my Mom to live in based on my affiliate income.

    My brothers now have affiliate streams of income because I was able to teach them how to repeat the process.

    My kids have the option to work in the business, become partners, or run their own streams of income.

    Imagine creating a legacy that can pass down to your kids, or include them from a young age. Many spouses and partners work together to build their affiliate marketing businesses.

    The fact that my business benefits my extended family makes affiliate marketing worth it.

    Low Start-Up Cost

    For affiliate marketers taking to Youtube, Blogging, or Social Media, the start-up costs are minimal. While you’ll need the basics: computer, camera, microphone, web hosting for your website, they are nothing compared to starting a brick and mortar business.

    Outside of my favorite SEO Tool, my link builder tool, and my CRM to communicate with my database, my marketing stack is a pretty small expense.

    Those who start with advertising to generate traffic will certainly have a higher start-up cost.

    The low start-up cost makes affiliate marketing worth it.

    Highly Profitable

    Out of all of my businesses, affiliate marketing is the most profitable. With low monthly expenses and recurring affiliate commissions, I can operate a very profitable business.

    My business doesn’t require me to have a big team or manage a large payroll. In fact, I’m the only one on the payroll.

    My biggest expense is content, which I sometimes hire out from content brokers and ghostwriters.

    In this case, I actually used my AI writing assistant, Jarvis, to help me move this blog along. It’s a cool piece of software that makes suggestions as you type for content you may want to include in your blog.

    It’s also great for writing headlines, product descriptions, meta descriptions, google ads, and more.

    My second highest expense is software, and there isn’t much to speak of after those.

    When I have the cash flow, I invest heavily in content. When I need more available cash, I can pause on the heavy content push.

    The fact that this business is so profitable makes affiliate marketing worth it.

    Affiliate Marketing is Fun

    I love affiliate marketing because it’s challenging and exciting. I find that it’s never boring, and I’m always learning and growing in the craft. Whether I’m chasing Google rankings with search engine optimized blogs, or creating a video designed to introduce my offers to viewers, I’m never bored.

    I do enjoy sitting behind a computer for long periods of time, so that helps, greatly. I keep my time on camera quite a big shorter, however.

    I also enjoy teaching, and the affiliate marketing business is a fun business to teach. The fact that this is a fun business, makes affiliate marketing worth it.

  • The Best Product Review Blogs

    In the world of product review blogs, a few names stand out from the rest. Take a look at this comprehensive list of product review blogs to help get you started on yours.

    All in all, these are some of the best expert-level review sites that exist today to help give your website an edge in the product review blogging world.

    Go ahead and take a look for yourself – then keep reading to find out how you can model your new website after some of these industry leaders.

    1. ConsumerSearch 

    Founded in 2006, this site takes a comprehensive approach to reviewing products by rounding up consumer reviews of all the best products for a given category.

    ConsumerSearch is the go-to place when you want to know about everything from the best French Press to the top cell phones or treadmills, so it’s a good idea to check here first when building your product review section.


    2. The Wirecutter

    Started in 2011, The Wirecutter was created with the help of former editors from several top review sites, including CNET and Wired. Their goal? To find what they refer to as “the best” products in a given category.

    This site is excellent because it’s not only an authority for product reviews, but it’s also impressively thorough and reads like an editorial, not a sales pitch.


    3. CNET

    Founded in 1992, this site covers everything from reviews of the latest technology to PC and video game news and reviews. They even have parental tips for parents who need advice on what to buy for their kids.

    If you’re looking to reach the tech-savvy crowd, this is a great place to look. You can even search for product reviews by category (though results will be slightly limited).


    4. Revelist

    This site focuses on reviews, beauty tips, and trends around fashion, lifestyle, relationships, health – basically anything you can think of.

    A great way to make your product review website stand out is by incorporating this kind of variety. If your goal is to help consumers “shop their feelings,” for example, then a site that touches on emotions, as well as product reviews, may be precisely what you’re looking for.


    5. Fat Guys at the Movies 

    Fat Guys at the Movies is another fantastic movie review site with a unique twist: a team of professional chefs review the food from different movies.

    When it comes to food reviews, these guys do an incredible job of staying objective while embracing their personal expertise and experiences. 

    You can learn a lot from this by simply studying their tone in your own product reviews.


    6. Did You Know Gaming

    About: This YouTube channel has quickly become one of the most popular gaming review sites on the web.

    While this site focuses primarily on video game reviews, their product review section is instrumental because it’s easy to digest and includes trailers for each game they review.


    7. The Verge

    Started in 2011, The Verge provides reviews of the latest technology gadgets and consumer electronics. They also have a sister site called Polygon that focuses exclusively on video games.

    If you’re looking to cover all the latest products in general, it’s hard to beat this one-two punch from such an established tech website.


    9. Trusted Reviews

    About: Unlike most of the other sites listed here, this one focuses on picking winners rather than simply rounding up reviews from many different sites.

    If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth, this site does an excellent job of combining video content and written reviews.


    10. Cool Material

    About: This site focuses on the more casual side of product reviews, rounding up some of the best-performing products in a given category.

    If you’re looking to appeal to a more casual audience, this site does an incredible job of relating to consumers on their own level.


    11. Lifehacker

    About: This is one of the top destinations for tech product reviews online, especially if you’re aiming to find the best tech products of the year.

    This site is an excellent example of mixing up written reviews with videos, which can be a very effective way to engage your readers and keep them coming back for more.


    12. PC Magazine

    This is another great example of an established technology site that’s been around for nearly three decades.


    13. PC World

    This is one of the oldest Internet brands out there, and they’ve been doing technology reviews since 1984. Additionally, you can even get a printed edition delivered to your door every month.

    When it comes to model examples of written product reviews, this site does a fantastic job. Yours should be just as detailed and thorough as theirs, making it easy for your readers to find what they’re looking for.


    14. Into Mobile

    One of the main reasons we like this site is because it shows us what a truly unique approach to product reviews can do. 

    They focus on showcasing products from around the world, so people find them especially useful when they’re shopping for gadgets or gear from another country.

    Overall, this site does an excellent job of catering to its audience and positively engaging with them. This is an excellent example of how to do the same while also showcasing some cool products from around the world.


    16. Digital Trends

    This is one of the largest and most popular technology sites on the entire Internet, and they snagged more than 25 million monthly unique visitors back in 2017 alone.

    This site does a good job of using their written product reviews as jumping-off points for related videos, which can help you engage your audience even further and keep the conversation going.


    17. Pocket-lint

    This site is known for being a little more personal and engaging with its readers, which is the kind of approach you could take as well.

    Overall, this site appeals to a wide range of gadget enthusiasts. If you can do the same, your product reviews could appeal to many audiences, and your audience size will grow.


    18. CNET

    CNET is another one of the largest and most well-known technology sites online, especially for product reviews.

    This site does well with taking an in-depth look at products based on their specs, price tags, and more. Yours should do the same.


    19. Engadget

    Now, with over two million monthly unique visitors, this site is one of the top destinations for product reviews, especially when it comes to mobile technology.

    While their site isn’t quite as popular as some of the others on this list (yet!), they’re bringing in more than two million unique visitors each month, so it’s worth taking a look at them for inspiration.


    20. Audiophile Style

    This site focuses on the gadget-obsessed audiophile, and they bring in more than 500,000 unique visitors each month.

    Audiophile Style is an excellent example of how you could design your product review section with a specific audience type in mind. If you’re able to do this as well as garner regular traffic, you’ll be in a perfect place.


    21. T3

    If you’re looking for a more entertainment-focused approach, this might be the site for you. T3 brings in almost five million unique visitors each month, and their reviews cover all kinds of different tech gadgets.

    The best way to approach this is to find other similar sites (and much more popular) and model your content after theirs. That way, when people check out your site, they’ll be like, “oh yeah, this looks just like T3,” and it can help you boost conversions a lot faster. Don’t steal the content; just use the design for inspiration. 


    22. Android Authority

    Android Authority is a perfect example of a site that gets a lot of traffic and covers all kinds of different products but focuses on mobile technology above all else.

    Overall, this site does a good job of providing its audience with content that’s easy to digest and take action on, which you should do as well.


    23. Allure

    This site is a health and beauty lifestyle blog that gets more than six million unique visitors each month.

    Whether you’re doing product reviews or not, it’s important to have at least some sort of a section on your website dedicated to user-submitted comments and questions. 

    This will help you get the feedback necessary to make your site (and the products you’re reviewing) better.


    24. Tom’s Guide

    Tom’s Guide is another popular technology review website that gets a lot of traffic and is a perfect example of a site that appeals to a wide range of people interested in tech gadgets.

    When it comes to product reviews, having great images can go a long way in engaging your audience. Tom’s Guide does an outstanding job with this, so take some inspiration from their site when setting up yours.


    25. Gear Patrol

    Gear Patrol is another site that gets just shy of five million unique visitors each month and focuses on technology specifically.

    Since you’re looking for product review inspiration, I suggest checking out the “reviews” section of Gear Patrol . If you’re doing reviews, this is a good way to ensure that yours match their style and appeal to your target market.


    26. Laptop Mag

    Laptop Mag is a fantastic site for anyone looking for website design inspiration in general; they know what they’re doing.

    It’s all about the experience, right? Well, if you want your website to stand out from others in your niche, it’s important to keep this in mind when designing it. 

    Ensure that you have an appealing design and provide a great user experience for those who visit your site!


    27. TechRadar

    This site is a prime example of an active review blog, and it gets almost four million unique visitors each month.

    Keep in mind that most professional review sites usually have some kind of “Pro” or “Premium” section on their website where you can subscribe to get the inside scoop on new products before anyone else. 

    This is a really good way to make money, so make sure you include something similar on your website.


    28. LifeWire

    LifeWire is another lifestyle blog that gets about six million unique visitors each month, and they review everything from home decor to appliances.

    When it comes to curating content, product reviews are usually best served in bulk. That way, you can capture your audience’s attention with an extensive list of the top 10 (or whatever amount you want) products in your niche.


    29. Top Ten Reviews

    This site has lots of traffic (almost six million unique visitors each month) specializing in covering technology and product reviews, which you probably didn’t see coming.

    One thing this site does well is offer deals on the products they review. You could try this out by doing something similar or including a coupon code at the bottom of each post that your readers can use to save money on the product you’re reviewing at the moment.


    30. WIRED

    About: This is a website that talks about all sorts of technology and electronic gadgets.

    It’s important to remember that you don’t always need an affiliate link or coupon code to make money with product reviews. 

    You could also include sponsorship deals within your content; this will help you work around using links (because links can get annoying when you do it too much) and can still provide a fantastic earning opportunity for you.


    31. Tech Advisor

    Tech Advisor is another tech blog, which talks about all sorts of technology and electronic gadgets.

    There’s no denying that affiliate programs are an important part of content marketing. Well, if you’re not already taking advantage of them, then now is the time to start! 

    So many big-name companies have affiliate programs that it won’t be hard for you to find one (if not more than one) that will work with your blog.


    32. Lifehacker

    Lifehacker has a broader focus by talking about all sorts of things that can improve your life.

    It’s important to remember that even though this is a list of product review blogs, you won’t always need to include affiliate links and coupon codes in your posts. S

    Sometimes another monetization opportunity will work better (depending on what sort of products you’re reviewing). 

    For instance, if you were doing a list post on the top 10 best drones, you could tell your readers about some fabulous photography courses that go along with owning a drone.


    33. Whatthifi

    This blog is another excellent example of an active review site.


    34. MakeUseOf.com

    MakeUseof.com talks about anything and everything related to technology.


    35. RTINGS.com

    RTINGS is a top review site that covers just about everything.


    36. Techaeris

    About: This is another top review site that talks about technology and electronic gadgets.


    37. Byrdie

    About: This blog is a top review site that talks about anything and everything beauty-related.


    38. Editorial List

    This website focuses on reviews related to fashion, travel, beauty, and other lifestyle products.


  • 26 of The Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

    Let’s take a look at some of the best affiliate marketing website Examples.

    credit card, dollar, cash, wallet, nerdwallet


    You may have heard of this popular affiliate website. Plenty of affiliate marketers are familiar with it. You should know that it is a successful ancestor among other affiliate websites. 

    You could say that the reason it has been around for so long is the kind of products they offer.

    It’s a competitive market on all grounds, but this website has weathered all adversaries in the market. Nerdwallet reviews financial products such as credit cards, mortgages, and insurance.

    The website has an excellent user interface and a competent marketing team. Also, they make a point of updating their key pages as frequently as possible.

    Man is on camera giving an unboxing honest product review for his affiliate marketing website

    The Wirecutter

    Another website that is doing well is The Wirecutter. It’s the site you should visit if you are looking for detailed reviews of electronics and such gadgets. Its founder works along with a team that is quite good at what they do.

    The site has gained the title of Mythbusters for gadgets because of the number of tests they conduct on all reviewed products. 

    Since its creation in 2011, it has grown to have a position among the top 6000 websites—their success comes from describing the best products in various categories and reviewing them.

    This website is doing so well that it has earned a mention in the New York Times. They have managed to rise by overcoming challenges such as developing an innovative test to test their products. 

    Also, they don’t let the pressure of commercial interests dictate their content.

    The Points Guy

    This website has managed to shine among other competitors in the travel and finance niche. The Points Guy has found a way to maneuver social traffic using organic content.

    It deals with credit cards and travel.

    The site focuses on advising visitors on fully utilizing credit card benefits and offers from travel companies. If you visit the site, you might learn how you can travel cheaply or for free.

    The success of The Points Guy comes from their intent to help. One thing that gets in the way of time for them is competition from other sites. The Points Guy stands out for its tactics to help people solve their problems.

    build a computer, computer parts, computer affiliate niche

    PC Part Picker

    PC Part Picker is a website that computer enthusiasts use to build their rigs. You can get plenty of information about buying PC parts from it. 

    They describe the price and compatibility of different PC parts to you.

    Philip Carmichael targeted helping people custom-build computers, which he managed to achieve through the website. 

    Its founder understood that there is a need to guide people through the frustrating process of building custom rigs.

    Gamers, in particular, have the advantage of having access to this site, which has an all-in-one tool designed to get their attention. 

    The website applies a simple cross-referencing method to ensure visitors get the best service.

    running affiliate niche website, 3 runners

    Runner Click

    Runner Click is a website created by runners for running enthusiasts. Visitors get to learn tips and get advice for running. 

    Any particulars that you might need when running, like running shoes and supplements, and gadgets, are available on the site.

    People seem to trust the content on this site since it’s from trusted sources. As a result, they create well-researched content, which has allowed them to grow a significant fan base. 

    People love an informative source they can refer to, like a website.

    website set up, build a website, woman is creating a website

    Website Setup

    If you are looking to build a website, then you can refer to this website for help. Website Setup provides detailed guides on the steps you need to follow to get your website going.

    As one of the best affiliate marketing websites, the site continues to thrive regardless of high competition. In addition, the content displayed on this site is easy to digest.

    Visitors get to save up on resources to ensure when creating their website, which is quite handy. 

    The primary takeaway from the success of Website Setup is that creating engaging content helps to put you in the lead.

    Gear Hungry

    They provide recommendations for affiliate products.

    Visitors looking for a distraction-free site that deals with the consumer goods niche can get a lot from Gear Hungry

    They provide recommendations for affiliate products.

    They owe their success to their minimalist approach when creating content. 

    The blog posts here are well detailed and specific to what the visitor of the website is looking for.

    motherhood website monetized with affiliate marketing, parenting, new baby. Mom is leaning over baby and baby is lauging.

    Lucie’s List

    The founder of this site, Meg Collins, has a hard time with her pregnancy. Unfortunately, she wasn’t prepared for the frustration that comes with learning motherhood. 

    Her goal was to help new mothers avoid making the mistakes she made, so she created an email newsletter.

    Her content targets new moms to help them at the initial steps of motherhood. Currently, she has over 240,0000 organic monthly visitors.

    The thing that has worked in her favor is the use of the Registry feature. It’s a different but clever move in the pregnancy niche. 

    Visitors to Lucie’s List have to click on Registers and proceed to choose a topic to access the content.

    Globo Surf

    sports items ready to be reviewed on an affiliate niche website

    Global Surf success is all because they go over and beyond to gather broad sports knowledge. 

    They mainly focus on reviewing sports gear and giving recommendations for the best outdoor equipment. The goal of this website is to help people choose the best water sports and outdoor gear.

    If you wonder how they got to be one of the best affiliate marketing websites, it is all about content strategy. 

    They have managed to manipulate keywords to drive traffic to their content and encourage people to buy.


    keto website, keto affiliate website, keto foods

    One of the most successful niche websites is Ruled. Me. It concentrates on the lifestyle niche. When creating content, the creators focus on creating factual content about things like Ketogenic dieting.

    They have managed to tap into the desire that most visitors have to lose weight. 

    The goal of this website is to ensure that people have fun while taking up keto dieting. You can find dietary tips and cookbooks on the website.

    All they have done to get traffic to their website is made available all the tools that one would require to start Keto dieting. The site features a well-thought customer retention system, the Keto Academy.

    home security website, home security camera, home security niche website


    home security, home security website, home security camera for affiliate marketing

    Safewise is one of the best sites that deal with the home security niche. Their goal is to help people with home security issues. 

    Any information concerning innovative home security products is available on the website.

    The home security niche is doing well in affiliate marketing. People are always looking to ensure personal and family safety, thus popularity. From baby to senior security, SafeWise covers it all.

    Clients already recognize it as an authority site on the subject of home security. Such recognition will ensure that their brand remains relevant as the market continues to grow.

    One of the techniques they have found particularly helpful in earning them revenue is ensuring they know the most prominent trends. 

    They use Google Trends to stay updated on what is trending so that they can inform their audience.

    In this article, we’re going to provide you with a versatile template that you can use to write product comparison blog posts of your own.


    BestReviews is another giant in the world of affiliate marketing. It belongs in a top position among the most well-known online product review sites. 

    The content marketed here is by numerous writers and product testers.

    It’s a great point to start looking for a great place to learn about affiliate marketing websites. The websites take the approach of applying keywords and ensuring an increase in monthly traffic to the site.

    airplane for travel niche website


    If you ever have a hard time finding a cheap flight, Sky Scanner can help. Since its creation in 2001, the website helps people find affordable flights across the world. 

    The goal of its creators was to help users save money while experiencing convenience.

    A travel company in China currently runs it. To give you an idea of how successful they were, they sold for close to two billion dollars. 

    They utilize traffic from direct visits and branded searches—the tools they use to approach a user with deals from their affiliate partners.

    It is efficient that visitors get custom deals that suit their plans. Thus, you could say that they could isolate a problem in the audience and outperform competitors at solving it.

    dating website

    Dating Advice

    The dating niche is another one of the most lucrative ones currently. Dating Advice is all about that.

    The creator of this website relied on the fact that dating is a tricky affair since there are so many sites offering dating services. 

    Therefore, this website is a fun place without any sleazy content. 

    The goal of the website is to provide expert advice and provide insight concerning dating.

    As a customer, visiting the site allows you to improve your dating skills using the best dating site. They have managed to overcome the challenge of dealing with sleazy content to emerge at the top.

    The website has access to legitimate sites that meet a certain acceptable standard. 

    One thing you can take away from the success of this site is that having a healthy image as a dating niche site goes a long way to creating success.


    Making Sense of Cents

    Making Sense of Cents is an Affiliate Marketing Website run by a single person. It may not be one of the biggest finance sites, but it is doing quite well. 

    Its owner writes every blog post herself, which is excellent since it has a personal touch.

    The reason the consumers find this website appealing is the fact that the content has some soul in it. It’s all about advising consumers on a personal level, which is better than content from experts.

    So far, the owner of the blog, Michelle, has admitted to having a hundred thousand dollars worth of revenue monthly. 

    Michelle focuses on personal and family finance, where she strives to help people save and budget based on their income. 

    She has managed to overcome the challenge that comes with running a personal blog with low resources.

    Anyone looking to start a personal blog can take a few things from her success. 

    For instance, if you want to stand out when dealing with a competitive niche like finance, taking a personal approach helps sell content. 

    That’s one of the ways that revenue will start to come in without you realizing it.

    cool new skateboard

    This is Why I’m Broke

    This is why I’m Broke is a favorite among affiliate marketing website reviewers for several reasons. 

    The website taps into the pop culture themes to put together strange content that consumers would find interesting. They do so following the latest trends.

    All the content on this website aims at gaining the attention of the consumer. However, they know that it is hard for people to dismiss the material they choose to put out, which is novelty items and gifts.

    The target audience for their content is people who can afford to splurge on weird and wacky stuff. One thing that may drag them behind a bit is that they don’t follow a specific theme with their content.

    man, formal, beard, trim, outdoors

    Gear Patrol

    Some experts might define Gear Patrol as a magazine besides being an affiliate site. Their focus is outdoors, fitness, fashion cars, and home products for men. 

    You will find that they have links that are discreet and come in small CTA boxes. They are also text-based in all their product reviews.

    It started purely on an affiliate basis, but they have begun to adjust their strategies to get more revenue. Since committing to change, they have started to use sponsored content as a source of affiliate commission.

    While the site has made it an affiliate site, it serves as a lesson on long-term ways of getting income, such as using sponsored content. Getting a sizable fan base requires you to ensure that you have high-quality content.

    headphone reviews website

    Headphones Addict

    Like the title suggests, this site is all about headphones. If you want to go to an affiliate site with a narrow focus, you should consider this Headphones Addict

    Many would consider it a niche site rather than a product review site, although they primarily serve reviewed content.

    The primary source of income is the Amazon affiliate website. They utilize SEO strategies to drive traffic to reviews and posts. 

    Anyone looking to go into the affiliate marketing website can adapt the values applied on this site.

    Sometimes, all it takes is a niche focus to become the best. However, this step is the first one towards outshining other marketing sites dealing with similar niches.

    dog bib, dog waits for food, empty dog bowl, dog picnic

    Dog Food Advisor

    Dog Food Advisor is a public service website that offers informed advice on pet nutrition. 

    The site provides statistics and information concerning pet nutritional content. All they did to become one of the best affiliate marketing sites specializing in the pet niche with a single focus.

    They produce nutritional-based content that covers canine nutrition. It is an excellent direction to take rather than focusing on pets generally. You could say that it’s an authority site on matters of canine advisories.

    Looking at the site, you will discover all the tricks to building credibility. It thrives in the canine nutrition department by inspiring trust among dog owners.

    If you have a sick puppy and wonder where to turn to, the site can help you out. 

    For instance, Dog Food Advisor has a post about dog food allergies and weight loss. Their goal is to keep dog owners updated on the latest good quality products for dogs.

    With Etsy, you can sell your art, crafts, and vintage goods internationally. Get the scoop on how to get started as a seller in this unique marketplace.

    Just a Girl and Her Blog

    Just a Girl and Her Blog is a popular affiliate website that has a personal element to it. The blog is one of the many Amazon affiliate sites designed to encourage people to look at and buy their products.

    The person who runs it, Abby, creates content based on DIY, crafts, and organization. Abby shares her income reports on the site, which makes it all the more popular.

    The website’s goal is to get people to become more organized and make their lives more attractive.

    piggy bank, add money, save money, girl adds coin to piggy bank

    Money-Saving Expert

    Ordinarily, people will always look for advice to help them make better financial decisions. Money-Saving Expert does precisely that. 

    Their goal is to provide financial education to people to help them make better financial decisions.

    So far, the website gets over eight million visitors monthly. The founder understood that the personal finance niche was a lot of inaccurate and unethical information, and he managed to overcome that.

    Visiting this site allows visitors to review the different products to select what they find favorable to them. In addition, the website is well organized, so users have an easy time accessing information.

    VPN, computer

    VPN Mentor

    Victors to VPN Mentor get help navigating the VPN market. This affiliate marketing website provides insightful resources for people to guide them through VPN purchases.

    You get to go through intimate details about every VPN to help you reach a decision. Also, they update their content regularly, so that site visitors don’t miss out on any new product.

    mattress review website


    Consider visiting Sleepopolis if you are looking for mattress reviews. The site has faced ownership challenges in the past, but it has emerged on top as one of the best consumer goods niche websites.

    It features content on different types of mattresses, pillows, and bedsheets. In addition, visitors have an easy time navigating the site since it features a navigation bar and category pages.

    accounting process, website, calculator, invoice, keyboard

    Compare Accounting

    Compare Accounting is one of those websites that exist to help small businesses find accounting software. Although the accounting software niche is relatively narrow, they continue to succeed in the field.

    Visitors don’t have to click on links on this website to access information. Instead, the website deals with providing advice and then putting interested customers in touch with product providers.

    You find a value-focused and straightforward place when you visit the site. The main takeaway from the site is that focusing on the right content pushes a website to grow to rely on social media.


    Fatherly.com features parenting for millennial men. It aims at empowering men to lead fulfilling lives while raising their children. At first glance, the website looks like a magazine, but it utilizes affiliate marketing tools internally.

    They are flexible in the audience they address and the methods they use. The site serves as a lesson that there are different angles you can take when it comes to affiliate marketing websites.

    Hands are holding a camera sideways


    Only by taking a closer look at Snapsort do you discover that it is a data-driven site open to all photography enthusiasts. It is also a resourceful site for photography beginners.

    The founder of the site recognized that people have challenges when picking out good cameras. 

    So, as an authority site in the photography niche, they help you pick out a camera and guide you on how and where to use it.

    They make up for their plain appearance by offering high-quality information. Visitors get to choose products within their budgets without having to read through product reviews.


    A lot of work goes on in the background before an affiliate marketing website becomes successful. It takes creating tons of new content every week to ensure that your site receives enough to start generating revenue.

    If you wonder how you can get into the game, the best way is to start by looking at materials reviewing the most successful affiliate marketing websites.

    Click here to learn more about affiliate marketing.

  • Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

    Affiliate programs that pay daily

    While affiliate marketing can be a brilliant way to make money, the problem with most affiliate programs is that they are a little bit on the slow side of things when it comes to payment. 

    In fact, for many of them, it may take weeks, sometimes months, to get paid your commission. This won’t do when you need that payment there and then.

    Some affiliate programs pay daily. Unfortunately, they are a bit tougher to track down. Here are some of the best affiliate programs that pay daily out there.


    We are going to start with ClickMagick. ClickMagick is a website stat tracking system designed for marketers. It is a beneficial system and, for many, it should be a relatively easy sell.

    ClickMagick pays a 35% recurring commission. It is a recurring commission. As long as your referrals stay subscribed to ClickMagick, and they probably will, then you will be collecting cash each month.

    There is a 14-day lag time when ClickMagick receives a payment. This lag time means that you will have to wait for a minimum of 14-days to pass for your first payment from the site. 

    However, the company does make daily payments to its affiliates. So once you start to get the ball rolling on those sign-ups, you will be enjoying daily affiliate payments without the fuss.


    It is tough to describe PayKickStart.com as they offer a wealth of different features. Perhaps the best way to describe it as a business-focused shopping cart. 

    It is a system designed for those companies that want to sell products and services, often on a subscription basis. It also enables businesses to manage their affiliates. 

    It is a product that will be great for affiliates targeting the business niche.

    PayKickStart.com offers daily payouts direct to PayPal. Since this is a subscription service, you will also be able to enjoy recurring subscriptions as long as your referrals keep paying.

    You can earn up to 30% commission on sales, which isn’t bad considering their highest-priced product is a whopping $299 per month.


    SEOClerks.com is a vast marketplace filled with freelancers offering their SEO or SEO-related services. You can think of it being similar to Fiverr but purely targeted at those in the SEO niche.

    You will claim a cool 10% commission on all purchases from people you refer to SEOClerks.com for life. 

    So, if you can refer a big customer, you could potentially be earning hundreds of dollars per month from them. 

    Of course, some people live on the SEOClerks.com affiliate program alone.

    Rapid Action Profits

    Rapid Action Profits is an affiliate program that has been around for an incredibly long time now.

    Despite the age of the site, this is a product that seems to convert incredibly well. 

    Rapid Action Profits is a collection of marketing tools designed to automate the selling of products for vendors, primarily digital products. In addition, it can handle the website building, payment processing, and ultimate delivery of the product.

    This isn’t just going to be daily payouts when you use Rapid Action Profits, though. Oh no. it is going to be virtually instant payments direct to your PayPal account.


    The cryptocurrency market is booming right now. Lots of crypto exchanges want a piece of that pie. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that many are starting to offer affiliate programs to help get them there. 

    Bokka is a crypto affiliate program that pays out daily too.

    Bokka pays out all commissions at the end of the day. 

    One of the brilliant things about their system is that it allows you to check your commissions in real-time. 

    So you will be able to see exactly when all of your referrals are making their trades. During a perfect day in crypto (i.e., when the price falls and everybody starts snapping it up like crazy), it is a beautiful experience to see those commissions rise. It makes the wait for the end of that day all that more exciting.

    Bokka even offers recurring commissions. So if you get somebody signed up to the platform and continue to trade their crypto, you will be enjoying some regular payments from them. 

    Since many crypto traders are trading each day, all it takes is to get a few people signing up, and you have a decent amount of cash flowing in each day. Bokka is good enough that this could potentially be the only affiliate program that you focus on.

    Rewriter App

    The Rewriter App from JVZoo is a brilliant product to offer if you are in the MMO niche. It allows people to rewrite articles, so they pass Copyscape automatically, and they still read naturally. It is consistently one of the top-selling programs on JVZoo.com.

    Rewriter App currently only offers its affiliate program through the JVZoo Network. However, you can enjoy daily payments on commissions directly to your PayPal account. Since this is a subscription service, the income will be recurring too.

    Keysearch Starter

    Keysearch Starter is another daily paying affiliate program from JVZoo. You won’t be able to enjoy daily payments right away, though. Once you hit ten affiliate sales, you get that.

    It shouldn’t be that difficult to hit that ten if you market yourself well, either. It is a program that quickly attracts people in the MMO niche. Not only is it a decent keyword research tool, but it is affordable too.

    Each sale will attract a monthly commission of $17, assuming the person stays subscribed.

    Final Word

    Sadly, there aren’t that many affiliate programs out there that pay daily. However, many sites have a buffer built-in to counter refunds and, of course, to make payment processing a little bit easier.

    We suggest that you check out the various affiliate programs on this list, though. All of them have proven their worth in delivering rapid payouts. Some of them even offer instant payments, or recurring commissions only help to sweeten the deal.

    Why not get your affiliate life off to the best possible start?

  • Affiliate Marketing vs. Dropshipping

    Making money online is easier than ever, and more people are learning how to cash in on the internet, even if they’re only doing it as a side hustle. With affiliate marketing and dropshipping, you can run a home-based business without ever dealing with products or inventory. Here’s what you need to know about affiliate marketing vs. dropshipping.

    One thing that affiliate marketing and dropshipping have in common is that you never have to hold inventory or maintain stocked shelves. In fact, you never touch a product. That’s part of the charm of these types of home-based, online businesses. You don’t pay out-of-pocket for product to sell.

    Another similarity is that both business models take time to produce results. With dropshipping, it can take six months to a year to turn a profit, and affiliate marketing might not mature for 12-18 months. Neither model is a get-rich-quick scheme.

    Affiliate marketing: You use videos, blogs, and other digital marketing tools to prompt a viewer to make a purchase through a link that you’ve provided. The affiliate network (such as AWIN or ShareASale) with whom you are working uses cookies to track that viewer and your link so that if the viewer makes a purchase within a certain amount of time, you get a commission. You’re clear, up-front, that you’re an affiliate marketer representing another company’s product. Since you’re only referring customers to another business, you don’t ever deal with customers.

    Dropshipping: With dropshipping, you’re representing your own brand. You set up an e-commerce site, post the products, and set up a virtual storefront. While the wholesale company, or the dropshipper, sends the product to the buyer with your branding on the packaging, you are the one responsible for taking payment, placing the order with the wholesaler, and handling any customer service issues like returns or refunds.

    Getting Paid

    Dropshipping has the potential to earn more money and earn it faster than you can with affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate Marketing: With affiliate marketing, you have no control over the price of the products. When someone purchases a product using your link, you get a small percentage, which won’t be paid out until your commissions reach a certain amount. The amount you earn will vary depending on the affiliate company’s program.

    Dropshipping: When you list a wholesale item on your website, you’re able to put any price tag on it that you like. You’ll price competitively, so you’re on par with other similar products but can work with any margin. Not only are you in control of your profit, but you also get paid the moment your customer pays you for the product. You take the total amount of the sale, subtract the wholesale price of the product, and keep the remaining profit.

    Domain Name Website Setup and Hosting

    You’ll need a website and web hosting regardless of which business model you choose. But the website’s structure will be completely different. You can figure these into your up-front costs to get your business off the ground.

    Affiliate Marketing: For affiliate marketing, you’ll need a domain name, a web platform like WordPress, and web hosting so that your website goes live. Your website’s blog is its most critical element and is what will drive traffic to your site and increase sales.

    Dropshipping: The focal point of a dropshipping website is its e-commerce system or its shopping cart. Since you’ll be showcasing each product individually, creating product descriptions, and uploading photos, setting up a dropshipping website is more complicated and time-consuming than setting up an affiliate marketing website. Many Dropshippers use Shopify to build their store.

    Payment Processing

    Affiliate Marketing: Since you’re not selling products, you don’t need to set up payment processing with PayPal or Stripe. You won’t be handling money at all.

    Dropshipping: Because you are presenting a storefront and facilitating the sale, you’ll need a way to process payments on your website. 

    Fulfilling Orders

    Affiliate Marketing: There are no orders for you to tend to since people are not ordering directly from you.

    Dropshipping: Although you’re not handling products, the customers do place their order directly through your website and pay you at the time of order. Your job, then, is to go to the dropshipper’s website and place the order to be shipped to the customer.

    Repeat Business

    Affiliate Marketing: There is no opportunity at all to build repeat business with affiliate marketing. It’s a one-and-done deal; when the viewer buys, you earn your commission, and there’s no further engagement.

    Dropshipping: You’re building a business brand and selling products through your store. This gives you an opportunity to build trust with your customers, encouraging repeat business. You can also host a sale at your leisure or have customer appreciation events, which you cannot do with affiliate marketing.

    Business Licensing

    Affiliate Marketing: Although several affiliate marketers opt to set up their business as an LLC, a business license is not required for affiliate marketing, although some states’ requirements may differ. Instead of obtaining a business license, the affiliate companies with whom you do business will have you complete a W9 tax form for proper tax filing.

    Dropshipping: You will need a business license for a dropshipping business because most wholesale companies require you to provide a tax ID.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is Easier, Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping?

    Affiliate marketing is easier to set up and manage than dropshipping. Dropshipping requires a shopping cart, payment processing, order fulfillment, and customer service. Affiliate marketing only requires a website with a blog to get started.

    Which Makes More Money?

    Dropshipping has the potential to earn more money because you can set your own prices rather than earn a small commission.

    Which Earns Faster?

    Dropshipping produces financial rewards faster than affiliate marketing, although they both take time to gain momentum. With drop shipping, you’re paid when the customer orders, whereas affiliate marketing is paid monthly, depending on the affiliate partner.

    Which is Riskier?

    Dropshipping is riskier than affiliate marketing because you’ll invest more money up-front getting your website and e-commerce set up. Your reputation as a store owner, your business brand, is also on the line based on how you process orders and provide customer service.

    Can You Do Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping Together?

    You can absolutely combine both business models and run affiliate marketing projects simultaneously with your dropshipping products.


    Dropshipping and affiliate marketing are both lucrative forms of business. If you’re not able to invest your time and energy in maximizing both avenues, you’ll have to choose which is best for you.

    If you’re looking for a passive income that requires less of a hands-on approach, you’ll do best with affiliate marketing. All that’s required is content promoting someone else’s products. It’ll take you about a year to year and a half to produce results, the commissions may be small, and payments may not be timely.

    Dropshipping takes more of a commitment financially and in time and energy. You’ll manage a storefront without the hassle of dealing with inventory. As a storefront, you’ll need an e-commerce system, you’ll process payments, fulfill orders, and provide customer service. But you’ll also be able to establish a database of customers to whom you can market in the future to encourage repeat sales.

  • Travel Affiliate Programs

    If you run a travel blog pertaining to flying, traveling, tourist destinations, and more, you need to know about some of the top travel affiliate programs available for travel bloggers!

    Travel Affiliate Programs

    If you are running a website and are looking for ways to make money, advertising revenue is only one income stream.

    Another income stream comes in the form of affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs exist for numerous industries, including travel. This can be a great way to make money in 2020 and beyond. 

    An affiliate program is an agreement where you promote a product or service that you did not create and are not directly affiliated with. If a visitor makes a purchase of that service or product using a referral link on your website, you make a small commission.

    The amount of money you earn depends on your agreement with the company and the value of the service or product that you promote on your website. It is possible to make thousands of dollars with just a single link if there are a lot of visitors who like a single product. 

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    Affiliate marketing is one of the top forms of passive income, meaning dollars that are earned without any active involvement from the owner of the website (aside from signing the agreement and placing the link).

    There are lots of travel companies out there and they have realized the value of this form of marketing. Therefore, many travel companies have outstanding affiliate marketing programs that have been designed for those who write outstanding travel blogs.

    On the other hand, not every affiliate program is great. Below is a list of some of the top affiliate programs available for travel blogs. 

    The Expedia Affiliate Program

    Expedia has long been one of the top companies in terms of travel. They offer outstanding packages that allow travelers to group purchases for flights, rental cars, hotels, and more, saving people money.

    Expedia has long been one of the top companies in terms of travel. They offer outstanding packages that allow travelers to group purchases for flights, rental cars, hotels, and more, saving people money.

    They also are one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. They have more than 500,000 hotels with which they partner across the world. Affiliate programs can recommend them, earning up to 11 percent commission on any sales made through the link. 

    It is important to note that this is up to 11 percent. The actual percentage earned depends on the type of transaction. Some of the examples include:

    • Basic hotel transactions on Expedia earn a three percent commission
    • Vacation packages (either fight with hotel or flight with a hotel and rental car) of less than three hotel nights earn a three percent commission
    • Vacation packages (either fight with hotel or flight with a hotel and rental car) of three hotel nights or more earn a five percent commission
    • Basic rental car transactions on Expedia earn a six percent commission
    • Premium hotel transactions on Expedia earn a nine percent commission
    • Expedia Premium Plus hotel transactions on Expedia earn an 11 percent commission

    Through the Expedia affiliate program, payments are made once per month after the affiliate has made at least $50 during the month in commissions. 

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    Powered by Creative Market

    This program is great because the Expedia affiliate program provides one of the largest travel inventories in the world.

    With more than 500,000 hotels to recommend, in combination with more than 400 airlines, the opportunities are simply too good for visitors to ignore. Expedia offers some of the most competitive affiliate rates.

    As one of the most reliable websites, all legitimate sales will be paid out on a regular basis.

    Finally, Expedia also provides a dedicated call center solely for its affiliates. This helps affiliates get more information on various deals and discounts that they can use to improve their marketing. 

    Join at CJ.com.

    Join me inside the Wealthy Affiliate Forum. Learn affiliate marketing, access do it yourself WordPress websites for your niches, access the Jaaxy keyword tool and more.

    The Hotels Combined Affiliate Program

    Hotels Combined is one of the most popular platforms for those looking to shop and save on hotels.

    Thousands of people around the world use Hotels Combined on a regular basis to book their hotels, helping them save money. In addition, Hotels Combined has one of the best deals for affiliate promoters.

    Thousands of people around the world use Hotels Combined on a regular basis to book their hotels, helping them save money. In addition, Hotels Combined has one of the best deals for affiliate promoters.

    Those who apply for the Hotels Combined affiliate program can earn between $0.50 and $2.00 for each lead that is sent to the website. Every visitor who clicks on the referral link will be tracked for up to a year.

    This means that affiliates can earn massive commissions if they visit the site again throughout the year.

    With the Hotels Combined affiliate program, affiliates are paid once per month. Payouts are made once visitors reach the minimum mark of $100. All payments are sent to the registered PayPal account. 

    There are several advantages of the Hotels Combined affiliate program that everyone should note.

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    First, Hotels Combined is one of the few affiliate opportunities that allows affiliates to make money over the course of a full year.

    Even after a person clicks on the referral link and purchases something, if that same person comes back later in the year, this is another commission.

    Next, Hotels Combined is one of the leading hotel comparison sites. This means that affiliates are able to promote thousands of hotel stays to visitors in destinations that are all over the world.

    Finally, Hotels Combined also has a reliable support team for its affiliates. Anyone who needs help with bookings, payouts, or commissions can simply call the Hotels Combined affiliate program support center. Their trained specialists even speak multiple languages.

    Apply Here

    The Amazon Associates Program

    Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, providing online shopping opportunities, streaming services, and more. They ship products all over the world and travel affiliates must promote Amazon products as well.

    amzn_assoc_tracking_id = “ballenblogger-20”; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = “manual”; amzn_assoc_ad_type = “smart”; amzn_assoc_marketplace = “amazon”; amzn_assoc_region = “US”; amzn_assoc_design = “enhanced_links”; amzn_assoc_asins = “B07K2VBHNH”; amzn_assoc_placement = “adunit”; amzn_assoc_linkid = “be424706033445bf3e51e0abcb07325e”;

    While Amazon might not be in the business of flying people to their travel destinations (yet), they do sell tons of products that are directly related to travel. Some of the items include travel kits, jackets, camping gear, and more.

    This is why travel bloggers need to jump on the Amazon train and promote this tremendous online platform.

    Amazon has one of the largest affiliate programs in the world. Their affiliate program has been enlisted by more than 1 million affiliate marketers to promote various products through Amazon.

    The Amazon associate program pays around four percent commission for most products; however, it does vary from product to product. Some of the affiliate commissions that might be relevant to travel bloggers include:

    • DVD and Blu-Ray Products and Accessories: 2.5 percent
    • Amazon Kindle and Amazon Fire Tablet Devices: 3 percent
    • Health and Personal Care Products, including Baby Products: 4.5 percent
    • Outdoor Products and Tools: 5.5 percent
    • Beauty Products, Industrial Supplies: 6 percent
    • Apparel, Luggage, Handbags, Accessories, Amazon Echo products: 7 percent
    • Amazon Fashion products, Luxury Beauty products, 10 percent

    Everything else that is not listed above receives a standard four percent commission.

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    All Amazon commission payments are made on a monthly basis. The minimum threshold is $100. Amazon is not as quick to pay as others; however, they are reliable.

    If someone makes $200 in the month of February, their payment will arrive sometime in April.

    It is important for travel bloggers to join the Amazon affiliate program because they have the opportunity to promote millions of products ranging from outdoor travel to helpful airplane accessories.

    Therefore, there is an almost unlimited upside to joining the Amazon program.

    In addition, Amazon provides its affiliates with links and banners that can be used to promote countless travel products.

    This can be used to help websites better promote Amazon products. These banners are also tracked by Amazon, helping people make even more money through the program.

    Finally, there is also an Amazon associate support program where affiliates can get help and support with any questions they might have. They also have a 24/7 customer support team that is available to answer any additional questions.

    The Booking.com Affiliate Program

    Booking.com is one of the most popular platforms for finding and booking accommodations online. There are millions of people who use Booking.com to purchase accommodations, so there is a chance to earn massive commissions.

    Booking.com is one of the most popular platforms for finding and booking accommodations online. There are millions of people who use Booking.com to purchase accommodations, so there is a chance to earn massive commissions.

    Furthermore, an affiliate with Booking.com could earn some of the largest commissions in the entire world of affiliate marketing. There is a chance for those who register with the Booking.com affiliate program to earn up to a 25 percent commission on their purchases.

    Furthermore, Booking.com affiliates earn on each stay that is generated through the program. The longer the person stays (through the affiliate link), the larger the commission. In some cases, the commission could be as much as 40 percent.

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    Payments through the Booking.com affiliate program are paid out through a PayPal account. Usually, payments arrive one month after the guest has finished his or her stay, so the payment could be delayed if someone books months in advance; however, there are some important benefits of the Booking.com affiliate program.

    Every day, there are more than 1 million rooms that are booked through Booking.com, meaning that there are numerous opportunities for someone to earn a fantastic commission through the Booking.com affiliate program.

    In addition, Booking.com also provides numerous tools that help their affiliates promote various stays and hotels. This includes search boxes, banner ads, plugins, deals finders, and more. All of this can make it easier for affiliates to promote hotels through Booking.com.

    Booking.com is one of the most popular platforms for finding and booking accommodations online. There are millions of people who use Booking.com to purchase accommodations, so there is a chance to earn massive commissions.

    Finally, Booking.com also has a customer support team that is dedicated to its affiliates. This can be used to help affiliates with anything they need regarding the affiliate program, from payouts to commission and more.

    Apply Here.

    The Cruise Direct Affiliate Program

    Cruises are one of the most popular luxury vacations out there and Cruise Direct is one of the fastest-growing platforms.

    Commissions paid by Cruise Direct arrive on a monthly basis. There is a threshold of $25 that is required for someone to get paid out. If someone makes $100 in the month of January, the payment usually arrives by the month of March.

    They provide cruise vacations, travel bookings, and more. They also have a strong affiliate program that provides affiliates with a chance to earn thousands of dollars.

    With the Cruise Direct affiliate program, there is a three percent commission on sales that are made through the Cruise Direct website. In addition, Cruise Direct also has a cookie window duration of 45 hours.

    This means that is someone clicks the affiliate link but leaves the website with the intention of coming back later, a commission is still paid if a booking is made within 45 hours from the person clicking on the link. 

    Commissions paid by Cruise Direct arrive on a monthly basis. There is a threshold of $25 that is required for someone to get paid out. If someone makes $100 in the month of January, the payment usually arrives by the month of March. 

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    There are a few major benefits of joining the Cruise Direct affiliate program. First, Cruise Direct is known for sending deals and bonuses to their affiliates. They are announced in a newsletter that arrives every week.

    This helps affiliates figure out which products and deals to market during that time period. This newsletter is an important tool because it could help travelers save money on their vacations, allowing affiliates to increase their referrals and make more money.

    Furthermore, Cruise Direct also provides its affiliates with a number of marketing tools that help them increase their referrals. This includes text ads, search boxes, banner ads, and more. This can help affiliates increase their conversion rates with Cruise Direct.

    Like other affiliate programs, Cruise Direct has a reliable support center as well. Their support system can help affiliates place ads, promote deals, understand discounts, and increase their conversion rates.

    These benefits have made the Cruise Direct affiliate program one of the most popular travel affiliate options in the world.

    Apply with CJ Affiliate.

    The Agoda Affiliate Program

    When it comes to travel communities, Agoda is at the top of the list. This website is used by millions of people on a daily basis to locate accommodations including hotels, resorts, and more.

    People trust Agoda to find the best prices on their next vacation. In addition, Agoda also provides a strong affiliate program.

    People trust Agoda to find the best prices on their next vacation. In addition, Agoda also provides a strong affiliate program.

    An as Agoda affiliate, marketers are able to earn a five percent commission for each transaction made using an affiliate link. For example, a hotel booking of $400 will earn $20 in commissions as an affiliate.

    Through the Agoda affiliate program, partners will earn commissions every month. As an example, if an affiliate has a customer book using their link in February, the commission will arrive during the month of April.

    Commissions are sent to a PayPal account. The minimum commission payment total to receive a payout is $200.

    Like other programs, if the commission balance is less than $200, the amount is carried forward to the next month. It doesn’t just disappear!

    Loading Preview…
    Powered by Creative Market

    Agoda should be on the list of travel affiliates because it is one of the largest travel communities in the world. Agoda has partnered with more than 900,000 properties worldwide.

    This means that there are countless opportunities for affiliates to find and promote stays at certain properties. This will provide the blog with numerous links that visitors can use to book their next vacation.

    Furthermore, Agoda also provides its affiliates with access to numerous hotels and their data to target commissions strategically. Finally, Agoda has also text links, customized tools, and unique ads that can increase affiliate commissions.

    Similar to other programs, Agoda also has a dedicated support team that helps affiliates with any issues they might have. Agoda is one of the top affiliate travel programs. 

    Apply Here.

    The Trip Advisor Affiliate Program

    In the world of travel, Trip Advisor is one of the oldest websites out there. This website provides lists, rankings, and reviews of nearly every travel destination on the planet.

    In the world of travel, Trip Advisor is one of the oldest websites out there. This website provides lists, rankings, and reviews of nearly every travel destination on the planet.

    This includes restaurants, hotels, destinations, and more. Worldwide, millions of people use Trip Advisor to help them plan their trips and vacations.

    Now, Trip Advisor also has one of the top affiliate programs in the travel industry as well.

    Through the Trip Advisor affiliate program, it is possible to earn as much as an 80 percent affiliate commission through this program. Yes, this means that the affiliate could make more money than Trip Advisor on a given sale.

    Furthermore, the standard commission through the Trip Advisor is 50 percent. It doesn’t get much better than this! The exact commission received depends on the type of product and the value of the transaction as a whole.

    Loading Preview…
    Powered by Creative Market

    It is one of the most popular programs among travel bloggers and the amount of money that an affiliate could make through this Trip Advisor program is tremendous.

    Trip Advisor disburses its commissions on a monthly basis. This means that if commissions are earned during the month of February, they will arrive sometime in April.

    There are numerous benefits of joining the Trip Advisor affiliate program. First, Trip Advisor is an international program.

    This means that this platform has a global reach. Even those who reside outside of the United States can join the Trip Advisor program and start promoting some of their top destinations.

    In addition, Trip Advisor has one of the widest linking systems in the world.

    This makes it easy for affiliates to find useful affiliate travel products that can boost commissions. Furthermore, there are lots of textual ads, banners, and more that affiliates can use to increase their exposure to their visitors.

    Loading Preview…
    Powered by Creative Market

    Finally, Trip Advisor also has a support team that is dedicated to the needs of its affiliates. This covers, commissions, bookings, deals, and more.

    In the world of travel blogging, the Trip Advisor affiliate marketing program is a must!

    Apply at CJ.com or AWIN.

    The STA Affiliate Program

    STA is one of the largest travel agencies in the world. While they are mainly geared toward student and youth travel programs, they offer great deals to virtually anyone who comes to visit the site.

    STA is one of the largest travel agencies in the world. While they are mainly geared toward student and youth travel programs, they offer great deals to virtually anyone who comes to visit the site.

    They are known for providing great tours, cheap flights, Spring Break trips, and more. In addition, STA has one of the strongest affiliate programs as well!

    STA pays great commissions on flights and tours. Their commission program provides a 10 percent commission on tours, SIM cards, ISIC cards, and other products. Affiliates also make $4 on every flight that is booked using the affiliate link.

    Like other programs, payouts through the STA affiliate program are made on a monthly basis to a PayPal account. Transactions that take place in the month of January are paid during the month of March.

    There are several benefits that people should note about the STA affiliate program. First, STA is a website that targets youth and student travel programs and packages. Unlike other travel websites, which focus on everyone, STA has a smaller target audience.

    This means that travel bloggers who like to promote trips for kids and students have the chance to achieve a higher conversion rate given the focus of STA.

    Loading Preview…
    Powered by Creative Market

    In addition, this is still one of the most popular travel websites in the world. There are millions of people who view STA on a monthly basis, making STA a popular option for travelers.

    Finally, anyone who has questions or concerns about the STA affiliate program has a dedicated support team that can help them get their questions answered. This includes bookings, youth travel, additional discounts or deals, and more.

    The STA affiliate program is one of the biggest affiliate programs for those who blog on travel and vacation destinations, particularly as they pertain to youth or student trips.

    Apply at CJ Affiliate.  

    The Wego Affiliate Program

    Wego is a company that is based out of Singapore; however, it operates in more than 50 countries and provides information in more than 20 languages. Furthermore, Wego publishes results in real-time from more than 700 travel websites.

    Loading Preview…
    Powered by Creative Market

    This website allows users to shop for flights and hotels all over the world in one convenient place. Wego also has a strong affiliate program that has been designed for travel bloggers.

    Those who want to make money by promoting travel products on Wego should take a look at their affiliate program. Wego pays affiliate marketers based on clicks. In essence, this is a commission per click (CPC) type of model.

    This works great for anyone who is looking for an affiliate program that is based on clicks instead of transactions. Those who joint the Wego affiliate program can make anywhere from $0.05 and $0.40 per click related to a flight exit and $0.20 and $0.80 per click related to a hotel exit. 

    Wego also tends to pay a bit quicker than other affiliate programs. Money that is made during the month of January will get paid out between the 15thand the 20thof the month of February.

    The minimum to get paid out via PayPal is $100 in the previous month.

    Those who prefer to have money wired directly to a bank account must reach a minimum threshold of $500. Of course, if these thresholds aren’t met, the money simply carries over to the next month.

    There are several benefits of joining the affiliate program with Wego. First, their affiliate program is exclusive for travel bloggers and provides a different model through which marketers can earn money.

    This is a great way for travel bloggers to diversify their portfolio of affiliate programs. In addition, Wego also provides a wide range of products that affiliates can market. This means that there is a deep pool of links that affiliates can use throughout their travel blogs.

    Finally, the affiliate program with Wego also has a strong support team that exclusively helps its affiliates with any concerns they have. The Wego affiliate program is a great opportunity for bloggers to make money in a unique way.

    Apply Here

    The Lonely Planet Affiliate Program

     Lonely Planet is one of the largest book publishers in the travel industry. The company has sold more than 120 million books since it was first founded back in 1972.

    Lonely Planet is trusted by people all over the world and has published guides related to the top destinations on every continent. In addition, Lonely Planet also has a strong affiliate program.

    In addition to publishing books, Lonely Planet allows people to plan their trips with hotels, flights, advice, and more. Lonely Planet counts on its affiliates to promote its books, guides, and more.

    Therefore, they pay a hefty commission to affiliates who successfully refer people to their website and complete a purchase.

    Through the Lonely Planet affiliate program, affiliates will earn a 15 percent commission on all digital and print book purchases that are made using the affiliate link.

    In addition, affiliates will earn a 12 percent commission on any travel guides that are sold using the affiliate link. 

    Loading Preview…
    Powered by Creative Market

    Similar to other programs, the Lonely Planet affiliate program pays out every month to a designated PayPal account. Money that is made during the month of January will usually be paid out sometime in March.

    #faf7f2Lonely Planet also provides numerous ads that affiliates can place on their blogs and articles to increase their conversion rates. They provide dynamic banner ads that can promote everything from magazines to travel guides and eBooks. Furthermore, the Lonely Planet also has a cookie bonus.

    If a customer visit the Lonely Planet website after clicking on an affiliate link but doesn’t buy anything, the customer has up to 30 days to return to Lonely Planet and buy something for the link to be valid.

    This is an extensive window that increases the opportunity of affiliates to make money.

    Finally, Lonely Planet also has a strong customer support team that helps its affiliates with questions related to deals, discounts, payouts, and more. These benefits make the Lonely Planet affiliate program a strong option for travel bloggers everywhere.

    Apply at AWIN.

    Now that many of the top affiliate programs have been covered, it is time to talk about increasing conversion rates. One of the most important practices is to always use affiliate link disclosures.

    Bloggers need to build trust among readers and visitors. This is done using a link disclosure. If readers trust the author, they are more likely to use the link. They may even want to help the author by using the link specifically.

    In addition, try not to use too many affiliate links on a single page, as this can look spammy. 

    These are some of the top affiliate programs in the travel industry. Travel bloggers who are looking for ways to generate passive income should consider signing up for these affiliate programs.

    There is an opportunity to make thousands of dollars in commissions from a single link!

  • What is an Affiliate Tracking Cookie?

    Affiliate Tracking Cookies are used to track one’s leads, sales, and downloads on any given website. The importance of affiliate cookies are high, should a website want to ensure that their links or banners are effectively driving customers towards desired products.

    As a 6-figure affiliate marketer, I understand the importance of tracking those referrals that lead to a commission. I created a comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing here, if you’d like to dive in deeper.

    What Are Affiliate Cookies?

    One of the newest marketing methods involves the use of online affiliate marketing; specifically, the use of Affiliate Tracking Cookies.

    Affiliates can promote a business’s products or services by creating a referral URL that acts as a doorway or path from the customer to the online marketplace in question.

    In this developing online world of marketing and sales, new avenues and methods of buying products or services are being formed all the time. For many people, adapting to an ever-changing business environment can be extremely difficult.

    It can become overwhelming trying to keep tabs on effective ways of marketing and ensuring consistent sales.

    How Do Cookies Work?

    Cookies fire when a customer who has previously passed through an affiliate link, purchases a product or service.

    This causes the owner of the affiliate link to be paid an amount of money at the time of the cookie firing.

    Cookies are stored on the customer’s web browser, and therefore they provide routes and information concerning the traffic of internet users to specific online marketplaces.

    Affiliate Tracking Cookies ultimately form a sort of tracking system, whereby the online marketplaces and sellers of products or services know exactly where their consumer traffic came from.

    Cleared Cache

    A threat to the use of Affiliate Tracking Cookies can arise when an internet user deletes or clears out their cookies from their web browser.

    This would remove the links that previous cookies have made between a customer and that same customer potentially buying a product or service online.

    Although some internet users may have cleared their cookies from their browser accidentally, it may be true that other users see the use of website cookies as a threat to privacy.

    It is of the utmost importance that internet users are able to give their consent when clicking an affiliate link and be given full disclosure that their online purchasing is being monitored on a surface level.

    Affiliate Tracking Cookies are stored on an internet user’s web browser when they click an affiliate link; either through clicking on a website banner, a column ad, or even through a link contained in an email newsletter.

    Affiliate cookies have a vast range of time periods that they may be active for – anything from a single day to ninety days.

    Ultimately, affiliate cookies require a reliable and valid form of tracking in order to assess the success of an affiliate campaign. Consumer traffic can be monitored and commissions can be made through the use of Affiliate Tracking Cookies.

    Affiliate cookies work as a sort of middle-man, earning commission from online merchants by driving potential customers to specific products and services.

  • 6 Popular SEO Affiliate Programs

    The affiliate marketing sector has been growing by leaps and bounds during the past few years.  Explore a few of the SEO Affiliate programs listed here and see if you can find an affiliate marketing program that matches your followers’ needs.

    As an agency, you have to weed through a million and one SEO tools because you need the best of the best. That’s why we put together a list of the 20 top SEO reporting tools for agencies.

    If you are looking to get involved in affiliate marketing, then one area you may want to consider is search engine optimization

    Usually shortened to SEO, it is the practice of designing an online presence to be attracted to search engines and boost search results rankings. 

    The good news is that there are plenty of affiliate marketing programs out there in the sector. Take a look at some of the top options for SEO affiliate programs below.


    Without a doubt, one of the top affiliate marketing programs out there is SEMrush

    SEMrush is an all-in-one subscription program that helps clients audit their site, find backlinks, and conduct keyword research

    Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the SEMrush affiliate marketing program is also incredibly popular. 

    Some of the main benefits of the SEMrush affiliate marketing program include:

    • The affiliate commission rate could be as high as 40 percent
    • The life of the tracking cookie is ten-years
    • You can access your payouts either via PayPal or wire transfer
    • Once you meet the payout threshold, you are paid twice per month

    Take a look at the SEMrush affiliate program and see if it works well for your needs. You’ll find it now in the ShareASale Network.


    Among the various plugins for WordPress websites, SEOPress is one of the most popular. 

    The plugin is designed to make SEO simple, even for those who might not have a lot of experience in the world of digital marketing. 

    The tool is designed to provide users with suggestions on optimizing their content and improving their quality scores. 

    Because it is a subscription service, you have the opportunity to earn recurring commissions. Some of the benefits of the program include:

    • You may enjoy recurring monthly subscriptions of up to 50 percent
    • You will get paid once per month
    • The program comes with numerous promotional materials and email marketing resources

    The SEOPress program could be an excellent option for you.

    Surfer SEO

    Another popular SEO affiliate program is Surfer SEO. Surfer SEO is a content marketing tool that helps you understand why your competitors might be renting ahead of you. 

    Then, you can figure out what you need to do to replicate their success. 

    Even though the Surfer SEO is not yet well-known, there is an opportunity for you to generate recurring commissions from their popular software program. 

    Furthermore, the reference ID will work across the entire domain, allowing you to earn commissions for courses, articles, and other materials they provide.

    Some of the main benefits of the Surfer SEO affiliate marketing program include:

    • You can earn both one time and monthly commissions of up to 30 percent
    • They have a tracking cookie that lasts for 60 days
    • You will be paid via PayPal

    Learn more about the Surfer SEO affiliate marketing program.

    Money Robot

    Money Robot is an SEO tool that is designed to help you generate more backlinks. Countless businesses can benefit from using Money Robot, providing you with the opportunity to create Commissions in many areas. 

    Some of the benefits of the Money Robot affiliate program include:

    • You will receive training on how to promote the tool
    • You will receive a flat $100 commission for every license that you sell
    • They offer an added sign-up bonus of $25

    The Money Robot affiliate program might be an excellent option for you.


    Claiming to be the fastest keyword rank tracker globally, Accuranker is a tool that some of the biggest agencies in the world have already used. 

    Because the program does an exceptional job of tracking keyword ranks in various industries, you shouldn’t have much trouble explaining its benefits to your followers. 

    As a result, the Accuranker affiliate program might be another good option for you.

    Some of the benefits of the program include:

    • You will be paid monthly via PayPal
    • The commission rate is 20 percent
    • The cookie last 120 days

    Consider going with the Accuranker affiliate program.

    SEO PowerSuite

    SEO PowerSuite is a popular tool for backlink analysis and keyword research. There are hundreds of thousands of people who use SEO PowerSuite all over the world. 

    Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they also offer an outstanding affiliate program.

    The main benefits of the SEO PowerSuite affiliate program include:

    • The lifetime of the cookie is 120 days
    • You will receive access to dedicated affiliate support staff
    • You will receive commissions of up to 33 percent

    Think about adding the SEO PowerSuite affiliate program to your list of options.

    Find the Right SEO Affiliate Marketing Program for You

    These are just a few of the many examples of programs when it comes to SEO affiliate marketing. 

    When you are looking for the best affiliate program for you, it is essential to consider the commission rate, the duration of the tracking cookie, how rewards are paid out, the program’s reputation, and the support program that is available to affiliates. 

    Explore a few of the SEO Affiliate programs above and see if you can find an affiliate marketing program that matches your followers’ needs.

    SEO Affiliate Programs

  • Affiliate Networks
  • Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers
  • 10 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Affiliate Marketing Business

    To create a successful and profitable affiliate marketing business, you must avoid making these 10 common mistakes.

    Because it doesn’t require processing and fulfilling orders, affiliate marketing is often preferred over traditional online businesses like e-commerce and dropshipping.

    As an affiliate marketer, you can make money by promoting products, services and lead forms from other businesses. When a user clicks your affiliate link and completes the required action, you’ll earn a commission.

    Choosing Affiliate Offers Based Solely
    on Commission

    A Commission is just one of many things to consider when choosing affiliate offers to promote.

    Even if an affiliate offer has a high payout, it may not prove profitable or otherwise worthwhile to promote. Some of the top-performing affiliate offers with the highest conversion rates, in fact, have a low commission.

    Affiliate offers with a high commission typically require a user to spend a lot of money or perform a lot of steps.

    In comparison, affiliate offers with a low commission typically require users to spend less money or perform fewer steps.

    As a result, conversion rates are often higher for affiliate offers with a low commission.

    Promoting Too Many Affiliate Offers

    Don’t make the mistake of promoting too many affiliate offers at once.

    When launching your affiliate marketing business, you may feel compelled to promote a dozen or more affiliate programs.

    Unfortunately, it’s difficult to create and optimize campaigns for so many affiliate offers.

    By focusing on just a few affiliate offers at once, you’ll experience greater success with your affiliate marketing business.

    Using a Single Affiliate Network

    What’s wrong with using a single affiliate network? If you only promote offers from a single affiliate network, you’ll have a limited number of offers from which to choose.

    More importantly, you may get better payouts for the same offer on a different affiliate network.

    If you’re currently promoting an offer on CJ Affiliate with a $10-per-sale commission, for example, ShareASale may have the same offer but with a $12-per-sale commission. 4) Rarely or Never Testing Affiliate Links

    Try to get into the habit of testing your affiliate links at least once a week. It’s not uncommon for affiliate links to stop working. If an affiliate network pulls an offer, for instance, the links won’t work.

    To ensure your traffic is properly tracked, test your affiliate links by clicking on them. After you click a link, you should see the click accounted for in the affiliate network.

    If any of your links aren’t working, remove them from your website or landing pages and contact the affiliate network for assistance.

    Consider using a Plugin like Thirsty Affiliates. You can store your affiliate links, auto-link them and then just change them in one place to update rather than in multiple places.

    Overlooking the Competition

    Because it’s such a popular type of online business, affiliate marketing isn’t without competition.

    Nearly all worthwhile affiliate offers have dozens if not hundreds of affiliate marketers promoting them.

    To succeed with an affiliate offer, you must assess your competitors’ strategies and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

    Only then can you effectively muscle your affiliate offers into the same digital territory.

    Not Building an Email List

    An email list is an invaluable tool for affiliate marketing, yet many affiliate marketers neglect to build one.

    According to eMarketer, the average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is four times higher than all other digital marketing strategies.

    By creating a simple opt-in form, you can build a list of subscribers to whom you can later promote your affiliate offers.

    Check out Convert Kit for making offers and building simple email funnels. I like KEAP for a more robust CRM.

    Believing PPC Advertising Is Too

    Many affiliate marketers strictly use free methods of promotion, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, believing that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is too expensive.

    On Facebook Ads, the average cost per click (CPC) is about 25 cents. on Google Ads, the average CPC for Search Network traffic is about $1 to $2. On Bing Ads, the average CPC is less than $1.

    Of course, click costs vary depending on factors such as keywords, competition, and Quality Score.

    Nonetheless, you don’t have to spend a fortune on PPC advertising. Whether you use Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or Bing Ads, you can score high-quality clicks without breaking your bank.

    Another common affiliate marketing mistake to avoid is using an excessive number of affiliate links on your website.

    Google doesn’t prohibit the use of affiliate links. It does, however, classify websites and web pages consisting primarily of affiliate links as being thin content.

    And like all forms of thin content, Google buries them deep in its search results where they receive little or no organic traffic.

    Make sure that you are creating in-depth content that provides value to your visitors.

    Copying Your Competitors’ Content

    Avoid the temptation of copying your competitors’ affiliate marketing strategies.

    Aside from being unethical and possibly illegal — under federal law, you can’t steal another person’s or business’s intellectual property — it doesn’t allow you to distinguish your campaigns from your competitors’.

    If you copy a competitor’s campaign, neither of you will experience positive results. Users will likely mistake your affiliate campaign for your competitor’s.

    Abandoning Nonprofitable Campaigns

    If a recently launched affiliate marketing campaign fails to drive a positive ROI, you may assume that it’s best to cut your losses and move on to a different campaign.

    After all, it doesn’t make sense to exhaust your time, energy and money on a campaign that’s not profitable.

    The problem with abandoning nonprofitable campaigns is that you won’t have the opportunity to optimize and improve them. Most affiliate campaigns aren’t initially profitable.

    It takes time to test different landing pages, target keywords, and promotional strategies. If you ditch a campaign with a negative ROI just a few days after launching it, you could lose a huge source of affiliate revenue.

    Affiliate marketing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a legitimate type of online business that requires hard work and dedication.

    If you’re guilty of making any of these affiliate marketing mistakes, you’ll struggle to turn a profit with your campaigns.

  • Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

    Monetize your content efficiently by becoming an affiliate for one of these insurance companies.

    Whether you are talking about car insurance, homeowners insurance, or even pet insurance, there are insurance affiliate programs from major insurance companies that allow you to earn money by referring new customers to them.  

    When you join an affiliate program, you will get a unique affiliate link or some other tool that you can use to promote the company that you are an affiliate for. 

    This unique link or tool will track how many referrals are coming into the company and signing up for programs based on your referrals. 

    Companies will pay you a piece of the earnings for referring new customers to them. 

    How much you get paid can be a percentage of the sale, a flat fee, or it could be earnedusing some other structure. 

    Affiliate programs have exploded in popularity because everybody wins. 

    It is an excellent way for companies to spread the word about their services through content creators that will promote these companies and not be paid unless referrals are converting to sales. 

    Then the content creators, of course, have the opportunity to monetize their content at scale

    Allstate Affiliate Program

    Allstate allows publishers to earn a commission for every auto, home, and renters insurance quote referral they provide. 

    • You can promote auto, home, and renters insurance.
    • You gain access to marketing tools like banner ads and text links.
    • You gain access to a well-established marketing affiliate team.

    Allstate pays its affiliates a flat fee for each quote that is received by a referral. The structure is as follows: 

    • Home Insurance – $20 per quote
    • Auto Insurance – $10 per quote
    • Renters Insurance – $5 per quote

    To Apply:

    Go to Allstate’s website, and you can find the application process for becoming an affiliate. You will have to fill out an application, go through a screening process, and then be approved to be an affiliate. 

    There are no detailed eligibility requirements or other requirements listed on the website to sign up, so give it a shot!

    Axa Travel Affiliate Program

    AXA USA provides travel insurance plans with fantastic benefits. Within the Awin Affiliate Network, AXA Travel offers a base commission of $12.00 per policy plus a bonus of up to $199 depending on the insurance plan.

    Program Benefits

    • Tracking Cookie: 45 Days
    • Marketing Assets
    • Affiliate newsletter with tips, news, and the latest offers.
    • Last Click Model

    Apply at AWIN

    Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program

    Liberty Mutual Insurance also provides an affiliate program for publishers to earn by driving new leads to the company. They also reward those affiliates that prove they can drive quality traffic!

    • Their commissions are among the highest in insurance affiliate programs.
    • They frequently provide promotions and bonus commissions. 
    • You’ll have access to a high-quality affiliate team.

    Potential Earnings

    • Auto Insurance – $10 per lead
    • Home Insurance – $10 per lead
    • Renters Insurance – $3 per lead
    • Multi-Policy – $17 per lead

    Liberty Mutual’s program is also free and easy to apply for. Just head over to their site to read more about the affiliate program and to apply today!

    USAA Travel Affiliate Program

    USAA provides a huge opportunity for publishers, especially with a military audience, to monetize their content by promoting many of USAA’s products, including but are not limited to insurance policies.  

    • Earn a commission when leads are submitted for auto insurance, credit cards, or many other products. 
    • Patriotic banner creative that will appeal to your audience. 
    • Strong support from advisors that are always ready to answer questions for you and your customers. 

    USAA pays flat commissions for its products like most other insurance companies, but they have more products to go around outside of insurance. 

    It would be too much to list all of those possibilities here, but with USAA, you can earn up to a $25 commission per referral, depending on the products. 

    Most commissions will likely be around $5-$10 per referral. 

    How To Apply:

    USAA’s affiliate program is run through Flex Offers, so visit their site to learn more about the program and how to apply. 

    This program will be best if you have a military (or former military) audience to promote products to. 

    Allianz Travel Insurance Affiliate Program

    Affiliate programs are not just for major insurance companies providing home, renters, and auto insurance. You can also sign up to be an affiliate for travel insurance companies like Allianz. 

    • You have an audience that would be interested in travel and could use the protection. 
    • You want to monetize your content.
    • Allianz is a leader in travel insurance. 

    The Allianz affiliate program is based on a tiered structure where affiliates will start by making $12 per sale and can work their way up to $15 per sale. 

    How to Apply:

    Visit the site to learn more about the program, and then you can redirect yourself to the application page. 

    There are no fees or detailed eligibility requirements to become an Allianz affiliate. Anyone can apply!

    How to choose the best affiliate program. 

    Out of the programs listed above, the best program will be the one that will genuinely help your audience. 

    If you have an audience that is likely looking for homeowners or renters insurance, then the best thing to do is point them in the direction of whichever company you feel is the best for them. 

    If you have a mostly military audience, then USAA could be the obvious choice to promote to monetize your content. 

    If you have a travel blog or other travel content, then traveler’s insurance could be a great way to pick up some extra dollars by promoting Allianz in your content.

    At the end of the day, the best affiliate program is always the one that is going to help your audience and not just the ones that pay the highest commission per sale or are the most popular.

  • Should You Use Nofollow Links for Affiliate Marketing?

    To make money as an affiliate marketer, you must publish and promote links to a merchant’s offer. So, are nofollow links better for affiliate marketing than standard links?

    Nearly all affiliate networks use links to track conversions. When a user clicks your link and completes the merchant’s conversion process, the affiliate network will credit your account with a commission.

    While you can start earning commissions immediately by copying and publishing an affiliate link on various channels, many affiliate marketers modify their links beforehand using the nofollow tag. 

    Also known as the nofollow attribute, it instructs search engines to disregard the link for ranking purposes. 

    From an internet user’s perspective, nofollow links work the same as all other links by redirecting to the target website when clicked. 

    The nofollow tag doesn’t interfere with the link’s functionality, nor does it prevent affiliate networks from tracking conversions. 

    Instead, it tells search engines not to use the link as a direct ranking signal.

    Nofollow Tag Origins

    You may consider using nofollow attributes on some user-generated content or paid links to avoid an outbound penalty, but ‘nofollowing’ an entire page doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    Patrick Stox

    Google created the specifications for the nofollow tag in 2005 to fight user-generated content (UGC) spam on blogs. 

    Before its development, spammers used software to generate and submit thousands of blog comments, most of which contained links pointing back to the spammer’s website. 

    By affixing the nofollow tag to these UGC links, however, bloggers were able to discourage spammers from targeting their blogs with otherwise worthless comments.

    The inception of the nofollow tag didn’t necessarily stop spammers from targeting blogs with a sea of worthless comments; it eliminated the efficacy of this manipulative search engine optimization (SEO) process.

    With the nofollow tag attached to them, links in blog comments no longer benefited the search rankings of spammers’ websites.

    Although the nofollow tag fights blog spam, its use has since expanded into other linking applications. 

    Search engines generally recommend using it anytime that a webmaster doesn’t want his or her website to be associated with the linked site. 

    The Nofollow tag works with Paid ads, sponsored content, and affiliate links.

    Many affiliate marketers use nofollow links to preserve their website’s search rankings. 

    Affiliate links, of course, are considered outbound links because they point to a different domain. 

    If you publish an affiliate link on your website or blog, it will redirect users to a different domain when clicked.

    Not all outbound links are bad for SEO. 

    On the contrary, some can help websites secure higher rankings. A study conducted by the U.K. digital marketing agency Reboot found that sites with a high number of authoritative outbound links ranked higher on Google than those with fewer and less-authoritative outbound links.

    Unfortunately, most affiliate links aren’t very authoritative. 

    They often consist of a generic tracking domain that redirects to the merchant’s website. Therefore, publishing affiliate links on your website or blog won’t lead to higher rankings. 

    It may prove counterproductive to your SEO strategy by creating a direct connection between your website and one or more domains with less than desirable domain authority.

    Another reason affiliate marketers use nofollow links is to compel search engines to crawl more of their website’s pages. 

    For single-page affiliate marketing websites and blogs, crawling shouldn’t be a concern. 

    If a website or blog has hundreds of pages, search engines may not crawl completely.

    Nofollow links may help affiliate marketers get more of their website or blog’s pages crawled by search engines. 

    Search engines crawl standard links by following them and analyzing the content of a linked website. 

    When one of Google’s bots encounters a standard link, they’ll follow it to the target website. 

    As a result, Google will spend time and fewer resources crawling the original site where the standard link was published.

    In regards to crawling, search engines treat nofollow links a little differently than standard web links. 

    Google and Bing use the nofollow tag as a hint to determine which websites they should crawl. If they stumble upon a nofollow link, the search engines may or may not crawl it. 

    And if Google or Bing doesn’t crawl a nofollow link, they’ll stay on the original website or blog where they can crawl more of its pages.

    Rather than using the nofollow tag for your affiliate links, consider using the sponsored tag. 

    Google now supports the nofollow, UGC, and sponsored tags for links. What is the sponsored tag exactly? 

    It’s an alternative link attribute explicitly designed for links associated with ads or sponsored content.

    On Sept. 10, 2019, Google revealed the specifications for a couple of new link attributes, including the UGC tag and the sponsored tag. 

    The UGC tag is for links created by a website’s visitors, whereas the sponsored tag is for paid or sponsored links.

    While affiliate networks don’t pay you for publishing them — they pay you for driving conversions — affiliate links are considered sponsored links. 

    After all, you have a financial incentive to publish and promote them. 

    Google doesn’t want sponsored links such as affiliate links to pass authority, so it advises webmasters to use the sponsored tag.

    The sponsored tag works like the nofollow tag by minimizing a link’s SEO value. 

    An incentivized link, when used, will be given little to no weight by the search engine.

    Shortly after releasing the new link attributes, Google’s John Mueller tweeted that affiliate marketers should use the sponsored tag for their links. 

    According to Mueller, affiliate links are perceived as bad by Google. 

    Nonetheless, the search trends analyst recommends affiliate marketers use the sponsored tag for their links.

    You can still use the nofollow tag on your affiliate links. If your affiliate links already feature the nofollow tag, you can add the sponsored tag to them. 

    Alternatively, you can replace the nofollow tag with the sponsored tag. 

    Just remember to use at least one of these tags so that search engines will recognize your affiliate links for what they are: sponsored links.

  • Golf Affiliate Programs

    If you talk golf and are looking to monetize your blog, youtube channel, podcast, or social media channels, this list of golf affiliate programs is for you. The commission rates, average sales, and cookie lengths may vary from one network to another. Many affiliate programs are part of multiple affiliate networks and change offers with each.

    Foray Golf Affiliate Program

    Foray Golf has an affiliate program offered within the AWIN network. FORAY Golf is a women’s clothing line based out of New York City. A proud women-owned business, it’s a brand you can trust. This affiliate program allows most publishers into the program.

    Short Par 4 Affiliate Program

    Short Par 4 has an affiliate program offered insided the AWIN affiliate network. They sell premium golf apparel subscriptions.

    Callaway Golf

    Callaway Golf has an affiliate program within the Partnerize affiliate network.

    Global Golf

    Cutter Golf

    Taylor Made Golf

    Rain or Shine Golf

    Ran or Shine Golf offers golf simulators. They have an affiliate program within the Affiliatly network and boast that they have high conversion rates.

    Swing Man Golf

    Golf Outlets

    Austad’s Golf

    The Golf Warehouse (TGW)

  • Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

    Pay per click affiliate programs are the perfect solution for content creators and advertisers to make the most out of advertising. 

    Pay per click affiliate programs are the perfect solution for content creators and advertisers to make the most out of advertising.

    A pay per click program is a model of advertising that content creators can use to maximize the revenue that their content will bring them. 

    Some affiliate marketing programs will pay you either when a sale is made or when an impression is made. 

    With a pay per click program, you get paid whenever somebody clicks on a link or an ad and is taken to an external site. 

    A pay per click affiliate model benefits both the affiliate publisher and brand because it finds the middle ground of making sure that the advertiser is getting paid and that its products or services are at least seen if not purchased. 

    How PPC advertising works.

    The PPC (pay per click) model of advertising is simple to understand. We can break it down into these three steps: 

    1. A business decides on the keyword(s) that they want to appear for in search. 
    2. A search engine user searches for those keywords, and then the affiliate brand shows up in the sponsored results.
    3. The search user then clicks on one of these results, and when they do, the affiliate partner gets paid. The affiliate publisher is only paid when a user clicks on the result on the SERP. 

    Top pay per click affiliate programs

    Pay per click affiliate programs are the perfect solution for content creators and advertisers to make the most out of advertising.


    Media.net is an often-overlooked PPC affiliate program that could boast great results for bloggers getting decent traffic but struggling to make the most out of their advertising and other monetization strategies. 

    Media.net pulls ads from the Yahoo Bing network and is perfectly capable of coexisting with Google Adsense. 

    That means that there is no reason for you to think that you have to pick one or the other. Maximize your revenue per click by using both!

    Media.net offers a rate per mille (how much you get paid per thousand visitors) of up to $10, and they do have a minimum traffic requirement of 5,000 visitors per month. 

    If you have that level of traffic and want to make more out of your clicks with your PPC programs, don’t overlook this opportunity!

    For affiliates, media.net is one of the most significant opportunities out there in PPC advertising. 

    The service itself is second only to Google Adsense (which doesn’t have an affiliate program), and media.net’s affiliate program allows both the affiliate and the new traffic to be rewarded for signing up.

    Affiliates receive 10% commission from their referral’s earning through 12 months of that referral signing up. The referral also gets a 10% bonus for three months, so it is a win-win situation.

    Apply Here


    Ezoic’s main focus is on helping publishers improve UX and earn more revenue. 

    They use machine learning to try and maximize the efficiency of testing and displaying ads so that their customers can squeeze the most revenue out of each ad displayed on their site.

    Ezoic also works well with Google’s advertising tools, and they put a focus on making sure your website stays up to speed and delivers a pleasant experience to end-users.

    Their goals go far beyond getting companies to display ads on a webpage simply.

    As an affiliate with Ezoic, you would earn 3% of a publisher’s earnings for that publisher’s entire lifetime using the system.

    Skimlinks is a different kind of monetization platform that connects publishers to merchants worldwide and aims to help publishers be less dependent on advertising.

    The technology earns the publishers a share of any sales that are driven through product links. Skimlinks also offers a referral program where you can earn 35% of their share of commission from any publisher you refer them to within the first year.

    Infolinks is another basic but effective advertising solution that will provide publishers with tools that analyze and display ads on their content for them to make the most revenue that they can.

    They offer a variety of products to their publishers to hit all facets of advertising. Their referral program also allows affiliates to sign up and start earning 10% of their referrals’ revenue or ad spend. 

    It’s as simple as that.

    Apply Here

    Revenue Hits

    Revenue Hits aims to help publishers generate maximum profits for the minimum effort by using their intuitive platform to optimize advertising and earnings on their sites.

    They give users the flexibility to create placements for their ads, implement tags, track and analyze everything, and then make money doing all of that.

    They also have a referral program to allow affiliates to earn 10% of revenues made by referrals within the first twelve months, as long as they earn more than $1,500. 

    Affiliates will also earn 5% of revenues for referrals that make less than $1,500.

    Apply Here

    The downside to PPC affiliate marketing.

    We don’t want to go without mentioning that advertising and PPC affiliate programs are great. 

    They provide creators with an opportunity to monetize their content, and therefore keep creating, but there is also a downside. 

    Generally speaking, people do not like being sold or advertised to. At least not when they know that it is happening. 

    If you go overboard with the advertising, then the odds are that you will kill your bottom line and your content at the same time. 

    We have all been to websites before that are so riddled with ads that we can’t even find the content we are looking for. 

    This abundance of ads is why so many internet users have adblockers set up in the first place. 

    Many of the resources listed above are companies and services focused on making sure that end-users have the best experience possible. 

    That is why we recommend looking into their affiliate programs and referral programs so that you can make money, the publisher can make money, and the company can make money, creating a situation where everyone wins.

  • Affiliate Marketing: 7 Easy Ways to Increase Conversion Rates

    The success of an affiliate marketing campaign is dependent upon its conversion rate. Regardless of which advertising networks you use, traffic alone won’t lead to commissions. Rather, you must convince users to click and engage with your affiliate offers.

    The success of an affiliate marketing campaign is dependent upon its conversion rate. Regardless of which advertising networks you use, traffic alone won't lead to commissions. Rather, you must convince users to click and engage with your affiliate offers.

    A low conversion rate indicates that users aren’t taking action after seeing an affiliate offer. They may click it, but they won’t follow through with the commission-triggering action.


    The good news is there are several easy steps you can take to increase the conversion rates of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

    1) Use Landing Pages

    Sending traffic to landing pages can lead to higher conversion rates. Some affiliate marketers send traffic directly to their affiliate offers.

    Sending traffic to landing pages can lead to higher conversion rates. Some affiliate marketers send traffic directly to their affiliate offers.

    They assume that landing pages are an unnecessary step that harms conversion rates, so they avoid using them.

    In truth, landing pages promote higher conversion rates by allowing you to presell your affiliate offers.

    Landing pages do, in fact, add another step to the conversion process.

    To generate a conversion, a user must visit your landing page, click an ad or link to your affiliate offer and then complete the commission-triggering action.

    With a landing page, though, you can presell users by telling them why they should engage with your affiliate offer.

    You can also create custom landing pages for specific traffic segments.

    Landing Page Software

    Take a look at this expansive list of Landing Pages affiliate programs.

    2) Choose the Right Affiliate Offers

    Some affiliate offers are easier to generate conversions for than others.

    Some affiliate offers are easier to generate conversions for than others.

    When browsing an affiliate network’s offers, put yourself in the shoes of a typical user. If an offer doesn’t compel you to take action, it will probably convert poorly.

    High-converting affiliate offers can convey the value that drives the action or actions needed for a conversion.

    An affiliate offer’s commission structure can affect its conversion rate as well.

    Affiliate offers that use a cost-per-action (CPA) structure, for instance, tend to have higher conversion rates than those that use a cost-per-sale (CPS) structure.

    Unlike with CPS offers, you don’t have to convince users to buy a product or service when promoting CPA offers.

    CPA conversions are triggered through non-purchasing actions, such as subscribing to an email newsletter, downloading software or completing a form.

    Many of the affiliate networks such as ShareASale and Awin list the conversion rates of an affiliate program.

    3) Create Tracking URLs

    Creating tracking URLs is an easy way to increase your campaigns’ conversion rates. A tracking URL is a unique link that redirects to an affiliate offer.

    Creating tracking URLs is an easy way to increase your campaigns' conversion rates. A tracking URL is a unique link that redirects to an affiliate offer.

    They are designed to help affiliate marketers segment their conversions.

    If you promote the same affiliate offer on Facebook and Twitter, for example, you can create two tracking URLs: one for each of the two social media networks.

    Tracking URLs are available in most affiliate networks. From within the affiliate network’s interface, you can create tracking URLs for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

    If your affiliate network doesn’t support tracking URLs, consider a third-party tracking solution like Thirsty Affiliates.

    I use Thirsty Affiliates for WordPress. I can add a link and get a short link and personalized link. I can then use those links anywhere and monitor the total links.

    It’s also cool because I can enter a keyword associated with a link. Then, anytime I use that keyword, Thirsty Affiliates adds the link automatically.

    4) Capture Email Addresses

    Another easy way to increase conversion rates in affiliate marketing is to capture email addresses.

    Aweber is a very popular email and newsletter platform that is earning affiliates a lot of commissions. It is one of, if not the most popular of it's kind in the affiliate marketing space.

    You can send users emails to promote your affiliate offers, allowing for higher conversion rates. If a user doesn’t engage with your affiliate offer initially, you may be able to convert him or her later with an email.

    Assuming you use landing pages, you can collect users’ email addresses with an opt-in newsletter form.

    The opt-in form shouldn’t be the focal point of a landing page. Instead, make it secondary to the landing page’s sales copy and its call-to-action (CTA).

    With a discreet placement, the opt-in newsletter form will capture users’ email addresses without drawing attention away from your affiliate offer.

    Check out OptinMonster or ConvertKit for lead magnet pop in’s, slide-ins, and inline content offers.

    I use KEAP to send my email newsletters and offers.

    You might also like the Thrive Themes suite for WordPress. One membership provides you with lead generation boxes, call to action boxes, drag and drop page builders and more. It integrates with most email autoresponders like Keap and ConvertKit.

    5) Establish Trust

    To generate conversions in affiliate marketing, you must establish trust with your target audience.

    To generate conversions in affiliate marketing, you must establish trust with your target audience.

    Trust is a fundamental component of all forms of marketing, including affiliate marketing.

    If users don’t trust your ads or landing pages, chances of a conversion are slim at best.

    You can establish trust through the use of transparent sales copy. Don’t try and deceive users by making false claims about an affiliate offer.

    Whether you’re writing an ad or the content for a landing page, keep your sales copy honest.

    If you are doing a product review, be honest. Don’t give a positive review on somoething you don’t really like just because you get a commission if it sells.

    I will generally share pros and cons. I appreciate the pros and cons block for WordPress Gutenberg that is part of the Thrive architect page builder.

    6) Enhance Usability

    Improving the usability of your website and landing pages can lead to higher conversion rates.

    Yes! You can apply for the Get Response Affiliate Program and potentially earn affiliate commissions by referring customers through your affiliate link.

    Users are less likely to interact with landing pages that suffer from poor usability. If your landing pages take an excessive amount of time to load, for instance, some users will likely leave.

    In addition to long load times, other usability problems that can affect conversion rates include a cluttered design, small and hard-to-read text, lack of contrasting colors, and broken links.

    Your landing pages may have persuasive sales copy, but if they suffer from poor usability, they won’t generate many conversions.

    I use SEMrush to run regular SEO Sitechecks. I also like Grammarly for helping me to catch those pesky typos!

    To evaluate a landing page’s usability, navigate and use it from the perspective of a typical user. If you encounter any hiccups, address them so that they don’t bring down your campaigns’ conversion rates.

    Jeff and Paul at Ballen Brands build great websites for affiliate marketers. Give them a call at 702-917-0755 and tell them Lori Ballen sent you.

    7) Buy Retargeting Ads

    You can achieve higher conversion rates for your affiliate marketing campaigns by investing in retargeting ads.

    Yes. Target does have an affiliate program. Target affiliates network is primarily designed for content creators and bloggers who are based in the United States and are well-positioned to be selling Target products.

    Also referred to as remarketing ads, they are distinguished from other types of online ads by their targeting method.

    Retargeting ads allow you to selectively target users who’ve visited your landing pages but didn’t perform the action or actions required for a conversion.

    Retargeting ads are available through several online advertising networks.

    You can create them in Google Ads, Bing Ads, and even Facebook Ads. While each advertising network has a different retargeting system, they all require the use of a list.

    To create retargeting ads, you must build a list of users whom you wish to target. You’ll have to place a tracking snippet or pixel on your landing pages.

    When a user visits one of your landing pages, the tracking snippet or pixel will capture his or her information for retargeting purposes.

    In affiliate marketing, traffic is just one piece of the puzzle. You can send boatloads of traffic to an affiliate offer.

    Unless the traffic converts, however, you won’t generate any commissions for it.

    Optimizing your affiliate marketing campaigns for higher conversion rates will maximize your commission earnings by encouraging more users to take action.

Lori Ballen is an entrepreneur who makes money online through blogging, video, social media, and other content marketing strategies. She's a 6-figure affiliate marketer and coaches others on how to make money online. SEO, Search Engine Optimized Content is her specialty. Lori is the creator of Ballen Academy and owns a real estate business in Las Vegas, NV.

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