Affiliate Marketing Programs

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I earn 6-figures in affiliate marketing, primarily in SaaS (Software as a service) commissions. I've compiled this list of affiliate marketing programs to share with my readers. Enjoy!
Table of Contents
There are lots of companies that offer affiliate marketing options; however, not all of them will be generous with their affiliate commission. Here's a list of high ticket affiliate programs.

Table of Contents


Lori Ballen

I created Ballen Blogger because I love testing, proving, and teaching digital marketing strategies. As a 6-figure affiliate marketer, I understand the power of blogging for passive income. Of course, it takes massive action on the front end, and I’m here to teach which actions can bring the best results. Enjoy!


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 You can get a website like this one, complete with the WordPress platform, hosting, theme, and 3rd party integrations at Ballen Brands. 702-917-0755. This website contains affiliate links that benefit Lori Ballen. 

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