Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

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I've shared how I make money as a blogger through ads (publishing), affiliate links, courses and webinars, speaking/coaching, sponsors, and services. Now, let's look at other current bloggers that share their income reports. So how do bloggers make money? Let's find out.

Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

  • Affiliate Networks
  • 10 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

    To create a successful and profitable affiliate marketing business, you must avoid making these 10 common mistakes.

    Because it doesn’t require processing and fulfilling orders, affiliate marketing is often preferred over traditional online businesses like e-commerce and dropshipping.

    As an affiliate marketer, you can make money by promoting products, services and lead forms from other businesses. When a user clicks your affiliate link and completes the required action, you’ll earn a commission.

    Choosing Affiliate Offers Based Solely
    on Commission

    A Commission is just one of many things to consider when choosing affiliate offers to promote.

    Even if an affiliate offer has a high payout, it may not prove profitable or otherwise worthwhile to promote. Some of the top-performing affiliate offers with the highest conversion rates, in fact, have a low commission.

    Affiliate offers with a high commission typically require a user to spend a lot of money or perform a lot of steps.

    In comparison, affiliate offers with a low commission typically require users to spend less money or perform fewer steps.

    As a result, conversion rates are often higher for affiliate offers with a low commission.

    Promoting Too Many Affiliate Offers

    Don’t make the mistake of promoting too many affiliate offers at once.

    When launching your affiliate marketing business, you may feel compelled to promote a dozen or more affiliate programs.

    Unfortunately, it’s difficult to create and optimize campaigns for so many affiliate offers.

    By focusing on just a few affiliate offers at once, you’ll experience greater success with your affiliate marketing business.

    Using a Single Affiliate Network

    What’s wrong with using a single affiliate network? If you only promote offers from a single affiliate network, you’ll have a limited number of offers from which to choose.

    More importantly, you may get better payouts for the same offer on a different affiliate network.

    If you’re currently promoting an offer on CJ Affiliate with a $10-per-sale commission, for example, ShareASale may have the same offer but with a $12-per-sale commission. 4) Rarely or Never Testing Affiliate Links

    Try to get into the habit of testing your affiliate links at least once a week. It’s not uncommon for affiliate links to stop working. If an affiliate network pulls an offer, for instance, the links won’t work.

    To ensure your traffic is properly tracked, test your affiliate links by clicking on them. After you click a link, you should see the click accounted for in the affiliate network.

    If any of your links aren’t working, remove them from your website or landing pages and contact the affiliate network for assistance.

    Consider using a Plugin like Thirsty Affiliates. You can store your affiliate links, auto-link them and then just change them in one place to update rather than in multiple places.

    Overlooking the Competition

    Because it’s such a popular type of online business, affiliate marketing isn’t without competition.

    Nearly all worthwhile affiliate offers have dozens if not hundreds of affiliate marketers promoting them.

    To succeed with an affiliate offer, you must assess your competitors’ strategies and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

    Only then can you effectively muscle your affiliate offers into the same digital territory.

    Not Building an Email List

    An email list is an invaluable tool for affiliate marketing, yet many affiliate marketers neglect to build one.

    According to eMarketer, the average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is four times higher than all other digital marketing strategies.

    By creating a simple opt-in form, you can build a list of subscribers to whom you can later promote your affiliate offers.

    Check out Convert Kit for making offers and building simple email funnels. I like KEAP for a more robust CRM.

    Believing PPC Advertising Is Too

    Many affiliate marketers strictly use free methods of promotion, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, believing that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is too expensive.

    On Facebook Ads, the average cost per click (CPC) is about 25 cents. on Google Ads, the average CPC for Search Network traffic is about $1 to $2. On Bing Ads, the average CPC is less than $1.

    Of course, click costs vary depending on factors such as keywords, competition, and Quality Score.

    Nonetheless, you don’t have to spend a fortune on PPC advertising. Whether you use Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or Bing Ads, you can score high-quality clicks without breaking your bank.

    Another common affiliate marketing mistake to avoid is using an excessive number of affiliate links on your website.

    Google doesn’t prohibit the use of affiliate links. It does, however, classify websites and web pages consisting primarily of affiliate links as being thin content.

    And like all forms of thin content, Google buries them deep in its search results where they receive little or no organic traffic.

    Make sure that you are creating in-depth content that provides value to your visitors.

    Copying Your Competitors’ Content

    Avoid the temptation of copying your competitors’ affiliate marketing strategies.

    Aside from being unethical and possibly illegal — under federal law, you can’t steal another person’s or business’s intellectual property — it doesn’t allow you to distinguish your campaigns from your competitors’.

    If you copy a competitor’s campaign, neither of you will experience positive results. Users will likely mistake your affiliate campaign for your competitor’s.

    Abandoning Nonprofitable Campaigns

    If a recently launched affiliate marketing campaign fails to drive a positive ROI, you may assume that it’s best to cut your losses and move on to a different campaign.

    After all, it doesn’t make sense to exhaust your time, energy and money on a campaign that’s not profitable.

    The problem with abandoning nonprofitable campaigns is that you won’t have the opportunity to optimize and improve them. Most affiliate campaigns aren’t initially profitable.

    It takes time to test different landing pages, target keywords, and promotional strategies. If you ditch a campaign with a negative ROI just a few days after launching it, you could lose a huge source of affiliate revenue.

    Affiliate marketing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a legitimate type of online business that requires hard work and dedication.

    If you’re guilty of making any of these affiliate marketing mistakes, you’ll struggle to turn a profit with your campaigns.

  • Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

    Monetize your content efficiently by becoming an affiliate for one of these insurance companies.

    Whether you are talking about car insurance, homeowners insurance, or even pet insurance, there are insurance affiliate programs from major insurance companies that allow you to earn money by referring new customers to them.  

    When you join an affiliate program, you will get a unique affiliate link or some other tool that you can use to promote the company that you are an affiliate for. 

    This unique link or tool will track how many referrals are coming into the company and signing up for programs based on your referrals. 

    Companies will pay you a piece of the earnings for referring new customers to them. 

    How much you get paid can be a percentage of the sale, a flat fee, or it could be earnedusing some other structure. 

    Affiliate programs have exploded in popularity because everybody wins. 

    It is an excellent way for companies to spread the word about their services through content creators that will promote these companies and not be paid unless referrals are converting to sales. 

    Then the content creators, of course, have the opportunity to monetize their content at scale

    Allstate Affiliate Program

    Allstate allows publishers to earn a commission for every auto, home, and renters insurance quote referral they provide. 

    • You can promote auto, home, and renters insurance.
    • You gain access to marketing tools like banner ads and text links.
    • You gain access to a well-established marketing affiliate team.

    Allstate pays its affiliates a flat fee for each quote that is received by a referral. The structure is as follows: 

    • Home Insurance – $20 per quote
    • Auto Insurance – $10 per quote
    • Renters Insurance – $5 per quote

    To Apply:

    Go to Allstate’s website, and you can find the application process for becoming an affiliate. You will have to fill out an application, go through a screening process, and then be approved to be an affiliate. 

    There are no detailed eligibility requirements or other requirements listed on the website to sign up, so give it a shot!

    Axa Travel Affiliate Program

    AXA USA provides travel insurance plans with fantastic benefits. Within the Awin Affiliate Network, AXA Travel offers a base commission of $12.00 per policy plus a bonus of up to $199 depending on the insurance plan.

    Program Benefits

    • Tracking Cookie: 45 Days
    • Marketing Assets
    • Affiliate newsletter with tips, news, and the latest offers.
    • Last Click Model

    Apply at AWIN

    Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program

    Liberty Mutual Insurance also provides an affiliate program for publishers to earn by driving new leads to the company. They also reward those affiliates that prove they can drive quality traffic!

    • Their commissions are among the highest in insurance affiliate programs.
    • They frequently provide promotions and bonus commissions. 
    • You’ll have access to a high-quality affiliate team.

    Potential Earnings

    • Auto Insurance – $10 per lead
    • Home Insurance – $10 per lead
    • Renters Insurance – $3 per lead
    • Multi-Policy – $17 per lead

    Liberty Mutual’s program is also free and easy to apply for. Just head over to their site to read more about the affiliate program and to apply today!

    USAA Travel Affiliate Program

    USAA provides a huge opportunity for publishers, especially with a military audience, to monetize their content by promoting many of USAA’s products, including but are not limited to insurance policies.  

    • Earn a commission when leads are submitted for auto insurance, credit cards, or many other products. 
    • Patriotic banner creative that will appeal to your audience. 
    • Strong support from advisors that are always ready to answer questions for you and your customers. 

    USAA pays flat commissions for its products like most other insurance companies, but they have more products to go around outside of insurance. 

    It would be too much to list all of those possibilities here, but with USAA, you can earn up to a $25 commission per referral, depending on the products. 

    Most commissions will likely be around $5-$10 per referral. 

    How To Apply:

    USAA’s affiliate program is run through Flex Offers, so visit their site to learn more about the program and how to apply. 

    This program will be best if you have a military (or former military) audience to promote products to. 

    Allianz Travel Insurance Affiliate Program

    Affiliate programs are not just for major insurance companies providing home, renters, and auto insurance. You can also sign up to be an affiliate for travel insurance companies like Allianz. 

    • You have an audience that would be interested in travel and could use the protection. 
    • You want to monetize your content.
    • Allianz is a leader in travel insurance. 

    The Allianz affiliate program is based on a tiered structure where affiliates will start by making $12 per sale and can work their way up to $15 per sale. 

    How to Apply:

    Visit the site to learn more about the program, and then you can redirect yourself to the application page. 

    There are no fees or detailed eligibility requirements to become an Allianz affiliate. Anyone can apply!

    How to choose the best affiliate program. 

    Out of the programs listed above, the best program will be the one that will genuinely help your audience. 

    If you have an audience that is likely looking for homeowners or renters insurance, then the best thing to do is point them in the direction of whichever company you feel is the best for them. 

    If you have a mostly military audience, then USAA could be the obvious choice to promote to monetize your content. 

    If you have a travel blog or other travel content, then traveler’s insurance could be a great way to pick up some extra dollars by promoting Allianz in your content.

    At the end of the day, the best affiliate program is always the one that is going to help your audience and not just the ones that pay the highest commission per sale or are the most popular.

  • Should You Use Nofollow Links for Affiliate Marketing?

    To make money as an affiliate marketer, you must publish and promote links to a merchant’s offer. So, are nofollow links better for affiliate marketing than standard links?

    Nearly all affiliate networks use links to track conversions. When a user clicks your link and completes the merchant’s conversion process, the affiliate network will credit your account with a commission.

    While you can start earning commissions immediately by copying and publishing an affiliate link on various channels, many affiliate marketers modify their links beforehand using the nofollow tag. 

    Also known as the nofollow attribute, it instructs search engines to disregard the link for ranking purposes. 

    From an internet user’s perspective, nofollow links work the same as all other links by redirecting to the target website when clicked. 

    The nofollow tag doesn’t interfere with the link’s functionality, nor does it prevent affiliate networks from tracking conversions. 

    Instead, it tells search engines not to use the link as a direct ranking signal.

    Nofollow Tag Origins

    You may consider using nofollow attributes on some user-generated content or paid links to avoid an outbound penalty, but ‘nofollowing’ an entire page doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    Patrick Stox

    Google created the specifications for the nofollow tag in 2005 to fight user-generated content (UGC) spam on blogs. 

    Before its development, spammers used software to generate and submit thousands of blog comments, most of which contained links pointing back to the spammer’s website. 

    By affixing the nofollow tag to these UGC links, however, bloggers were able to discourage spammers from targeting their blogs with otherwise worthless comments.

    The inception of the nofollow tag didn’t necessarily stop spammers from targeting blogs with a sea of worthless comments; it eliminated the efficacy of this manipulative search engine optimization (SEO) process.

    With the nofollow tag attached to them, links in blog comments no longer benefited the search rankings of spammers’ websites.

    Although the nofollow tag fights blog spam, its use has since expanded into other linking applications. 

    Search engines generally recommend using it anytime that a webmaster doesn’t want his or her website to be associated with the linked site. 

    The Nofollow tag works with Paid ads, sponsored content, and affiliate links.

    Many affiliate marketers use nofollow links to preserve their website’s search rankings. 

    Affiliate links, of course, are considered outbound links because they point to a different domain. 

    If you publish an affiliate link on your website or blog, it will redirect users to a different domain when clicked.

    Not all outbound links are bad for SEO. 

    On the contrary, some can help websites secure higher rankings. A study conducted by the U.K. digital marketing agency Reboot found that sites with a high number of authoritative outbound links ranked higher on Google than those with fewer and less-authoritative outbound links.

    Unfortunately, most affiliate links aren’t very authoritative. 

    They often consist of a generic tracking domain that redirects to the merchant’s website. Therefore, publishing affiliate links on your website or blog won’t lead to higher rankings. 

    It may prove counterproductive to your SEO strategy by creating a direct connection between your website and one or more domains with less than desirable domain authority.

    Another reason affiliate marketers use nofollow links is to compel search engines to crawl more of their website’s pages. 

    For single-page affiliate marketing websites and blogs, crawling shouldn’t be a concern. 

    If a website or blog has hundreds of pages, search engines may not crawl completely.

    Nofollow links may help affiliate marketers get more of their website or blog’s pages crawled by search engines. 

    Search engines crawl standard links by following them and analyzing the content of a linked website. 

    When one of Google’s bots encounters a standard link, they’ll follow it to the target website. 

    As a result, Google will spend time and fewer resources crawling the original site where the standard link was published.

    In regards to crawling, search engines treat nofollow links a little differently than standard web links. 

    Google and Bing use the nofollow tag as a hint to determine which websites they should crawl. If they stumble upon a nofollow link, the search engines may or may not crawl it. 

    And if Google or Bing doesn’t crawl a nofollow link, they’ll stay on the original website or blog where they can crawl more of its pages.

    Rather than using the nofollow tag for your affiliate links, consider using the sponsored tag. 

    Google now supports the nofollow, UGC, and sponsored tags for links. What is the sponsored tag exactly? 

    It’s an alternative link attribute explicitly designed for links associated with ads or sponsored content.

    On Sept. 10, 2019, Google revealed the specifications for a couple of new link attributes, including the UGC tag and the sponsored tag. 

    The UGC tag is for links created by a website’s visitors, whereas the sponsored tag is for paid or sponsored links.

    While affiliate networks don’t pay you for publishing them — they pay you for driving conversions — affiliate links are considered sponsored links. 

    After all, you have a financial incentive to publish and promote them. 

    Google doesn’t want sponsored links such as affiliate links to pass authority, so it advises webmasters to use the sponsored tag.

    The sponsored tag works like the nofollow tag by minimizing a link’s SEO value. 

    An incentivized link, when used, will be given little to no weight by the search engine.

    Shortly after releasing the new link attributes, Google’s John Mueller tweeted that affiliate marketers should use the sponsored tag for their links. 

    According to Mueller, affiliate links are perceived as bad by Google. 

    Nonetheless, the search trends analyst recommends affiliate marketers use the sponsored tag for their links.

    You can still use the nofollow tag on your affiliate links. If your affiliate links already feature the nofollow tag, you can add the sponsored tag to them. 

    Alternatively, you can replace the nofollow tag with the sponsored tag. 

    Just remember to use at least one of these tags so that search engines will recognize your affiliate links for what they are: sponsored links.

  • What is an Affiliate Tracking Cookie?

    Affiliate Tracking Cookies are used to track one’s leads, sales, and downloads on any given website. The importance of affiliate cookies are high, should a website want to ensure that their links or banners are effectively driving customers towards desired products.

    What Are Affiliate Cookies?

    One of the newest marketing methods involves the use of online affiliate marketing; specifically, the use of Affiliate Tracking Cookies.

    Affiliates can promote a business’s products or services by creating a referral URL that acts as a doorway or path from the customer to the online marketplace in question.

    In this developing online world of marketing and sales, new avenues and methods of buying products or services are being formed all the time. For many people, adapting to an ever-changing business environment can be extremely difficult.

    It can become overwhelming trying to keep tabs on effective ways of marketing and ensuring consistent sales.

    How Do Cookies Work?

    Cookies fire when a customer who has previously passed through an affiliate link, purchases a product or service.

    This causes the owner of the affiliate link to be paid an amount of money at the time of the cookie firing.

    Cookies are stored on the customer’s web browser, and therefore they provide routes and information concerning the traffic of internet users to specific online marketplaces.

    Affiliate Tracking Cookies ultimately form a sort of tracking system, whereby the online marketplaces and sellers of products or services know exactly where their consumer traffic came from.

    Cleared Cache

    A threat to the use of Affiliate Tracking Cookies can arise when an internet user deletes or clears out their cookies from their web browser.

    This would remove the links that previous cookies have made between a customer and that same customer potentially buying a product or service online.

    Although some internet users may have cleared their cookies from their browser accidentally, it may be true that other users see the use of website cookies as a threat to privacy.

    It is of the utmost importance that internet users are able to give their consent when clicking an affiliate link and be given full disclosure that their online purchasing is being monitored on a surface level.

    Affiliate Tracking Cookies are stored on an internet user’s web browser when they click an affiliate link; either through clicking on a website banner, a column ad, or even through a link contained in an email newsletter.

    Affiliate cookies have a vast range of time periods that they may be active for – anything from a single day to ninety days.

    Ultimately, affiliate cookies require a reliable and valid form of tracking in order to assess the success of an affiliate campaign. Consumer traffic can be monitored and commissions can be made through the use of Affiliate Tracking Cookies.

    Affiliate cookies work as a sort of middle-man, earning commission from online merchants by driving potential customers to specific products and services.

  • Can I Use Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing?

    Google ads can be a great way to generate traffic to the affiliate offers you are promoting. That being said, there is the right way and a wrong way that can get you in a heap of trouble with both the platform and the brands. In most cases, you’ll need a landing page and a specific type of campaign. Here’s what you need to know.

    Avoid Bidding On The Brand Name or Product

    As an affiliate marketer myself, who earns 6-figures annually through affiliate relationships, I’m clear on the importance of following rules of the affiliate programs and networks. You don’t want to start a major campaign, generate a lot of referrals, and commissions, and then not get paid because your strategy was against the terms of service of the brand.

    Most affiliate terms of service specifically state that you can’t bid on their name, product, or brands as a keyword. Since Google ads target specific search queries, the act of including the brand’s names or product names would directly compete with the brand. It makes sense that they wouldn’t want to do that. There are a few, however, that will allow PPC bidding.

    Take a look at your terms of service. In the affiliate network ShareASale, for example, there is a tab that specifically addresses PPC Keyword rules. In this example, the mattress company has made a list of all of the PPC terms that are not allowed in their program.

    In this example, the mattress company has made a list of all of the PPC terms that are not allowed in their affilaite program.

    If you are unsure if brand oriented PPC bidding is permitted, check with the brand directly.

    Bid on Topical Keywords

    While you may not be able to bid on the brand itself, you can certainly create landing pages and blog topics that are a “best of list”, or a “how-to” style blog, or an informational post.

    While you can’t bid on the specific dog collar you are promoting, you can bid on “dog collars”, “best dog collars for (Y)”, “how to choose the right dog collar”, etc.

    In this example, I typed dog collars into the Google search bar and saw a list of recent searches. These searches will inspire me on which kinds of blogs to create.

    • Best (X) for Y
    • Listicles: Best Dog Collars for (Year)
    • Question style Post
    • Comprehensive Guide
    • Informational

    I also use SEMrush to pull topic research and get ideas for which content is performing well on the search engines, and social media.

    In this example, I typed dog collars into the Google search bar, and saw a list of recent searches. These searches will inspire me on which kinds of blogs to create.

    Create a Landing Page

    It’s a best practice, and often a required one, to send links to a page you own rather than directly to the brand itself. While some brands will allow direct linking, you lose the opportunity to create a relationship between your website and brand, and the visitor. You can’t optimize for conversion rates sending them directly to the brand either.

    Most affiliate marketers use their own website or a landing page funnel builder, or some combination of both. You’ll see software like Click Funnels, Deadline funnel, Leadpages, Thrive Themes, or another funnel builder.

    I use WordPress along with the Astra theme and Elementor page builder to create pages from templates already provided, or that I customized. I also use the Thrive Architect page builder from Thrive Themes.

    The page builders also include sections and widgets that allow you to create reviews, pricing plans, features, and more. You can even create your own video or use the video provided in the Brand assets in the affiliate program itself.

    Here’s a sample of an Elementor Pro Template featuring the pricing plan.

    The page builders also include sections and widgets that allow you to create reviews, pricing plans, features, and more. You can even create your own video or use the video provided in the Brand assets in the affiliate program itself.
    Elementor Pro Template

    WordPress Page Builders

    Key Takeaways

    Is it OK to use Google Ads for PPC in Affiliate Marketing?

    It’s an acceptable practice to use PPC bidding and Google Ads for affililiate marketing provided that you follow the terms of service of the affiliate program and the budding platform.

    It’s a best practice to bid on topics that are related to the brand rather than the product or brand itself.

    Most affiliate marketers use stand alone landing pages, or a page on their website to send the paid traffic to rather than directly to the brand making the offer. Once the visitor is on the landing page, then they will see links to make a purchase or learn more about the offer.

    Check out my comprehensive list of affiliate programs.

  • Golf Affiliate Programs

    If you talk golf and are looking to monetize your blog, youtube channel, podcast, or social media channels, this list of golf affiliate programs is for you. The commission rates, average sales, and cookie lengths may vary from one network to another. Many affiliate programs are part of multiple affiliate networks and change offers with each.

    Foray Golf Affiliate Program

    Foray Golf has an affiliate program offered within the AWIN network. FORAY Golf is a women’s clothing line based out of New York City. A proud women-owned business, it’s a brand you can trust. This affiliate program allows most publishers into the program.

    Short Par 4 Affiliate Program

    Short Par 4 has an affiliate program offered insided the AWIN affiliate network. They sell premium golf apparel subscriptions.

    Callaway Golf

    Callaway Golf has an affiliate program within the Partnerize affiliate network.

    Global Golf

    Cutter Golf

    Taylor Made Golf

    Rain or Shine Golf

    Ran or Shine Golf offers golf simulators. They have an affiliate program within the Affiliatly network and boast that they have high conversion rates.

    Swing Man Golf

    Golf Outlets

    Austad’s Golf

    The Golf Warehouse (TGW)

  • Affiliate Marketing: 7 Easy Ways to Increase Conversion Rates

    The success of an affiliate marketing campaign is dependent upon its conversion rate. Regardless of which advertising networks you use, traffic alone won’t lead to commissions. Rather, you must convince users to click and engage with your affiliate offers.

    The success of an affiliate marketing campaign is dependent upon its conversion rate. Regardless of which advertising networks you use, traffic alone won't lead to commissions. Rather, you must convince users to click and engage with your affiliate offers.

    A low conversion rate indicates that users aren’t taking action after seeing an affiliate offer. They may click it, but they won’t follow through with the commission-triggering action.

    The good news is there are several easy steps you can take to increase the conversion rates of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

    1) Use Landing Pages

    Sending traffic to landing pages can lead to higher conversion rates. Some affiliate marketers send traffic directly to their affiliate offers.

    Sending traffic to landing pages can lead to higher conversion rates. Some affiliate marketers send traffic directly to their affiliate offers.

    They assume that landing pages are an unnecessary step that harms conversion rates, so they avoid using them.

    In truth, landing pages promote higher conversion rates by allowing you to presell your affiliate offers.

    Landing pages do, in fact, add another step to the conversion process.

    To generate a conversion, a user must visit your landing page, click an ad or link to your affiliate offer and then complete the commission-triggering action.

    With a landing page, though, you can presell users by telling them why they should engage with your affiliate offer.

    You can also create custom landing pages for specific traffic segments.

    Landing Page Software

    Take a look at this expansive list of Landing Pages affiliate programs.

    2) Choose the Right Affiliate Offers

    Some affiliate offers are easier to generate conversions for than others.

    Some affiliate offers are easier to generate conversions for than others.

    When browsing an affiliate network’s offers, put yourself in the shoes of a typical user. If an offer doesn’t compel you to take action, it will probably convert poorly.

    High-converting affiliate offers can convey the value that drives the action or actions needed for a conversion.

    An affiliate offer’s commission structure can affect its conversion rate as well.

    Affiliate offers that use a cost-per-action (CPA) structure, for instance, tend to have higher conversion rates than those that use a cost-per-sale (CPS) structure.

    Unlike with CPS offers, you don’t have to convince users to buy a product or service when promoting CPA offers.

    CPA conversions are triggered through non-purchasing actions, such as subscribing to an email newsletter, downloading software or completing a form.

    Many of the affiliate networks such as ShareASale and Awin list the conversion rates of an affiliate program.

    3) Create Tracking URLs

    Creating tracking URLs is an easy way to increase your campaigns’ conversion rates. A tracking URL is a unique link that redirects to an affiliate offer.

    Creating tracking URLs is an easy way to increase your campaigns' conversion rates. A tracking URL is a unique link that redirects to an affiliate offer.

    They are designed to help affiliate marketers segment their conversions.

    If you promote the same affiliate offer on Facebook and Twitter, for example, you can create two tracking URLs: one for each of the two social media networks.

    Tracking URLs are available in most affiliate networks. From within the affiliate network’s interface, you can create tracking URLs for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

    If your affiliate network doesn’t support tracking URLs, consider a third-party tracking solution like Thirsty Affiliates.

    I use Thirsty Affiliates for WordPress. I can add a link and get a short link and personalized link. I can then use those links anywhere and monitor the total links.

    It’s also cool because I can enter a keyword associated with a link. Then, anytime I use that keyword, Thirsty Affiliates adds the link automatically.

    4) Capture Email Addresses

    Another easy way to increase conversion rates in affiliate marketing is to capture email addresses.

    Aweber is a very popular email and newsletter platform that is earning affiliates a lot of commissions. It is one of, if not the most popular of it's kind in the affiliate marketing space.

    You can send users emails to promote your affiliate offers, allowing for higher conversion rates. If a user doesn’t engage with your affiliate offer initially, you may be able to convert him or her later with an email.

    Assuming you use landing pages, you can collect users’ email addresses with an opt-in newsletter form.

    The opt-in form shouldn’t be the focal point of a landing page. Instead, make it secondary to the landing page’s sales copy and its call-to-action (CTA).

    With a discreet placement, the opt-in newsletter form will capture users’ email addresses without drawing attention away from your affiliate offer.

    Check out OptinMonster or ConvertKit for lead magnet pop in’s, slide-ins, and inline content offers.

    I use KEAP to send my email newsletters and offers.

    You might also like the Thrive Themes suite for WordPress. One membership provides you with lead generation boxes, call to action boxes, drag and drop page builders and more. It integrates with most email autoresponders like Keap and ConvertKit.

    5) Establish Trust

    To generate conversions in affiliate marketing, you must establish trust with your target audience.

    To generate conversions in affiliate marketing, you must establish trust with your target audience.

    Trust is a fundamental component of all forms of marketing, including affiliate marketing.

    If users don’t trust your ads or landing pages, chances of a conversion are slim at best.

    You can establish trust through the use of transparent sales copy. Don’t try and deceive users by making false claims about an affiliate offer.

    Whether you’re writing an ad or the content for a landing page, keep your sales copy honest.

    If you are doing a product review, be honest. Don’t give a positive review on somoething you don’t really like just because you get a commission if it sells.

    I will generally share pros and cons. I appreciate the pros and cons block for WordPress Gutenberg that is part of the Thrive architect page builder.

    6) Enhance Usability

    Improving the usability of your website and landing pages can lead to higher conversion rates.

    Yes! You can apply for the Get Response Affiliate Program and potentially earn affiliate commissions by referring customers through your affiliate link.

    Users are less likely to interact with landing pages that suffer from poor usability. If your landing pages take an excessive amount of time to load, for instance, some users will likely leave.

    In addition to long load times, other usability problems that can affect conversion rates include a cluttered design, small and hard-to-read text, lack of contrasting colors, and broken links.

    Your landing pages may have persuasive sales copy, but if they suffer from poor usability, they won’t generate many conversions.

    I use SEMrush to run regular SEO Sitechecks. I also like Grammarly for helping me to catch those pesky typos!

    To evaluate a landing page’s usability, navigate and use it from the perspective of a typical user. If you encounter any hiccups, address them so that they don’t bring down your campaigns’ conversion rates.

    Jeff and Paul at Ballen Brands build great websites for affiliate marketers. Give them a call at 702-917-0755 and tell them Lori Ballen sent you.

    7) Buy Retargeting Ads

    You can achieve higher conversion rates for your affiliate marketing campaigns by investing in retargeting ads.

    Yes. Target does have an affiliate program. Target affiliates network is primarily designed for content creators and bloggers who are based in the United States and are well-positioned to be selling Target products.

    Also referred to as remarketing ads, they are distinguished from other types of online ads by their targeting method.

    Retargeting ads allow you to selectively target users who’ve visited your landing pages but didn’t perform the action or actions required for a conversion.

    Retargeting ads are available through several online advertising networks.

    You can create them in Google Ads, Bing Ads, and even Facebook Ads. While each advertising network has a different retargeting system, they all require the use of a list.

    To create retargeting ads, you must build a list of users whom you wish to target. You’ll have to place a tracking snippet or pixel on your landing pages.

    When a user visits one of your landing pages, the tracking snippet or pixel will capture his or her information for retargeting purposes.

    In affiliate marketing, traffic is just one piece of the puzzle. You can send boatloads of traffic to an affiliate offer.

    Unless the traffic converts, however, you won’t generate any commissions for it.

    Optimizing your affiliate marketing campaigns for higher conversion rates will maximize your commission earnings by encouraging more users to take action.

  • What Does EPC Mean?

    EPC stands for earnings per click. It’s a summary of how much is paid out on average per click. The EPC Can help you determine how successful an affiliate campaign is.

    For Affiliate networks like Shareasale, rather than paying per click, they estimate the merchant’s sales and divide it by 100 clicks to create the EPC.

    Formula: Commission Earned / Clicks X 100 = EPC

    You can usually find the 7-day and 30-day rolling averages for any merchant in the network.

    The EPC can help you gauge how well an affiliate program is doing.

  • How to Create and Manage a Facebook Group for Affiliate Income

    Here is a systematic guide to kick-start the process and create a powerful Facebook group in which you can share affiliate links and grow your affiliate marketing income.

    If you are on Facebook, chances are you are a member of a Facebook group. Creating a Facebook group might seem like a simple affair; however, it involves quite a bit of management.

    Let’s get started.

    How to Create a Group on Facebook

    Facebook groups are associations of people who have something in common. It is a close-knit circle where you get to share and stay in touch. Most of the groups revolve around topics, books, businesses support, and there are some, which are exclusive to individual members.

    The topics discussed depend on your goals, aspirations and focus. Once you determine what you want, you may do ahead and design your group. The process is easy and straightforward.

    Come up with an idea

    As we have earlier discussed, you can start by coming up with a perfect idea for your group. It will be your foundation for building a successful social media following. If you are new to Facebook, then you need to create a functional account first. However, if you are a member, then this will not be necessary.

    On the search area, type in your idea to find out if ‘it is original. If other people are using the same topic, then you need to keep trying. Try to make it simple and something that relates to what you want to promote.

    Let’s say your affiliate product is a weight loss supplement. Running a Facebook Group for a specific kind of diet or fitness routine could be very advantageous.

    If your affiliate product is software, it would be great to have a Facebook group that consists of a specific audience to teach the software to from time to time.

    Click Create group

    On your Facebook homepage, click on the Groups icon. You will be directed to a page for groups where there is a suggestion for you to join. These types are friends groups, popular groups near you, groups by categories and other recommendations. Since you are not joining a group, you can go directly to discover and click on “create a group.”

    Add name

    A lightbox will pop up where you can begin by adding your ‘group’s details. Under your group name’s tab, enter the details of your original idea. Ensure the name is unique and straightforward. A complicated name is not ideal and may limit membership.

    Invite friends

    After choosing an appropriate name, next, you can add people to the group. Here you can send invitations to your friends. You can scroll to the current list or type their names in the tab. Unlike old groups, with the new Facebook groups, you can personalize the invitation by including a note or a description.

    You may tell them what the group is all about. It is important to note that Facebook allows you to create a group without adding friends. Therefore, you can still customize before sending out invitations to friends.

    You can also use your Facebook page to run ads promoting the group if you don’t have a large number of friends to invite.

    Choose your privacy settings

    Depending on the type of group you are creating, you need to choose the privacy settings. There are three modes available. The public setting allows anybody to find your group and see the list of members.

    Also, anybody can see what members in the group are posting. If you are creating a group for business, then you can choose this mode since you will be promoting your goods or services to a broad audience.

    The second privacy mode is closed where only the group’s members can see each other and the content which they will post. This setting also can easily be found, but the contents are strictly for members.

    The secret mode differs with the closed privacy setting in that nobody other can members can find it. In addition, only members can see what is posted in the group.

    Facebook allows for changing of the privacy settings after 28 days. However, for secret and closed groups with over 5000 members, they cannot change privacy from privacy to public.

    Click create

    After choosing the privacy settings for your group, now you can click create. This option takes you to your group home page where there are some additional features, which you must fill for it to be functional.

    Upload the cover image

    There is an option of adding an image or a creative picture, which will be your cover photo. The photo you choose should align with your brand or theme. It should correlate with your idea or topic. If you have several groups, then you can select a photo that will differentiate them.

    You may upload from the images available in your profile or your desktop. Facebook will advise you on the dimensions, which may be different from your personal or business page.

    Fill in the “About” section

    Now it is time to fill in other important details. On your left, you will find about section. Click on this area, and here you will need to type in the group description. These are just a few words to tell your members what the group is all about. You can also display the group rules for members. Click confirm to save the changes.

    Click on “More”

    This section allows you to edit the settings for your Facebook group. You can invite more friends by clicking on “invite members” and enter their names or emails. You can also add a personalized message.

    The second option is to moderate the group. It is a comprehensive section that displays the group’s creator; you in this case. You can add notes on different sections. This section also offers a platform where you can interact with a member in terms of what is posted. It also allows admins to create rules and discipline or flag off errant members.

    There is also the edit group settings that allow you to make changes to your description. You can also add your location so that people can quickly locate your group in your areas. There is an option of adding tags to help new members find groups of their interest. For instance, football tags and this option allow you to add up to five tags.

    The apps feature useful, especially if you are creating a group for business. You can also create a new linked page if you would like to connect and engage with the right people for the growth of your business.

    You can also customize the color depending on your preference. The customize address option allows you to share links to your Facebook group. You can manage badges and change privacy settings.

    There are tabs where you can make the ‘groups’ information or resources readily available. It also helps members learn and expand their knowledge. There is an option of adding games and receiving invitations.

    The membership approval tab moderates on who can invite members to the group. You can set questions for new members requesting to join and set pages that will allow members to join.

    You can moderate in the posting permissions where you allow members to post or limit posting to admins only. Also, you can set group posts approval before they appear on the wall. You can set permissions for stories, videos, and images added by the members to the group.

    Other tabs are archiving the group where members can still visit the group but cannot post. You can also pin to shortcuts where your group will appear on the homepage. There is also an option for linking to an existing group and creating a new group.

    You can turn on the notifications tab to receive essential updates when a member posts. If there is spam, you will be notified and respond promptly. Your Facebook group is now ready for you and members to post and share.

    Page Vs. A Group

    Facebook has changed the way people reach out to your business. Whether you are a business person, a blogger, a company, or an individual, you can create a group or a page. However, most people are usually at a crossroads in choosing between the two.

    A Facebook page is an official profile page for companies, brands, or websites. For instance, it is typical to see celebrities, politicians, and public figures have pages where they interact with their followers. Here their users can engage by liking, commenting, or sharing posts. Anyone can like them and command a considerable following. They also can be promoted for monetary gains.

    Facebook pages have multiple features, which include information about a particular brand or a company, description, address, location, and business hours. You also find posts, reviews, private messaging, and analytics for tracking engagements by followers. The followers can also post on your page, which can be found on the community tab. It is also possible to link groups here.

    A Facebook group is a hub for engagement, information sharing, and discussion. It brings together your friends or people with a common interest. For instance, you may have a group for friends, neighborhood association or business associates.

    For you to create a Facebook group or to have a page, you must have a Facebook profile. However, for groups, your file is visible to all members of the group, and you are the administrator. Some of the features of groups are basic information, which includes the description. You can also set rules of engagement and moderate the group. You are in charge of allowing new members and have total control. Also, there is a calendar where you can update events for members. The main differences between a page and a group are in the privacy, analytics and purpose.


    The primary purpose of a Facebook page is to engage with your audiences. It gives priority to posts on the page. Uses can connect with your posts by commenting, and there is total control of what is posted there. Followers may not have significant control over what they post, comment, or react and community discussion will appear in a separate area on the same page. On the other hand, your Facebook group is a platform where users can engage in discussion. They can post or share depending on your ‘group’s rules.


    When it comes to privacy, your Facebook page is public, and anybody can access. However, there are restrictions on who can post or tag information. You can choose to unpublish the page or delete it. For the Facebook group, there are various privacy modes. These are public, closed, and secret as discussed earlier in this post.


    When it comes to analytics, as a page admin, you will have access to your audience numbers, engagement, posts and comments as a way of measuring the engagement level. Your Facebook group does not have an analytics feature, and the information is basic and just a summary of recent activity.

    How to delete a Facebook Group

    If you are a group admin, you have the power to delete a group. Deleting is permanent, and there is no way to reverse the action. After deleting, it will not appear in the search option to anybody and cannot admit new members. On the group homepage click, leave group tab, which is located beside your name, and this will delete the group permanently.

    The Proper Group Cover Photo Size

    Just like most for a personal profile, the groups cover photo sizes keeps on changing. The displays may be different depending on whether you are using a phone, tablet, or desktop. Facebook recommends the size of 1640px X 856px, which is approximately 1.91:1 ratio. This size works well on mobile phones and even on tablets.

    Facebook Group Badges

    Badges are essential since they allow groups to identify admins, active members, and moderators. This feature is useful to new members who will find it east identifying leaders in a group. Admins and the moderators can also acknowledge outstanding member in terms of contributions.

    A badge is quite visible, and there are different badges for admins, new members, moderators, anniversary and old members. Badges appear alongside the name of a member on posts, profile ad comments.

    Type of Facebook Groups

    Facebook groups are platforms for engagement, and there are millions of members in various groups. The Facebook groups are classified in the form of privacy settings. These are Public group, closed groups and secret groups.

    Groups are available for admission to anyone; however; it is their privacy settings that make them different. Public groups are general, and anybody can view, post and join. Closed groups are unique and exclusive since they allow anyone to find them but only allow members to post and view content. Secret groups are only available to members.

    How to Add an Admin to a FB Group

    To add a member as an admin of your Facebook group is a straightforward process. On your newsfeed, start by clicking on Groups tab at the left side, select the group, then click on the members’ tab. Select the person you would like to add and make them an admin.

    How to Change a Facebook Group Name

    Changing your group name is a simple procedure. From the news feed, go to groups on the left side. On the group just below the cover photo, click on the tab more. Now select the option Edit Group Settings, just next to your group name, select change, and click. Rename your group and click on save.

    How to use Facebook Group Chat

    Facebook group chats are quite popular and allow you to send messages to more than one person. It is a group chat since there will be many people joining in the same discussion. You can create these chats on Facebook site or the messenger app.

    Creating chats using the messenger app

    You can start by logging into the app using your account. For you to send messages from the app, you must send from a Facebook account; you can read your messages on the app or the website.

    Next, tap on new message tab. If you are using an android device, you can tap on the + button at the right side and scroll to write a message. If you are using an iOS device, tap on the New Message tab on the right side.

    The next step is to add people into the discussion. Here you type the person’s name and tap to add. It is now possible to add more people into the group to create a group chat. There are options where you can insert ’emoji’s, GIFS and photos.

    When you click on the Group name, you will find various options such as open chat head, change group photo, change the name, create a shortcut, delete a conversation, leave the group and report a problem.

    Creating chats using the Facebook account

    On your Facebook website click on new message tab. It is located on the right side menu. It is just below your list of friends. When you minimize the list, you will still find this option on the window. You can add friends to a conversation by tapping the gear button.

    Select add friends to chat. You can then add people whom you would like to join in the conversation. You then can type your message, which will be available to everybody in the group. It is also possible to add photos, ’emoji’s and GIFs and shares with your friends.

    How to Pin a Post in a Facebook Group (Make Announcement)

    Sometimes back, admins would use a pinned post to announce members. However, it is now possible to mark an announcement without pinning. On your Facebook news feed, click on the Groups tab on the select. Select the group and look for a post you would like to make an announcement. Click on its right side and select the tab, Mark as announcement.

    How to Tag a Group on Facebook

    Tagging on Facebook allows members to grab attention on a post or object. It also helps in notifying other members on important matters. You can identify photos, people, videos, or places using this feature. Tagging is also available to groups, and it is a powerful tool, then it comes to managing and coordinating group activities.

    On your Facebook account, scroll down to the item you would like to tag. Next click on the comment section beneath the image or the status you would like to tag. For you to tag a group, click on the status tab.

    The next step is to type @ in the comment or status tab and type the group name. Facebook automatically detects the group you would like tag, and the name will appear next to @.

    Click on the post and submit the update to the group you have tagged. When it comes to comments, just press Enter to post and the respective tag.

    When tagging photos or videos, you only need to scroll to the object and right-click to tag. Inside the field, now type in the name of the group. You can still type using @ followed by the group’s name, and it automatically appears in the field.

    How to do a Facebook Group Video Chat

    Video chats in a group are more or less the same as usual chats. You start by joining a group discussion or come up with a new one. Next, tap on video on the right side. A video chat will appear, and everybody in the chatroom will get a notification of the impending chat. Any person when joins the conversation will tap on the video. However, video chats are limited to fifty people per session.

    How do you leave a Group on Facebook

    If you want to leave a group, no one will know you are leaving. Click on the Groups icon on the left. Then select the group you would like to leave. Just below your cover photo, select joined feature and click on leave group. You will be notified on whether you want to leave the group. You can click leave the group to exit.

    How do you add a new Member to a Group

    Inviting new members will lead to the growth of your group. As an admin, you have all the rights to add new members. On the Group menu on the left, tap on the group, you would like to add a new member. Then click on more just below your cover photo and scroll to invite members. You can then enter the name you would like to add and tap on the invite.

    Announcing New Members

    When you have new members joining your group, you can welcome them by creating a welcome post. On the group icon, start by selecting the group you would like to make an announcement. Scroll to the members’ list on your right side and click on write post tab. Write a custom message and post for others to see.

    This feature is only available to a group admin, and you will see a prompt message to welcome up to 100 recent members.

    Facebook Groups Rules

    Rules are necessary for a group as they help admins moderate discussions, posts, and tags. New members can understand what the group is all about and their expectations. Rules are mainly created depending on the discretion of the admin. They allow everybody to treat each other with respect.

    They also prevent the spreading of hate speech and bullying. Spams, promotions, and random posts are kept at bay. Further, there is respect to a member’s privacy.

    To create a group rule, you can click on the group’s icon on the left side. Tap on the Moderate group menu item and scroll to create rules. Next click on create a rule or get started and write the rule. You can add a title and a small description.

    Finally, click on confirm. Deleting the rule will follow the same procedure, only that this time you will click on the edit or delete rule menu item. You have an option of adding up to ten rules.

    How to Search a Facebook Group

    Searching for posts in a Facebook group is easy. From your group menu, there is a search box where you can enter the name or keyword you are searching. Next is to filter the search results by simply selecting all the options.

    Fun Games for Facebook Groups

    Facebook groups are interactive platforms where members can engage and have fun. They are numerous fun games for group members. Some of these games will capture ‘members’ attentions. For instance, the profile photo contest is easy to handle.

    A good image is essential, and as an admin, you can come up with a creative profile photo and ask members to change their photos too. You can give awards to the one with the best profile photo. If it goes a notch higher, you can integrate the group’s brand with their image.

    The scavenger hunt is another game that will thrill group members. Here you can post some few clues randomly and scatter them on Facebook. You can ask friends to find them by posting links. The first to hunt will win prizes. If there are many fans, it may get complicated, and there may be many comments.

    The photo game is also a fun game, which will encourage group members. Here they can post photos in different locations, and the contest can get viral and fun too. You can also search through some addictive games where the scores are a bit high.

    Next, pose a challenge to the members to beat the top score. It is simple and may generate lots of attention and response.

    You can try the acronym game by coming up with random names and challenging the members to respond. This game can be addictive as they search for similar names.

    Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

    These groups help individuals in promoting their products and services on Facebook. It is a market place where members can post things they want to sell, and other members can make orders and buy. Besides, a member looking for a particular item may post a request, and a seller will respond.

    These groups are different from the regular groups since they allow members to lists the things for sale, mark any item as sold, and search for things to buy.

    There are restrictions on the items to promote, and some things are not allowed on the market place. Drugs, counterfeits, animals, and weapons are banned. Similarly, elements that infringe on copyrights are not allowed.

    Facebooks have policies that every member wishing to sell in the group must follow. All sales must relate to real things and tickets will only be sold with special permission. The photos you post for sale must also match with the description including the titles. Health care items such as first aid kits and thermometers are also not allowed. Photo for weight loss showing before and after descriptions are also not allowed.

    For you or the group members to sell anything, the buy and sell button must be on. Only the admin can turn it on or off. To sell in the group, select the group and click the menu option, what are you sell? Enter the description of the item you are promoting and then click on the Next button. You can choose your target market so that most people can see what you are selling.

    You can also promote things in other such groups where you are a member. Also, you can come up with a market place where you can list the items for sale. Click on the circle to add or to remove this option. Click the post option for the item to appear on the group. You can also edit and delete posts or mark items as sold.

    For the market place listing, you can edit or delete differently. An item marked as sold can be available on the market place when you click Mark as “Available.”

    If you would like to turn on or off, you can do so under more just below the cover photo. Under Edit Group Settings, scroll to group type and tap on change. Then select Buy and Sell and confirm, Then save.

    Facebook groups have brought tremendous changes in the way people communicate, share interests, and interact. The process of setting up one is quite elaborate and as a group admin.

  • Affiliate Marketing Programs

    I earn 6-figures in affiliate marketing, primarily in SaaS (Software as a service) commissions. I’ve compiled this list of affiliate marketing programs to share with my readers. Enjoy!

    Affiliate Marketing Programs
    Affiliate Networks
    Advertising and Publishing Programs
    Business Affiliate Programs
    Communications Affiliate Programs
    Computer Affiliate Programs
    CRM Affiliate Programs
    Domain Name Affiliate Programs
    eCommerce Affiliate Programs
    Email Marketing Software Affiliate Programs
    Fashion Affiliate Programs
    Finance Affiliate Programs
    Freelance Services
    Gift Affiliate Programs
    Graphic Design Affiliate Programs
    Health and Fitness Affiliate Programs
    Heatmap Software Affiliate Programs
    Home and Garden Affiliate Programs
    Insurance Affiliate Programs
    Jewelry Affiliate Programs
    Landing Page Affiliate Programs
    Online Course Platform Affiliate Programs
    Password Affiliate Programs
    Pets Affiliate Programs
    Podcast Affiliate Programs
    Referral Software Affiliate Programs
    SEO Affiliate Programs
    Social Media Affiliate Programs
    Team Management Software
    Travel Affiliate Programs
    Video and Live Streaming Affiliate Programs
    Website Builder Affiliate Programs
    WordPress Affiliate Programs
  • Affiliate Marketing vs MLM Multi-Level Marketing: What’s the Difference?

    When searching for ways to earn additional income, you’ll probably encounter affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM). 

    By understanding the differences between affiliate marketing and MLM, you can decide which type of business is right for you.

    They are two of the most popular types of single-person marketing businesses. Both affiliate marketing and MLM involve the promotion of another company’s products or services. 

    They differ, however, in several ways. By understanding the differences between affiliate marketing and MLM, you can decide which type of business is right for you.

    What Is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing business where you earn a commission for driving sales or leads to a company’s offer. 

    It’s typically performed exclusively online. 

    If a company wants to generate more sales or leads, it may enroll in an online affiliate network or launch a affiliate program on its website. 

    The company will then publish one or more offers while seeking the assistance of affiliates to promote them.

    As an affiliate marketer, you’ll promote a company’s affiliate offers. The company will reward you with a commission for each conversion action that you drive to their offers. 

    Depending on the offer, you may earn a commission for driving sales or make a flat fee for driving leads. 

    Offers can consist of physical products, digital products, services, downloads, and lead forms.

    When you promote an affiliate offer, you’ll advertise a unique link that tracks all visits and conversion actions. 

    You won’t get paid simply when someone clicks this link. Rather, you’ll only earn a commission when someone follows the link and then performs the conversion action, such as making a purchase or completing a lead form.

    What Is MLM?

    Also known as network marketing, MLM is a type of marketing business that involves promoting a company’s products and recruiting other marketers to do the same. 

    It’s similar to affiliate marketing but offers two ways to make money. 

    You’ll earn a commission on all direct sales, and you’ll earn a commission or a bonus on sales generated by the marketers you recruit.

    MLM uses a pyramid-like structure for recruitment. Upon joining an MLM program, you’ll be at the bottom of the pyramid. 

    Examples of MLM are Send Out Cards and Monat.

    If you recruit a marketer to join the same MLM program, they will be one level below you on the pyramid. 

    If they go on to recruit two new marketers, they will be two levels below you on the pyramid. 

    Known as your downline, you’ll be compensated with either a commission or a bonus for sales generated by the marketers below you on the pyramid.

    While affiliate marketing is an online business, MLM is performed both locally and online. Many MLM entrepreneurs work from home. They’ll invite their friends, family members, and coworkers to their home, where they will attempt to sell or recruit them.

    Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing offers several advantages. When compared to MLM, it offers a higher rate of success. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that only 1 percent of MLM entrepreneurs make money. 

    The majority either break even or lose money.

    Not all affiliate marketers make money either, but they typically have a higher success rate than their MLM counterparts. 

    According to Fetch Profits, up to 16 percent of all e-commerce sales are driven by affiliate marketers. Since it’s performed online, it’s easier to succeed at affiliate marketing

    You can use data to optimize your landing pages and your paid ads, for a higher return on investment (ROI), which isn’t possible with MLM.

    There are fewer startup costs with affiliate marketing. Many MLM programs require you to purchase products before promoting and selling them. 

    Some of them even require you to buy a bulk number of products, known as a starter kit, upon joining. 

    If you’re unable to sell all of the products, you’ll have to absorb that expense, which is why so many MLM entrepreneurs ultimately fail to make money.

    Affiliate marketing offers a wider range of products and services to promote. If you join an MLM program, you’ll be limited to promoting a single company’s product or products. 

    There are affiliate networks, though, that contain offers from hundreds of different companies. If you aren’t successful with an offer, you can ditch it and try a different company’s offer.

    Commissions are more straightforward with affiliate marketing. MLM programs often have a confusing and complicated commission structure that’s difficult to understand. 

    They typically pay a different commission for each level of your pyramid. If you have four levels of recruits below you, that’s four various commissions. 

    Affiliate marketing doesn’t have multiple commissions. When you’re ready to promote an offer, you’ll see a single commission that defines precisely how much you’ll get paid per each conversion action.

    Advantages of MLM

    MLM does have some advantages, primarily the ability to earn money through recruitment. 

    If you’re able to fill your downline with active recruits, you’ll reap the benefits of passive income. 

    You won’t have to do any promoting. Instead, you can sit back while earning a commission or bonus on sales generated by the recruits in your downline.

    With MLM, you may recruit a highly active and successful marketer who becomes your golden egg. If the marketer continuously generates sales or recruits, new marketers, he or she will help you succeed at MLM by creating passive income. 

    Of course, most MLM entrepreneurs fail, so the chances of recruiting someone successful is slim at best.

    Some people prefer the face-to-face nature of MLM. As an MLM entrepreneur, you can host gatherings at your home or elsewhere that allows you to socialize in person. Affiliate marketing is performed online, so it doesn’t offer this same face-to-face socialization.

    Affiliate marketing and MLM aren’t the same. Affiliate marketing focuses on driving conversion actions through a unique link, whereas MLM focuses on face-to-face product sales and the recruitment of new marketers. 

    While they both offer opportunities to make money, affiliate marketing comes out on top. 

    It’s easier, has fewer startup costs, allows you to promote hundreds of offers, and has straightforward commissions.

  • 8 Tips to Boost Your Affiliate Sales

    If you want to earn a steady income from affiliate marketing, it will take time and effort. Knowing a few affiliate marketing tips will help you. Here are eight tips that will help you increase your affiliate sales.

    Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to monetize your blog. And there are plenty of people who earn a good living from affiliate websites. 

    However, you cannot merely throw a few affiliate links on a page and expect to make a fortune. And it wouldn’t be wise to get too excited about the affiliate opportunities that suggest that you make millions of dollars with no effort. 

    1. Pick a Niche and Stick with It

    People buy products from websites they trust. So, the best way to build an affiliate marketing business is to become an authority in your niche

    Do not focus solely on adding affiliate sales pages to your website. Publish some helpful, informative posts as well. 

    As an affiliate marketer, you will be recommending products to people. 

    It would help if you gave visitors to your site confidence that you know what you are talking about to trust your recommendations.

    2. Do Not Be Coy 

    There is no benefit to be gained by hiding the fact that you will make a commission if someone follows your recommendation. 

    Indeed, it is a legal requirement to declare on your website that you will earn a commission from affiliate sales in many regions. 

    If you are reviewing a product on your website, people will not be surprised to learn that you may make money from sales of that product. 

    Do not hide your affiliate links away inside a block of text. Use bold and easy to find call-to-action buttons that will tempt people to buy.

    3. Be Genuine

    If every product you review or recommend is “awesome, amazing, and life-changing,” people will not trust your opinion. 

    There may be some products that you genuinely love and are excited to feature on your website. 

    Still, every product mentioned on your site cannot be perfect, so do not be afraid to discuss some of the drawbacks or faults you find when reviewing affiliate products

    People will want to see genuine opinions from you to weigh up the pros and cons of products for themselves.

    4. Use Comparison Tables

    One of the most effective ways to create affiliate sales is to review a range of products in the same category. For example, you might write a review of ten of the best organic coffees or ten of the best mountain bikes. 

    If you use this type of listed review format, you will increase your affiliate sales if you include a comparison table in your post. 

    Product comparison tables make it easy for a visitor to see the products in one place to compare each product’s features and prices. 

    Comparison tables can also be situated at the top of the page, above the fold, which is the best place for your affiliate links.

    5. Choose the Products that Maximize Your Earnings

    Choosing the most popular products is not always the best way to go with affiliate marketing. Often, the more obscure products will earn you higher commission rates. 

    And fewer affiliate marketers will be promoting less popular products, so there will be less competition. 

    When you select affiliate products to promote, weigh up all the factors, including the level of competition, commission rate, and the suitability of products for your website.

    6. Target Keywords with Buying

    When you consider which keywords to use for an affiliate page, think about the search phrases that someone who intends to buy that product would use. A person planning to purchase something might use words like discount, review, or best, in their search phrase, for example.

    Affiliate marketers often target these types of keywords, so you may not reach the number one post on Google using them. Even so, if you only get a reasonable ranking on search engines, at least the people who visit your page will be buyers rather than browsers.

    I use Semrush to do keyword research that helps find blog topic ideas.

    7. Do Not Recommend Too Many Products

    The highest performing affiliate marketing sites are usually those that provide useful information along with product recommendations. 

    If you have too many products listed on a page, it will devalue the content’s usefulness, and it will confuse the reader. 

    If you are creating a list-style product comparison page, then 6-10 products will usually suffice. If you are including product recommendations in an informative article, then three products would be about right. 

    8. Build a Mailing List

    A mailing list containing the email addresses of interested people in your niche is a valuable resource for an affiliate marketer. If you have not already done so, you should encourage visitors to your site to subscribe to your mailing list. 

    Once you have a reasonable number of people on your list, you can send them notifications when posting new content. 

    And you can send them details of any special offers you may be able to promote. A mailing list can get you repeat business. And it is a means of getting more affiliate sales from people who did not buy anything the first time they visited your site.

    I use Optinmonster to make offers on my website, Canva to create the lead magnets, and Keap for my CRM and email autoresponder.


    If you implement the above suggestions, you should be able to increase your affiliate sales. However, the crucial point to take away is that you should be genuine in promoting products. 

    Visitors to your site will not be concerned that you earn affiliate commissions if they buy something due to clicking a link on your website. They will, though, be less forgiving if you oversell products or you promote inferior quality products.


    There are hundreds of fitness affiliate programs to choose from, and finding a reputable program can feel like a task in futility. So, we spent some time looking through the various programs to find the TOP 25 bestselling, top-paying programs.


    LifeFitness is known for its premium exercise equipment that includes cardio and strength training equipment. Their product brands include SCIFIT and Hammer Strength, and both brands are available for commercial and personal use.

    LifeFitness is known for its premium exercise equipment that includes cardio and strength training equipment. Their product brands include SCIFIT and Hammer Strength, and both brands are available for commercial and personal use.

    • Payout: 9.6% to 12% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Life Fitness affiliate program.

    MYX FITNESS Affiliate Program

    MYX Fitness sells its own line of exercise equipment and offers on-demand coaches. Their ‘total fitness solution’ packages are relatively affordable and designed for personal use for people on a budget.

    MYX Fitness sells its own line of exercise equipment and offers on-demand coaches. Their ‘total fitness solution’ packages are relatively affordable and designed for personal use for people on a budget.

    • Payout: $80 of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the MYX Fitness affiliate program.


    Noom is a widely advertised weight loss program that focuses on changing behavioral habits for successful weight loss. Noom creates personalized weight-loss plans and encourages users to lose weight through expert advice.

    Noom is a widely advertised weight loss program that focuses on changing behavioral habits for successful weight loss. Noom creates personalized weight-loss plans and encourages users to lose weight through expert advice.

    • Payout: $16 on UK sales and $18.40 on other sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the NOOM affiliate program.


    Bowflex is a widely recognized brand that has sold (and continues to sell) well since 1986. Their product range includes cardio and strength training equipment for both personal and commercial use.

    Bowflex is a widely recognized brand that has sold (and continues to sell) well since 1986. Their product range includes cardio and strength training equipment for both personal and commercial use.

    • Payout: 2.4% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Bowflex affiliate program.


    Founded in 1986, Nautilus is known for its cardio equipment – including bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills - made for personal and commercial use.

    Founded in 1986, Nautilus is known for its cardio equipment – including bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills – made for personal and commercial use.

    • Payout: 2.4% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 7-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Nautilus affiliate program.


    Horizon Fitness makes ellipticals, exercise bikes, and treadmills. They also offer the Sprint 8 HIIT training program that boasts a 27% reduction in body fat in two months with three 20-minute workouts per week. They also offer financing at 0% APR on their equipment.

    • Payout: 6.4% on sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Horizon Fitness affiliate program.


    Yoga International is a video streaming service that provides professional yoga classes led by world-renowned teachers. Their content also includes meditation videos.

    Members have the option of a free 14-day trial when signing up before converting to a $19.99 per month membership. Members can also get an annual membership at a discounted rate – $119.88.

    • Payout: $14.40 per paid subscription
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Yoga International affiliate program.


    Bodyrock.TV is a popular fitness channel that began on YouTube, and ten years later, they are more popular than ever. Their website offers a range of unique fitness equipment, video workout series’, meal plans, nutritional guides, and recipes.

    • Payout: 10% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the affiliate program.


    Gainz Box is a fitness subscription box that ships fitness supplements, fitness apparel, and fitness equipment to subscribers monthly.

    Each monthly box has a unique theme and costs $32 plus $7 shipping monthly. Members can also purchase longer subscriptions at a discounted rate.

    • Payout: 12% of customer sales (new customers only)
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Gainz Box affiliate program.


    A popular diet plan that continues to outlast other fad diets, the South Beach Diet offers members various fitness packages. Their products include prepared food delivery, online coaching, and a weight-loss tracking app.

    • Payout: 4% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 10-days
    • Flexoffers manages the South Beach Diet affiliate program.


    Total gym is another popular TV advertised brand that offers a range of at-home fitness equipment. The most popular of their products is the “Total Gym” which is promoted by Chuck Norris.

    Total Gym members also get access to video workout routines for the Total Gym equipment and Total Gym TV, an on-demand video platform.

    • Payout: 2.4% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 45-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Total Gym affiliate program.


    Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness tracking tools on the market today. Their products include fitness trackers and fitness watches that encourage healthy living.

    Fitbit also gives members access to a community forum, and they hold fitness challenges regularly.

    • Payout: 2.4% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 15-days
    • Flexoffers manages the Fitbit affiliate program.


    Body Spartan is a popular fitness program for serious fitness addicts and weightlifters. They offer prime fitness supplements, a fitness tracking app, workout programs, nutritional tips, and a podcast.

    Body Spartan also has a loyalty program for regular shoppers.

    • Payout: Up to 10%
    • Cookie duration: 45-days
    • ShareASale manages the Body Spartan affiliate program.


    Natalie Jill Fitness is a full fitness program that offers members a fat-loss program based on her own experience. The program focuses on both fitness routines as well as meal delivery and supplements.

    • Payout: 30-50% of sales
    • Cookie duration: Lifetime
    • The Natalie Jill program manages its affiliate program directly through the Natalie Jill website.


    One of the most recognized fitness trainers in the world, Jillian Michaels, offers members of her program fitness and nutrition tips. Products include customized fitness routines (including videos) and professionally designed meal plans.

    • Payout: 20% of new subscriptions
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the Jillian Michaels affiliate program.


    Chirp is an affiliate program based on a single product – a circular wheel used to relieve back pain through a series of yoga-type movements. Chirp also offers bundled products that include multiple sized wheels, a posture corrector, and a video tutorial on using the Chirp wheel.

    • Payout: 12% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the Chirp affiliate program.


    FNX Fitness is a fitness supplement and fitness wear brand that focuses on health, nutrition, pre-workout products, and workout recovery products.

    FNX Fitness divides their various products by the type of benefit they offer and provide videos, eBooks, and community support for their products.

    • Payout: 10% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the FNX Fitness affiliate program.


    Fight Camp is an interactive fitness program that focuses on fitness through boxing, body-weight exercises, and plyometrics. Their interactive program includes fitness equipment, wearables, and a monthly membership to their video platform.

    • Payout: $30 per sale
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the Fight Camp affiliate program.


    Jacked Pack is a monthly supplement sample subscription box that can be customized by favorite flavor and the number of products in the box. Members also have the opportunity to review products for a chance to win an Amazon gift card each month.

    • Payout: $10 per sale
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the Jacked Pack affiliate program.


    Pro Mix Nutrition specializes in protein and other fitness supplements created with elite athletes in mind. Their products include only quality ingredients with no artificial ingredients. Each of their products is quality tested, and the company prioritizes environmental conservation.

    • Payout: 10% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the Pro-Mix affiliate program.


    FYT Personal Training program is a matching service that matches clients with fitness instructors that meet their needs.

    Clients of FYT can choose in-person training, gym-based training, and virtual training options. Clients can even select the type of coach that they would prefer based on the fitness approach.

    • Payout: $40 per sale
    • Cookie duration: 90-days
    • shareASale manages the FYT Personal Training affiliate program.


    Top Choice Supplements is also known as “Spartan Carton” – a monthly fitness subscription box that offers workout gear, supplement samples, workout routines, healthy recipes, and outdoor living/survival equipment. Subscribers also have access to a free meal planning program.

    • Payout: 20% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • ShareASale manages the Top Choice Supplements affiliate program.


    Gene Food is a nutritional program that creates custom dietary plans based on a user’s genetic profile. They have 20 unique diet plans that are developed for specific combinations of genetic traits to improve weight-loss results.

    Gene Food customers can purchase a plan that includes a DNA test, or they can use existing 23andme test results to develop their unique diet plan.

    • Payout: $20 per sale
    • Cookie duration: 90-days
    • ShareASale manages the Gene Food affiliate program.


    TRX is another big name in the fitness forum. Their exercise equipment began as suspension-based gyms and now includes weights and resistance training, and fitness apparel. TRX systems are available for personal and commercial purchase.

    • Payout: 8% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • TRX runs its own affiliate program.


    Under Armour is a brand known and recognized worldwide and a name that needs little selling by affiliates. Under Armour makes professional-level fitness wear for children, women, and men that is suitable for a range of sports.

    • Payout: 5% of sales
    • Cookie duration: 30-days
    • AWIN manages The Under Armour affiliate program.


    We chose the affiliate programs above because of their high conversion rates. Consider what product best suits your audience when you pick a program to promote so that you can replicate those conversion rates yourself.

  • TireBuyer Affiliate Program

    TireBuyer’s mixing up the way people buy tires—and you can get a cut of the profits! With amazing deals on millions of top-brand tires, TireBuyer’s quickest and simplest way to buy tires. TireBuyer has an affiliate program.

    TireBuyer’s mixing up the way people buy tires—and you can get a cut of the profits! With amazing deals on millions of top-brand tires, TireBuyer's quickest and simplest way to buy tires.

    Program Details

  • Top SaaS Affiliate Programs

    Software as a Service (SaaS) business models a red-hot right now. This industry pulls in north of $623 billion in 2020 alone – with that number expected to jump significantly over the next five years.

    At the same time, experts believe that these businesses are still only representing about 15% of the total software industry market share.

    That means there’s a lot of growth and a lot of opportunities for SaaS affiliates to make a mountain of money on the right offers.

    Below we highlight some of the best SaaS affiliate programs you want to look into this year. 

    These are the kinds of offers that pay generous commissions, have attractive offers, and are most supportive of affiliate marketing in the first place.

    Let’s jump right in!


    This service helps small businesses better manage their email marketing and sales and their client and customer relationships.

    Giving business owners access to the same kind of marketing tools that much larger businesses have been using for decades, it’s no surprise that this platform has become as popular as it is in a (relatively) short block of time.

    One of the best SaaS email program affiliate programs you can hook up with, commissions on these software sales are pegged at 30% – and that’s just on the front end!

    Learn More About the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program.

    Adobe Creative Cloud

    A couple of years ago, when Adobe decided to go the SaaS route with their top-rated creative software programs, the industry was rocked to its core.

    This move was a monumental shift away from “standalone” software programs that the industry was built on top of, and it was by one of the most successful software industries on the planet.

    Today, though, the Adobe Creative Cloud SaaS platform is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and every year.

    With many different programs available to pick and choose from (including superstar standouts like Photoshop, for example), affiliates will have no trouble whatsoever selling these industry-standard products.

    Monthly and annual sales are paid out at 85% of the one-month subscription fee, with annual plans paying out 8.33% of the entire yearly plan. And that’s on each SaaS subscription from Adobe!

    Learn More and Apply to the Adobe Affiliate Program


    This SaaS platform has grown to become one of the most influential services in the small business accounting world, rivaling the Goliath that is QuickBooks – with a lot of people preferring everything that FreshBooks brings to the table (especially the price point).

    Not only do customers get access to great accounting tools with this SaaS platform, though, they also get payment processing help, tax time help, and a whole host of other benefits and services that other platforms like QuickBooks have yet to offer.

    All of these benefits make becoming an affiliate with FreshBooks a bit of a no-brainer.

    Commissions are a little bit on the smaller side of things compared to some of the other options out there ($5 per free trial and $55 per annual subscription), but it won’t take long for you to stack a bundle of affiliate sales together to start making real money.

    Learn More about the Freshbooks Affiliate Program


    Almost universally beloved as one of the best “helpdesk” SaaS platforms are around, small businesses that want to manage their customer service better and support in-house are turning to this platform more often than not.

    Unifying all of the communications a customer service department has – whether those conversations originate from email, phone calls, webchats, social media, or something else entirely – this platform continues to grow and expand its suite of features regularly.

    Affiliate marketers are going to love how easy it is to sell the “industry-standard” helpdesk solution today. Still, they are also going to appreciate the five dollars commission for every single lead brought in – as well as the 15% commission of the entire deal value of each paying customer affiliates land.

    Apply Here


    Another great customer service SaaS platform to be on the lookout for as an affiliate, this CRM solution is built on a very flexible and adaptable database infrastructure.

    Clients using this service will be able to manage their sales funnel pipeline from start to finish with ease, taking advantage of the tracking and reporting built right into this SaaS to optimize their business in a hurry better.

    CRM Affiliates love this SaaS because they not only get fantastic commissions ($250 per Starter sale, $500 per Professional sale, and $1000 per Enterprise sale) but because they also get access to the largest advertising and marketing creative library in the SaaS affiliate space.

    Think of this as a pretty much “done for you” affiliate opportunity!

    Learn More and Apply to the Hubspot Affiliate Program


    Building effective sales files from scratch can be a bit of a challenge for new entrepreneurs and business owners, even if they come from the “traditional” off-line business world.

    This platform and SaaS solution make it a lot easier to get up and run with these kinds of funnels, overhauling outdated and antiquated marketing approaches with solutions that work.

    Cloud-based and running some of the most potent database tools in the lead generation world, this is a best-selling SaaS in the industry.

    Affiliates have been flooding to this SaaS ever since July 2020, when the company decided to bump up their commissions to 30% – with recurring payments of 10%.

    Superstar affiliates can see that their commission payout increase even higher than that, with some making between 40% and 50% commissions (every month) on the sales that they bring in.

    Learn More and Apply To The LeadPages Affiliate Program

    Nord VPN

    With the internet feeling more and more closed off than ever before, people in the business world (and regular folks, too) are learning that it’s almost necessary to have a high-quality VPN service to access the sites and platforms used to be able to without restriction.

    Nord VPN has a legendary reputation in the VPN world, providing a lot more freedom to internet users and securing and encrypting web activity.

    Affiliate commissions start at 40% even if you are brand-new to the affiliate world – and when you’re talking about EPC numbers that go almost as high as $128 (30-day tracking cookies), it’s not hard to make money with these kinds of red-hot offers in your affiliate arsenal.

    Apply Here.


    Universally regarded as the very best small business accounting software money can buy, QuickBooks offers SaaS services to small, medium, and large businesses and organizations.

    The accounting tools and feature sets available are some of the best in the business. This brand’s reputation is absolutely off the charts, and the trust this company has with the industry is a huge asset for affiliates.

    Affiliate commissions are limited to just 10% on SaaS sales of QuickBooks (which is a little bit on the low side of things). But it’s hard to imagine a more straightforward SaaS to sell almost on autopilot as an affiliate in this space.

    Learn More and join the Quickboooks affiliate program.


    The gold standard for e-commerce SaaS options, it’s never been as easy as it is today to get a brand-new business (genuinely global business, at that) up and running than it is right now, thanks to Shopify.

    Shopify is another SaaS program with a lot of brand-name recognition, a world-class reputation, and rock-solid pricing – all of which help make it nearly effortless for affiliates to sell SaaS memberships and subscriptions with ease.

    Commissions start at $58 on referrals to free trials and Basic plans but can bump up to $2000 (or more) for each lead interested in premium level plans.

    Learn more and join the Shopify Affiliate Program.

    Closing Thoughts

    As you can see, there are absolutely no limitations on the amount of world-class SaaS affiliate programs you can connect with this year – programs that give you a chance to make some pretty serious money in commissions regularly.

    Some of the SaaS will make life as an affiliate a little bit easier (HubSpot, in particular, is very affiliate friendly). Still, all of them are worth looking into if you want to offer SaaS subscriptions as an affiliate.

    What we like most about these programs compared to all the other offers out there is that they:

    • Have excellent brand recognition, making affiliate sales easy
    • Have a fantastic reputation for fair dealings and quick payouts with affiliates and
    • Offer the kinds of commissions that allow you to make some serious money in a hurry, even if you are brand-new to the affiliate world

    Dig deeper into the ins and outs of these affiliate programs before you decide to jump on board with them for sure.

    But remember that there’s no reason you can’t become an affiliate with all (or most) of the programs above – pushing a flood of targeted traffic to these SaaS offers and cashing in big time along the way.

    The sky is the limit when it comes to your earning potential with these kinds of SaaS affiliate programs!

  • LastPass Affiliate Program

    Earn a lucrative commission while removing password problems for individuals and companies with the LastPass Affiliate Program.

    Earn 25% on purchases tracked through your special affiliate link issued upon your approval to the program.

    Apply through the Impact Radius Affiliate Network.

  • 13 High Ticket Affiliate Programs

    There are a few high-ticket affiliate programs that all super affiliates should consider. Some affiliate programs pay a recurring commission while others pay a one-time commission.

    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    If you are looking to generate passive income, you have probably heard about affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing offers individuals a chance to make a commission selling popular products. 

    By placing a link in an article or a blog post, authors will generate a commission whenever someone uses affiliate links to purchase a product. 

    On the other hand, not all affiliate marketing programs are created equal. 

    Affiliate marketers need to make sure they generate as high of a commission as possible from their sales. 

    What Does it Mean To Be a Super Affiliate?

    A super affiliate is someone with experience in the world of affiliate marketing

    When someone is first getting started in the world of affiliate marketing, they usually try to find easy programs in scattered niches that they can use to generate as many sales as possible; however, the commission from each sale is relatively low.

    As affiliate marketing professionals find their niche, they focus on developing expertise that allows them to reach out to other affiliate program offers. 

    Eventually, the goal is to make as much money per sale as possible instead of merely generating conversions. 

    They might even take an online course to learn more about affiliate marketing.

    Suppose your goal is to reach enthusiasts, professionals, and individuals ready to spend a lot of money on a high ticket product. 

    In that case, you need to target the highest paying affiliate programs on the market today. There are a few options that you should note.

    Shopify Affiliate Program

    One of the biggest platforms in the world of affiliate marketing is Shopify. Shopify is a tremendous service provider that powers more than a million stores in the eCommerce industry. 

    Furthermore, some of the services that Shopify provides for an online business include:

    • Tools for building websites
    • Various options for accepting payments from customers
    • Efficient shopping carts
    • Web hosting services

    Shopify also has a powerful affiliate marketing program. Everyone who signs up for Shopify can sign up for not only their eCommerce services but also their added subscription features. 

    Therefore, affiliate marketing professionals have the potential to generate high commissions through Shopify.

    While affiliate marketers can make 2,000 dollars for every referral to the plus program, affiliates continue to make money when clients renew their subscriptions. 

    These subscriptions could involve webinars, automated sales funnels, videos, and more. 

    In some cases, clients might stick with Shopify for years after an affiliate marketer has referred them.

     As long as the client continues to renew, affiliate marketing professionals continue to earn their commission. 

    Therefore, it is impossible to overlook the benefits of signing up for the affiliate marketing program through Shopify.

    WP Engine Affiliate Program

    WP Engine is a service managed by WordPress that provides support and web hosting services

    The program is popular among small businesses, agencies, and enterprise organizations. 

    With various tools available, affiliates can generate nice size commissions from everyone who uses WP Engine

    Also, WP Engine provides themes for websites. These themes present an opportunity for affiliate marketing professionals to make some extra cash by promoting themes to people who have already signed up to use WP Engine.

    For everyone who signs up for hosting services through WP Engine, affiliates can earn $200 as long as the customer clicks on the affiliate link and purchase WP Engine hosting services within 180 days of clicking on the link. 

    In addition, affiliates also earn a commission equal to a third of any WP Engine products that individuals might purchase, such as themes. 

    The purchase must be made within 60 days of clicking on the link. There is a significant opportunity for affiliates to make large commissions from WP Engine.


    ClickFunnels is a website that helps users construct funnels for their online businesses. There are numerous tools available through ClickFunnels that companies can use to build a website, set up email lists, and learn more about earning conversions in the online world.

    Because of the numerous products that ClickFunnel provides, there is also an excellent opportunity for those interested in affiliate marketing

    Most of the ClickFunnels products are subscription-based. 

    As a result, affiliates can earn recurring commissions from these subscriptions, which is great for passive income. 

    On the other hand, there is also an excellent opportunity for affiliates to make money based on backend sales. 

    ClickFunnels provides a variety of products, including:

    • Sales funnel management tools
    • Website management tools
    • SaaS products
    • eBooks and guides

    Therefore, affiliates can earn money from multiple sales made to the same people. 

    All front-end offers from ClickFunnels provide a 40 percent commission. Then, all of the backend sales produce a $100 commission. 

    There is also an opportunity for ClickFunnels affiliates to scale up their commissions based on their performance.

    ConvertKit Affiliate Program

    ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing service. ConvertKit provides tools that help people manage their email lists. 

    By automating email marketing tactics, people save a tremendous amount of time that can be spent elsewhere. 

    In general, those who use ConvertKit tend to be influencers, and advertisers who will stick with ConvertKit for 12 months or more as long as they are happy with the program. 

    As a result, affiliate marketing through ConvertKit provides tremendous upside.

    Those who decide to partner with ConvertKit for affiliate marketing purposes usually focus on the business subscription plan. 

    Affiliates earn a 30 percent commission on the subscription, and it recurs monthly. While it might not sound like a lot at first, keep in mind that people who sign up for ConvertKit tend to stick around. 

    Therefore, the commission can grow quickly.

    Furthermore, enterprise businesses may sign up for plans that cost close to $2,500 per month. 

    A commission on the subscription can provide people with a massive amount of monthly income for years. 

    Finally, ConvertKit also provides affiliates with the opportunity to generate back-end income by selling other products.

     With a diverse array of options through ConvertKit, it is one of the top affiliate marketing programs available.

    Capitalist Exploits

    Another affiliate program that you might be interested in is called Capitalist Exploits. Capitalist Exploits provides a newsletter that targets professional, experienced, and innovative money managers. 

    Even though their newsletter is free, it also helps increase interest in its services. Some of the services that Capitalist Exploits provides are private reports, managed accounts, and exclusive advice.

    If you sign up for the affiliate program through Capitalist Exploits, your goal is to connect your audience with these services. 

    Even free advice from Capitalist Exploits has a great reputation in the financial world. Even though it is a niche company, it could be right for your audience.

    Payouts from Capitalist Exploits come once per month and could include up to 50 percent of the total revenue that you generate for their team. 

    Commissions from Capitalist Exploits could be over $1500 per sale. 

    Therefore, if you think your audience might be interested in financial services from Capitalist Exploits, you have the potential to make a significant amount of money.


    If you think that your audience might have an interest in precious metals and investments (such as gold and silver), then you might want to consider signing up for the Goldco affiliate program

    Goldco provides investment vehicles based on gold and silver. A significant percentage of their audience is thinking about retirement soon and is looking for ways to diversify their investments and hedge their risks when it comes to the traditional markets.

    You can earn massive commissions through Goldco because many of the people who invest with Goldco invest large sums of money. 

    In some cases, if individuals invest hundreds of thousands of dollars with Goldco, you could earn tens of thousands of dollars in commission. 

    Even though you won’t be getting these types of commissions daily, a single payout from Goldco has the potential to change your financial situation completely.

    When someone uses your link to sign up for Goldco, the cookies last for 30 days. Commissions per sale through Goldco will range from three percent to six percent. 

    If you think your audience might be interested in IRAs based on precious metals, you might want to sign up for the affiliate program from Goldco.


    During the past few years, there has been a tremendous amount of attention paid to cryptocurrencies. As one of the largest trading platforms out there, Etoro is a great affiliate program for anyone who feels like their audience might be interested in cryptocurrency exchanges. 

    Etoro provides users with access to more than 15 types of currencies that can be bought, sold, and exchanged, similar to any other stock market. Etoro stays open by charging small fees on each trade.

    As an affiliate, you will be responsible for directing traders, brokers, and other investors to Etoro. If you are successful in getting people to convert, you earn 25 percent of everything they pay to Etoro. 

    Furthermore, Etoro provides you with resources such as banners, landing pages, and educational resources to make it easier for you to convince people to sign up for Etoro.

    With cryptocurrency becoming more popular, many people are looking for new platforms that will provide them with access to more cryptocurrencies instead of just Bitcoin. Etoro might be the answer.

    As an Etoro affiliate, it could be a big-ticket program for you.


    Another currency-trading site that you might want to check out is called FXPRIMUS

    FXPRIMUS provides users with access to numerous platforms, learning materials, instruments, and other resources that can help you drive up your income as an affiliate marketer

    Furthermore, FXPRIMUS also has an active community due to contests and promotions that it runs on a regular basis.

    With more than a hundred tools and resources available to you, you can refer the same person to multiple products, allowing you to collect various commissions from a single user. 

    FXPRIMUS is located in the FOREX niche, which is where people try to convert currencies back and forth, making money based on the shifts in their value. You can access multiple high commissions through FXPRIMUS that could be paid out daily. 

    As a result, FXPRIMUS could become a high-ticket affiliate program for you. A single commission through FXPRIMUS could be as high as $600 for one product and one referral.

    Liquid Web

    Liquid Web is a hosting service that provides users with access to numerous tools and resources to help them migrate websites, handle email accounts, and install applications. 

    Many of the services through Liquid Web have been designed for large businesses. Therefore, it is not unusual for Liquid Web to receive big, long-term orders.

    Liquid Web also provides you with the potential to make a significant amount of money as an affiliate. 

    Even though Liquid Web does not provide the recurring commission for renewals like other programs, they do provide a commission rate of more than 100 percent for the initial sale of some of their products. 

    Because Liquid Web also provides you with the opportunity to make money through backend sales of related services, Liquid Web could be a money-maker for you.

    For example, if you convince someone to sign up for their hosting services, your commission is 150 percent of the hosting cost, along with a bonus of $150 per sale. 

    If someone uses your affiliate link to purchase other products through Liquid Web, you will earn a 50 percent commission on those sales. As a result, Liquid Web can provide you with massive payouts. 

    You will even access banner ads that can help you get started as an affiliate.


    If your readers are interested in learning more about financial instruments for trading, then Plus500 could be lucrative for you. Plus500 provides resources in the world of Forex, cryptocurrency, indices, and more. 

    During the past few years, Plus500 has grown its audience to millions of readers and has expanded its affiliate programs to include some massive offers.

    When you become an affiliate, your goal is to refer partners to Plus500, who can recruit traders and brokers. 

    Even if your referrals only make small deposits, you can earn a large amount of money quickly. 

    The commission you will make depends on the nationality of the trader. In some cases, your commission could be as high as $800 per deposit. 

    You will also be provided with a range of tools that you can use to get started as a Plus500 affiliate. 

    Furthermore, you will receive access to an affiliate manager who has been explicitly assigned to your account.


    SellHealth is a company that specializes in beauty and health products. 

    With more than a decade in the market, they have already established themselves as one of the world’s top health and beauty companies. 

    Due to the size of SellHealth, you will have the opportunity to promote hundreds of products to your readers. 

    While not all of their products come with major commissions, you can still take advantage of targeted products that could provide you with hundreds of dollars in commissions on a single sale.

    Depending on the exact product you sell, you could make a commission that is as much as 50 percent of the product price. With more than 100,000 affiliate offers from which to choose, you can tailor your experience on SellHealth to meet your needs. 

    Products from SellHealth fall into a range of categories include cosmetics, anti-aging products, sexual health, and more. Payouts from SellHealth arrive once per month, and you will have access to a dashboard that provides you with analytics and data that you can use to track your performance as an affiliate.


    If you think your readers might be interested in learning more about organic, superfood products, you should check out Organifi

    Organifi is a marketplace that focuses on natural, organic superfoods, and they have numerous products that fall into these categories. For example, Organifi provides detox regimens, powdered juices, and protein mixes that are all organic.

    The affiliate program through Organifi is managed by a service called ClickBank. Most of the products through Organifi come with affiliate offers. 

    At all stages, the commission is 30 percent and could include later purchases of different products. One of the significant advantages of Organifi, in addition to the 30 percent lifetime commission on front-end products, is the opportunity for upsells. 

    There are numerous future purchase opportunities because of the way that Organifi structures all of their products. 

    They arrange their products to be helpful by the time of day. 

    Therefore, someone who purchases a product designed to be helpful in the morning is likely to come back and buy another product that is supposed to be beneficial in the evening.

    As an affiliate marketer, you can take advantage of these product streams and make 30 percent commissions on all of these products.


    One of the biggest emerging markets is CBD. Given the changing societal perceptions of CBD, many people are using CBD as a health supplement to help them manage various conditions. 

    With a rapidly growing customer base, it should come as no surprise that there are affiliate opportunities. 

    If CBD might be of interest to your readers, you need to check out the affiliate program from JustCBD.

    JustCBD is a large CBD store that provides everyone with access to numerous products. Their products include edibles, vaporizer cartridges, and even pet products. 

    CJAffiliates manage the affiliate program from JustCBD. 

    There are numerous related products on JustCBD that can lead to upsells as well.

    The exact nature of the commission through JustCBD is going to vary widely from product to product; however, some products carry large commissions. 

    Therefore, it is worth checking out their gummies, candies, vape pens, capsules, and tinctures to get a feel for what they sell and the potential commission. 

    Furthermore, because JustCBD releases new products regularly, there might be opportunities for new offers as well.

    The Role of the Sales Funnel

    With these high paying affiliate programs in mind, it is also a good idea to take a closer look at how a sales funnel is useful for digital marketers. 

    The sales funnel is the process that a potential buyer follows from start to finish. They start at the top of the sales funnel, where they don’t even know the product, and progress to the funnel’s bottom, where they convert to a sale.

    Even though sales funnels are a bit different for every product, the stages are relatively similar. The potential customer goes from having a light awareness of the product to becoming more interested in it. 

    Then, they decide to purchase the product. If the conversion process is executed correctly, that individual might even convert other people to buy the product. 

    As a result, affiliate marketing professionals can generate a significant amount of money from sales of high-ticket items. That is why sales funnels matter.

    Find the Right Affiliate Marketing Programs

    Those looking to get more involved in affiliate marketing are essential to choose the program carefully. 

    There are lots of companies that offer affiliate marketing options; however, not all of them will be generous with their affiliate commission. 

    With how hard affiliate marketers work to generate sales based on their content on their websites and social media platforms, it is vital to push for as much money as possible per sale. 

    That is why these affiliate marketing programs stand out from the pack. Take a look to see if these affiliate marketing programs might be right for your audience!

  • Affiliate Program has an affiliate program within the Rakuten Affiliate Network. Founded in 1899, is a leader in its industry with more than 100 years of experience offering incorporation and LLC formation services for entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, partnerships, and non-profits with servicing all 50 states. has an affiliate program within the Rakuten Affiliate Network. Founded in 1899, is a leader in its industry with more than 100 years of experience offering incorporation and LLC formation services for entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, partnerships, and non-profits with servicing all 50 states.

    Program Details

    • Last Click Model
    • 25% Base Commission.
  • Amelia Affiliate Program

    Amelia is a booking calendar plugin for WordPress that handles scheduling. Amelia has a generous affiliate program within the Paddle Affiliate Network.

    Program Details

    • 30% commission (one time, nonrecurring)
    • Earn up to $176 on a referral!
    • Marketing Assets
    • Insightful tracking dashboard
    • 90-day Cookie Duration
    • Monthly payouts via PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, or Payoneer.

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